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Body Cooling Vests and Accessories

Cool Comfort® Performance vests are constructed of a lightweight, antimicrobial, high-performance fabric with superior moisture-wicking characteristics for the ultimate cool!

Our innovative hybrid cooling system combines the efficient cooling power of evaporation with the direct cooling of chilled or frozen water.
Man wearing a blue cool comfort evaporative cooling vest

The vest is easy to use and is activated by simply submerging the cooling vest into water for 10-15 minutes so that the water absorbing crystals in the vest channels swell into gel.

Once activated, the vest can be:
  • Used immediately if charged in ice water
  • Placed in a refrigerator or freezer for a higher level of cooling
The cooling time for the vest or accessories will provide is dependent on the environment, the person's metabolism and the person's level of activity.

A general guideline is that once the vest is activated in ice water, it will cool for up to 30 minutes. If activated in a freezer for 2 hours, the cooling time will be up to 2 hours. If used as an evaporative cooling garment in a dry climate, it will cool for many hours. 

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