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Over 800 Testimonials
our products and services are made with the care and compassion that we give to our own family members. Over 800 happy customers have recognized our efforts and here we have listed our top favorites.

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Multiple Sclerosis
& Other Medical Conditions

"One of the worst things about having MS is feeling like a prisoner to the AC in the summertime. I am very active bike riding, gardening etc and it's all thanks to this vest! Heck I'm even doing housework in it. Love love love it! (KMVZ)"

Becky in Chicago, IL
"I want to thank you so much for providing the Kool Max cooling garments to wear this hot season! I have told many people of your kindness. We do not have central air conditioning, and I credit the vest for helping to keep me comfortable"

Martha in Fort Morgan, CO
"I have Multiple Sclerosis and used my vest for the first time this past week when the temperature was 107 degrees. The vest saved the day. It made a huge difference and allowed me to stay outside hours longer than I would have without it."

Debbie in Tennessee
"I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and it causes me to not be able to control my body temperature or handle the heat. The KMVZ vest has been a big help. It really makes a difference when I go shopping or run errands. It gives me peace of mind. Thank you!!"

Deborah in VA
"This system is helping with my post herpetic neuropathy, aka after shingle pain. It's easy to fill, runs quietly and lasts a long time. I don't have to constantly refill, so I can use it when I sleep and not worry about running out of ice."

Lois in the US
"I wanted to express my sincere gratitude to you and the other team members that make the MSAA Cooling Program possible. I can now spend some time out in the sun doing what I love, gardening. Thanks again!"

Janice in Pittsburgh, PA
Happy customers
with other conditions are always reaching out to tell us how we have helped them with our products.

MS Others

Sports & Recreation 
Don't let pain stop your fun

"I purchased some of your vests a few years back, still using them to ride horses in the summer, still loving them!"

Vicky in the US
"I enjoy your products immensely. Your evaporative cooling vest works great when on my motorcycle in 100+ degree temperatures"

MLW in Tucson, AZ
"I love to golf but the heat was making it very difficult, I bought this [KMNCEX] and was able to play 27 holes without the heat melting me"

Amoslynn in Idaho
"We purchased 2 of the Polar Phase Change vest systems. I race drag race NHRA Sportsman Pro class. The cooling vest worked brilliantly. I was comfortably in my car ready to race as others were waiting to the last moment to get in their cars due to the heat. My friend who has a Polar vest also uses all the packs, I use the ones just in the front. Both methods work great."

Gary Sterley, N. Olmsted, Ohio
"I just love my Kool Max Vest, Neck Wrap and Seat Pad. We are quickly approaching my fourth season with my cooling products and I couldn't imagine living without them. I take them with me everywhere. I wear them both inside and outside once the weather gets hot in Arizona. I love the cooling seat pad. It is versatile and can be used both to sit on and against. Thank you Polar"

Marianne in Dewey, AZ
"Thanks for all your help and standing behind your product. Kool Max is truly the single most helpful product in allowing me to regain my life with less downtime. I'm now able to have time with my kids outside, to venture away from home with less fatigue and to try some of the outdoor activities (like fishing) I had to give up after my TBI. To say thank you simply isn't enough, but it's a start. So, thank you"

Andrew in the US
Have Fun!
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Recovery & Relief
For long time cooling and pain relief

"I really like your ice packs. They are much better than others I have tried in the past. My patients especially like them; they are the perfect size"

Dr. Patrick Sitzman, DC-Mill Valley, CA
"Polar Products makes a darn good ice pack! I've tried 100 different kinds of ice packs and this is the best I've ever had!"

Bob R. from Colorado
"You sell a wonderful product! I LOVE the cooling pillowcase. It has been a lifesaver for me at night. It really helps me fall asleep."

Suzanna from CA
"In approximately 90% of the auto accident cases referred to us, we provide the first time patient a Polar UV2 universal cold therapy wrap. This wrap is easy to use, gives the patient relief and most importantly provides immediate value to the patient. This helps bond the patient to our services and builds up good will. "These are pretty good guys is the thought we want to leave them with"

Sheldon Strauss, President & Owner, Medical Care Group
"Using Polar Products for the past 5 years has made my life much more productive. Without agonizing pain, in my hips, knees and shoulder, it has given me so much relief that I can easily work and live my life more fully as I grow older. Thank you Polar Products and staff for the Active Ice Shoulder Therapy System with knee, ankle and elbow compression wraps, [Soft Ice Shoulder Wrap], and Microwavable Hot and Cold Pack!! YOU GUYS ROCK!!!"

Debbie B. in the US
"I love my Polar Products lumbar wrap [Soft Ice® Lumbar Compression Wrap], its *AWESOME*. It allows me to move freely while I'm icing my back  and keeps the ice in place while I'm driving my car. It's easy to use so I'm applying ice more frequently than if I had to lie on my back each time; this flexibility aids my recovery"

R.H. in MA

So kids can be kids

"This [Cool Kids Cooling Vest] was much less expensive than the one we had purchased before. It also looks like we might get a lot more wear out of it as the straps for adjusting it around and on the shoulders are much longer. Excellent vest and excellent quality"

Janice M. in Georgia
"I wanted to share this picture with you all and thank you for the Cool Kids Vest.My son has a chromosomal abnormality that makes it difficult for him to regulate his body temperature. With your product, he is able to do so much more without becoming fatigued or over heated! Thank You!"

Jennifer G in the US
"My 14 year old daughter has POTs, and uses the Polar Cool58 phase change vest to keep her temp down while playing sports. She plays goalie in field hockey and catcher in softball We have been very happy with the cooling vest.""

Linda in the US
"I am very happy with the stroller seat pad. I can imagine that a younger or more immobile child would really like it. It is totally what I have been searching for. We found that if we kept a blanket or a jacket over it when he was out of the stroller it stayed colder for much longer. He was very comfortable in his stroller with the pad in. He wasn't sweaty when we picked him up out of the stroller like he normally would have been."

Amy in the US
"The Cool Kids Vest is amazing! Our daughter has CIE Ichthyosis and can't control her body temperature at all. We've been searching for a good vest for 3 years and very happy with this one. The packs aren't so cold it shocks her and stay cool for 3 hours in humid Ohio weather! Plus they recharge really quickly about 25 minutes! Thank you for your hard work in making a truly awesome product. Now my daughter can play outside like a normal child! Thanks again from the bottom of our hearts!"

Mike Z. in Ohio
"My daughter has a heat sensitivity that causes her to have seizures. She overheats very quickly. Her face turns red after about two minutes of playing. We just got her the cooling vests for kids[Cool Kids] and received it Friday. This vest is LIFE CHANGING for her and me. We just went to the park for 25 minutes in 85 degree weather. Her face did not get red at all. She was running around yesterday for about an hour and stayed cool the whole time. I am so grateful this product exists. Thanks you for making this!!!!"

Jill S in the US
Parents love us!
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Industry & Professionals
Don't let pain stop you from getting the job done

"After using the [Kool Max Cooling Vest] several times, it definitely helps me stay cooled. As a honeybee keeper wearing all that gear gets very hot"

Tom W. in NC
"I love my [Polar Cool Flow] vest! It works very well and keeps me cool and comfortable during surgeries lasting up to 9 hours"

Dr. Heather, KY
"This is my third year using the Kool Max® Industrial Vest. It provides the cooling relief needed while working in a hot factory"

Lawrence in Michigan
" I deliver mail, and the heat in June in Florida is brutal in the mail truck. I love the Kool Max wrap. I keep it in my lunch cooler with an ice pack that keeps it frozen. When the heat is getting me frazzled I pull it out and put it on. The ice lasts for close to two hours in the 95-100 degree heat in my mail truck. It is a HUGE help to me to get through the day. I am going to get refills to make it last even longer. I would highly recommend this to anyone, and I have. Thank you!"

Lorraine, FL
"I was in a group of villages of a 3rd world country for a medical mission trip. The scarf[Cool58 Fashion Scarf] was perfect. The heat was unbelievable & we set up clinics in structures that were made of corrugated metal in August. The scarf as well as the bandanna[Cool Comfort Bandanna] were life savers. Even when the gel had defrosted, I would dip the fabric in cold water & it would stay cool for at least an additional hour. The gel stayed cold for about 4 hours, once it was frozen."

D.V. in Ohio
"Bought this for my husband who works in the oil fields. He calls me daily to tell me how awesome I am because I bought this [Bannox Fire Resistant Cooling Vest] for him. Oklahoma heat with no a/c is brutal so this is a PERFECT solution. The [Cool58®] gel packs are amazing , he just fills the cooler with ice and 20 minutes later they are frozen solid. Less than a dollar a day for ice at a truck stop and he is cool and comfortable. I'm thinking of buying one for myself, because I'm jealous"

E. in Oklahoma
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Active Ice®
Great for drug-free pain relief after injury or post-surgery!

"My husband has had two knee surgeries and a shoulder surgery. After the first surgery, the doctor had us rent a really fancy version of this machine. It wasn't covered by insurance and cost us a ton of cash. After the second surgery, I looked into a cheaper option. We decided to try this, and saved so much money. It's not as fancy, but it totally does the same thing. Since then we've loaned it to many friends who have had surgery and it's held up totally fine over quite a few years and uses. Do not spend the money to rent the fancy machine, just buy this instead and you'll have it in the future if you ever need it."

"Your product was an integral part of my recovery from double knee surgery. I had torn both of my quad tendons from the bone as a result of an accident. The inflammation was unbelievable! In the absence of the Active Ice® System, I do not believe that my overall recovery would have been as successful. I cannot think of a viable substitute. After surgery, my neighbor gave me the use of his system. After several weeks, I was sold and contacted Polar Products to acquire one of my own. I'm so glad that I did. My recommendation: Buy one of these units to facilitate recovery. You''ll not be disappointed!!"

Steve USA
"I am having major foot surgery on March 1st and asked my doctor if I can bring the foot bladder with me. I know from experience of my son's foot surgery that you want the bladder under the layers of ace bandages to be most effective. I did this for a hand surgery and my recovery time was remarkable. I have had many surgeries, feet, back, hand and hip and using the Polar Ice machine gives me added comfort to speed my recovery each time. I put a thick wash cloth under the motor to make it quieter when using. Be sure to follow the maintenance of cleaning and drying the hose and bladder after use to preserve its life."

Beth OR
" This ice cooling system for my wife's knee replacement was a God send. She has been using it now for 4 weeks and loves it way more than an ice pack. A couple of friends have already ordered one after seeing it work for my wife. Easy to use and easy to refill. It lasts my wife 24 hours before we refill."

Steve  CA
"This has been a life saver. My wife was having great pain in her knee and we had tried ice packs and it just didn't seem to work. It was hard to keep in place and needed changed out. We purchased the ice therapy system and she was able to relieve her pain and get the sleep needed to go to work"

George in the US
"I bought this machine for my father who had his knee replaced. It is nice and portable, yet does a very effective job. It is easy to use and the sleeve that goes on the body is comfortable. It was an excellent value. I highly recommend it for anyone who needs to use ice for swelling or pain."

Stay Ahead.
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Active Ice®   Therapy Products

Customer Service
From our family to yours

"Hello Jacob, I appreciate your swift and excellent customer service. I would not hesitate to reorder products from your company or recommend this unit to anyone who asked me about it. Thank you!"

Carole in the US
"There are many sources to purchase cooling vests, the reason I selected you was the group photos. The photos show a family oriented company, I find these type business to be more customer focused."

Tom W. in NC
"I so appreciate the AMAZING customer service I experienced this morning during our conversation. Wow. I felt heard and taken care of and appreciate you going above and beyond to take care of our situation"

Natasha in Rosedale, British Columbia
"Hello Jacob, I appreciate your swift and excellent customer service. I would not hesitate to reorder products from your company or recommend this unit to anyone who asked me about it. Thank you!"

"Thanks for the help! Good thing that you are here to take care of my needs. And it came in fast! Kudos to you and your team!"

"Thank you Nena, the Polar attention to details and timely customer response is like none I have recently experienced."

Frank B, Atlanta Georgia
"Sorry to say, I do not remember the lady that answered the phone last Thursday when I called. But I want to thank her for her help! My husband had just had a knee scope and when we went to use our polar knee product, we found that it had a small hole in it. I was tempted to drive the long drive to Stow to pick it up, but didn't want to leave my husband alone for that many hours. She said that although it was after the usual ship time, she would make a point of getting it shipped 'right then' for over night delivery. It was sort of expensive to do it, but true to her word, it was shipped and we received it the next afternoon. Thank you so much for your going the extra 'mile' to help us!"

Not Just In Writing.
Some of our happy customers sent us awesome videos reviewing our products. Check them out below.

Videos Photos

Customer Photos
Photos Submitted By Happy Customers

"We have been using your Active Therapy System after my wife's shoulder surgery and it is a lifesaver. Donna just started her 6th week after surgery and is doing well thanks to your product. We're also went on a 6 hour drive in the car. The inexpensive power take off adapter for the car worked great and she was able to use the unit while we were traveling. This therapy unit is fantastic." "

J.D. in Litchfield Park, AZ
"I couldn't find anything to keep the ice packs from melting and needed something quick. The Polar Products Active Ice 3.0 Knee & Joint Cold Therapy System with Digital Timer Includes Knee Bladder, 9 Quart Cooler is the best! It helped with the swelling and was just what I needed for my post knee replacement recovery"

Ellen in the USA
"Heat stroke is a real threat here in Louisiana... That makes my Polar seat cushion literally a life saver! Mail delivery trucks do not have air conditioning, and all the other carriers are asking where to get one! The great folks at Polar Products have transformed a hot and dangerous job into one that can be done in relative comfort! This product has changed the quality of my life! Thanks Polar Products!"

Susan in Louisiana
"Wearing my Polar Products cooling vest. It's the only way to go when training with MS to keep your core temperature down and help you through those tough workouts."

David Lyons, founder of the MS Fitness Challenge
"I'm very serious about staying cool on the range."

Michelle, Chris Cerino Training Group in Wadsworth, Ohio
"The Polar Cool Flow® System works well. It cools much better around the body than the t-shirt type because the tubes are on the inside and the vest has a snug fit. The zipper front makes it much easier to get on and off"

Robert Burgin, NHRA Super Stock, Southeast Division
"On behalf of our medical mission team from Findlay, Ohio; I want to thank you and Polar Products for their generosity. Thank you for your generous donation of the polar cooling jacket and cooler unit. I have been to Haiti on more than 6 medical missions and I have to say that this last mission was so much easier with the help of your cooling vest system. The operating room is equipped with an air conditioning unit, but by IO am, the air conditioner can not keep up with the Haiti heat and humidity. I have attached some photographs for you to see. The cooling unit was left at the clinic for other medical mission teams to use_ I am sure they will find it as useful and comfortable as I have. I will be going back to Ouanaminthe, Haiti again in June of this year and I look forward to utilizing your cooling system again. Once again, a great big THANK YOU to you Jacob and your team at Polar Products !!!!!!" "

Eric B
"We bought the 13 Qt CoolOR fitted vest with cooler and tubes with quick disconnect couplings and lithium battery. We took vacation down to Orlando, Florida and went to Walt Disney world, Universal Studios, SeaWorld for a week. It was 90+ temperatures, but with heat index, it was over a 100 degrees. The vest kept my wife cool for at least 4 hours. This was a lifesaver at these temperatures. We have the vest with the gel packs, and the weight is just too heavy and they do not last as long. We would recommend this cooling system to anyone, especially those with MS and living in hot climates. We did have it hooked to the back of her electric wheelchair. My wife loves it. Kept around 65-70 degrees according to the touch that is. We charged the battery every night. It kept the charge the entire time using the vest."

michael , Kansas City, MO
"The [Polar Child's cooling vest] is amazing! We live in Ukraine and our son has [HED - Hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia]. He is 4 years old and he doesn't sweat and doesn't like summer, because of heat. This inability to sweat leads to a dangerously high body temperature. It makes our lives difficult. But thanks to your perfect cooling vest we can go to the outside and even play and run. We bought a toddler cooling vest two years ago, and my son wore it very well. It really helps him. We used it about 2 years and our son become older, so we bought [cool kids cooling vest: cooling kit with neck wrap etc]. This one is bigger and keeps the comfortable temperature about 2 hours. We cannot buy in Ukraine something like this. There are no cooling vests for kids in Ukraine. Truth be told the vest is expensive for us but it is one way to live 5 months in a year. Thank you so much!"

Svetlana L, Ukraine
"I'm almost halfway through my season at Wellington Green Mall in Wellington, FL. This is my 11th year doing Santa and by far the "Koolest". The Kool Max® Zipper Vest has made a major difference for me and I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate it."

Pete (a.k.a. Santa) in Wellington, FL
"Karen in Australia was kind enough to send us these photos as well as a poem about her life with MS:

I had a condition this we did know
Whatever it was it still had to show
Through tests and worry it turned out MS
It could have been worse, a tragic big mess.

Hospital visits and long sleepless nights
I knew I would have to put up a fight
Then came the treatment of needles with pain
Three times a week, again and again.

Most times it does hurt, injecting that is.
But what can I do, it is what it is.
Depression, Fatigue, weakness and more
I wish this MS would go out the door.

My husband, my children and friends far and near
I thank you ALL for lending your ear.
When I'm sad or in pain or just feeling blue
I know that I can always count on YOU.

You've all been my rock from the very start
I hold you all dear and close to my heart
Without you all, who knows where I'd be
Your love and support you've shown towards me.

This my dear friends is why we need help
Donations abroad it all will be felt
Let's kick this disease, a cure we'll find
Then we can all rest with a peace of mind.

Near 4 years have passed, injections have changed
From Rebif to Plegridy,what next is in store for me.
Though lately injections,they bring on the flu
They say take some painkillers, that's all you can do.

The heat of last summer, well it threw me for six
I'm hoping this summer, will be a new fix.
Through internet I'm lucky to have found a great vest
Polar Products, that's them, you guys are the best.

I wore mine today, and my thoughts, OMG,
this vest is amazing. What more could you need.
With all of my cooling, Hoping summer's a breeze
Just hoping and praying, I'll handle it with ease.

Well this is my update of MY life with MS, Please call Polar Products, You will be impressed.

""500 Juno thumbs up to all of the Polar Products and Silver Eagle Outfitters products we just invested in for successfully keeping her cool on this horrendously hot day spent in the city = worth every single cent "

Via Social Media
"I have MS and in January I entered into a CrossFit Competition. It is definitely a beginner's one but it is one nonetheless. I am able to do this with the help of your cooling vest and accessories! Sometimes I just wear the vest, sometimes I wear it all! Thank you for doing what you do so I can do what I do! Freedom!"

Zoe in MT
"There are many sources to purchase cooling vest, the reason I selected you was the group of photos. The photos show a family oriented company, I find these type of business to be more customer focused. After using the vest several times, it definitely helps me stay cooled. As a honeybee keeper wearing all that gear gets very hot."

Blog Post - Laughing Flowers Farm, TX
"Disneyworld with grandchildren right after returning from South Asia . used it there and it was wonderful The cooling packs ! she was concerned about them being too heavy. She was very pleasantly surprised that the 400g packs were comfortable when she was wearing The vest was perfect and the use of it was spectacular. We couldn't have kept going without this vest. Lasted 3-4 in the heat of Thailand and Vietnam"

Happy Customer
"I live in South Texas and work on a dude ranch leading trail rides. Some friends gave me a Polar Cool58® Phase Change Cooling Vest. I now ride in blissful comfort. You should see people's faces when I let them try it on. The smile was on my face when the trail ride returned to the corral in 98 degrees! This vest is on of the most useful gifts I have ever received."

Tom in Texas
"Of course on the hottest heat wave of the summer our A/C decided to go out. Sally at least found some comfort using my cooling seat cushion. If she's happy then I'm happy. "

Shannon, in Akron Ohio
"We are headed home from a 2 week trip to Disney World. Our cooling vest did a great job keeping our daughter cool! She loved telling Olaf that her vest keeps her cool just like his personal flurry keeps him cool!"

Social Media
"Rose hurt her foot this morning, but she's able to smile through her injury with the help of a Polar Products Ice Pack and Wrap!"

Kristen, Ohio
"Thank you again for the great cooling products to help me keep active despite my heat intolerance issues from MS. Multiple Sclerosis tried to knock me down, but Polar Products got my wheels back on the roller derby track!!"

iLL Eagle, Grizzly Madams, Thunder Bay Roller Derby League
"I was recently married in an outdoor ceremony in Peninsula, Ohio. The marriage was on July 31 and it was hot!! Being from Ohio we anticipated this and asked Polar Products to manufacture private label Soft Ice Packs with our names and dates on them. We stocked a small freezer with these packs and everyone loved them! Not only unique and fun but useful too!"

Kristen in Hudson, Ohio
"When it hurts-or you get stung by a wasp-reach for a soft ice pack! Works great!"

Erin G Hudson Ohio
"I am the head Athletic Trainer at Massaponax High School and just recently received our new Polar Life Pod and I could not be happier with this product. For county (Spotsylvania County School District) recently purchased 1 pod for each of 5 high schools & we love them! The ease, portability & use of the product is just what's needed for cooling an athlete down quickly. Yesterday I had to utilize the pod for one of my football players who suffered heat exposure & within minutes of being in the Pod his body temperature started decreasing. Upon EMS arrival cooling had already occurred enough for safe transport! Happy to report my athlete is doing well!!! (#coolfirstthentransport) Great product and very pleased with our recent purchase!!!"

C.C at Spotsylvania, PA
"I wanted to share this picture with you all and thank you for the Cool Kids Vest.My son has a chromosomal abnormality that makes it difficult for him to regulate his body temperature. With your product, he is able to do so much more without becoming fatigued or over heated! Thank You!"

Jennifer G in the US
"We are huge fans of the Children's Cooling Vest! My 10 year old son has POTS and Exercise Induced Anaphylaxis...and the vest has been a way he can participate in fun activities again. He wore this one in a variety show and his friends wore costumes to make it military themed"

Mary R
"B. has been doing so well. He is probably the best he has been his entire life here on this earth. We have been using his cooling vest like crazy. I really think is has made a huge difference in him. It does not seem to bother his tubes. And it keeps him from sweating which has really helped keep the dressing to his IV line intact."

Amy in Ohio
"We're all excited about Norah's latest accessory, her new cooling vest. She doesn't sweat and can't regulate her body temperature, so this vest, with its pockets for special ice packs, will give her extra time outside before she overheats. Watch for it to show up in many, many pics this summer. Would adding sequins be too much?? #ichthyosis"

Tara, via social Media
"I just want to say from the bottom of my heart, "Thank you"! Due to my son Ezekiel having an extreme form of epilepsy called dravet syndrome, he is unable to regulate his own body temperature. When his body temperature rises he is more prone to having short seizures (Tonic clonic) and long lasting seizures (gran mal seizures). This has hindered his quality of life, making him unable to play like normal children or even the possibility of stepping outside into the Florida heat. But that all changed when we received the Polar Child’s Cooling Vest. Ezekiel loves his new cooling vest. He is super proud of it and wants to wear it all the time. No longer does he have to walk around holding ice packs on his back and neck. You guys at Polar Products Incorporated are amazing and doing God’s work! Businesses STRIVE to provide or produce products that improve their customers quality of life. These products impact other people's lives and change their lives for the better. I can honestly say Polar Products have done this for Ezekiel and the rest of my family. "

Ezekiel and his family
"As if having epilepsy and an extremely rare brain disorder were not enough to overcome in life, Kaylee doesn't sweat due to a combination of her epilepsy medications and brain disorder. This makes even being in a hot room too much for her, placing her at risk of overheating and reducing her seizure threshold. Imagine Disney in June! Well, thanks to the toddler vest from Polar Products we not only imagined, we conquered. Whether it was meeting some of her favorite princesses, hanging out with her family, or even riding roller coasters, her cooling vest was there! Easy refreezing with only ice and water made keeping her cool a piece of cake! Armed with an extra set of ice packs and the amazing flexibility to provide free ice water at Disney, we came, we saw, and we did everything that other peers her age can do! Thanks so much for such an awesome product"

Geri in KY
"I am wearing the torso/back cooling vest under my shirt. It was a great day to go ride "Dusty". Thank you for bringing me this joy again!"

Joie from the USA
"The Florida heat and humidity won't be holding her back this year! She just got her free cooling vest from the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation. She plans to wear her vest this summer at youth camp where she will be a camp counselor."

Via Social Media

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