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Cold & Hot Therapy and Body Cooling for Athletes, Sports, and Recreation

While your body is pushing itself during the activity, Polar’s hot and cold therapy products can help before the activity, during the activity and after the activity!

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Polar Life Pod®: Cold Water Immersion System

The patented Polar Life Pod® (PLP) is an innovative, cold water immersion system to facilitate the rapid on-site cooling of individuals, whenever and wherever needed. The PLP is collapsible, compact and portable, making it easy to set-up and use.


Circulating Water Cold Compression Therapy

While your body is pushing itself to the max during the activity game recover, revitalize and soothe it after with our therapy equipment.

Our cold therapy system is designed to speed rehabilitation and reduce pain after surgery or strain. Our system costs less than 1/10 that of Game Ready Systems while providing the same cold therapy benefits. We have a bigger ice reservoir and elastic straps provide gentle compression.

Shoulder Moist Heat & Soft Ice Cold therapy Kit

Hot & Cold Therapy kits

Many doctors recommend alternating cold and moist heat therapy for chronic pain:

If you have chronic pain and wish to exercise, the recommendation is to use heat before to increase the blood flow to the area, which helps muscle flexibility and joint movement. "Once you’ve completed the activity, switch over to ice in order to prevent any new inflammation that may come about from whatever the exercise or activity was that was just completed,” says Elizabeth Gardner, MD, orthopedic sports medicine surgeon at Yale Medicine and head team orthopedic surgeon at Yale University Athletics in New Haven, Connecticut.*
*Hot Therapy and Cold Therapy At-Home Treatment Tips for Chronic Pain | Everyday Health


Cooling Apparel

Cooling the body before, during and after exercise can improve performance and help mitigate the dangers of overheating.

"Exercise-induced increases in core body temperature could negative impact performance and may lead to development of heat-related illnesses. The use of cooling techniques prior (pre-cooling), during (per-cooling) or directly after (post-cooling) exercise may limit the increase in core body temperature and therefore improve exercise performance. "*
*Cooling interventions for athletes: An overview of effectiveness, physiological mechanisms, and practical considerations - PubMed (nih.gov)

Pre-Cooling: We recommend: Our Kool Max® Zipper Front Vest, which uses a patent pending placement of cold packs along the spine. Cooling the arteries in the spine is very effective.

During (Per-Cooling): We recommend: Our Cool Comfort® Sports Kit (vest, neck wrap, wrist wraps and ankle wraps)

Post-Cooling: Cooling garments, activated and ready to wear, help bring the athlete's body temperature down quickly during recovery. Either of the two options above will work.

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