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Cooling for Medical Conditions

There are many medical conditions with heat-sensitivity as a symptom or side-effect of treatment. People affected by the following medical conditions may benefit from cooling apparel! Click to read testimonials and learn more about which cooling garments can help.

"I’m a 100% disabled Air Force veteran who got sick from my service in Afghanistan. I was diagnosed with MS, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Chronic migraines and much, much more. It’s extremely hot where I live and I would have relapses whenever I had to go outside. My Neurologist recommended "Polar Products”. I purchased one of everything that was recommended for MS patients as well as several other items for women and migraines. I have had these products since 2014. They are like "American Express, you never leave home without it”.  I’m now doing better and can actually do the things I used to do and not get super sick from the heat. The cloth products last through years of washes and the cool packs still continue the cooling effect for house, like new. I recommend Polar Products to everyone! Whether you are a patient or somebody who has trouble with heat, Polar Products does the job and the products last for years! Thanks Polar Products!” 
Jessica in California

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