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Weight Loss, Type 2 Diabetes, and Polar Cooling Vests

Lose Weight and Help Fight Type 2 Diabetes with Polar Cooling Vests!

In 2009, the ground breaking discovery of Brown Adipose Tissue (BAT), also known as brown fat, in adults has led to various studies on its effect on body cooling, weight loss, and type 2 diabetes.

Polar Products Circulating Water Cooling Vests with adjustable temperature control Chillers have been the preferred cooling system in brown fat research worldwide, including with: 

Joslin Diabetes Center at Harvard Medical Center - Boston, MA

Maine Medical Center Research Institute (C.J.R.) - Scarborough, ME

Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

University of Copenhagen - Copenhagen, Denmark

And many more! See additional locations here


Now for the first time the system Harvard used to prove the effectiveness of cooling for weight loss is available for home use!

 Water chiller system connected to cool flow circulating water cooler with 4 feet of insulated tubing  Here's what Harvard's Joslin Diabetes Center has to say about our vest system:

"We have had great success with your cooling system." - Lauren Weiner, Joslin Diabetes Center

"We like the cooling vest system so much, that we're going to order a second one!" - Aaron Cypess, formerly Joslin Diabetes Center, currently at the National Institutes of Health

Buy the Harvard Brown Fat System here
                            Read the brown fat studies here

 The Diabetes Reset by George L. King, M.D. book cover A Harvard University study found that by cooling the body to approximately 57°F with our Polar Cool Flow® Circulating water Vest and Arctic Chiller Reservoir System, is ideal for activating brown fat. Once activated, this brown fat begins to burn calories at a high rate within the body, resulting in weight loss. These results were published in the book The Diabetes Reset, by George L. King, M.D.

 Read excerpts from The Diabetes Reset here



If the full Harvard purchased system is beyond your budget the book above also recommended our Polar Kool Max Adjustable Zipper Vest, as a cooling vest that helps trigger brown fat, and helps burn several hundred calories per day-the equivalent of a thirty-minute bout of exercise1

Buy the Polar Kool Max Adjustable Vest Here

1King, G. L. (2014). The Diabetes Reset. New York, NY: Workman Publishing, Company, Inc.


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