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Soft Ice® Cold & Hot Therapy Packs

Soft Ice® Cold & Hot Therapy Packs stay soft, flexible and comfortable! 

Our patented eco-friendly, non-toxic Soft Ice® formula transfers heat out of the targeted body area more effectively than alternative methods. Soft Ice® will come out of the freezer just as soft and flexible as it goes in. Pack sizes available from 3" X 6" to 11" X 23" and come in two configurations: Soft Ice® V-Series and Soft Ice® S-Series PRO-Packs.
What's the difference?
Soft Ice® V-Series: Our most popular choice! These professional-quality cold and hot therapy packs are microwaveable.

Soft Ice® S-Series PRO-Packs: These packs are double-bagged for applications. The larger packs are segmented to allow even coverage of Soft Ice® throughout the pack.

Private Label Program: Print your logo/contact information directly on Soft Ice® V-Series packs. Relieve clients' pain while reminding them of you! Our customized cold & hot therapy packs provide outstanding, targeted advertising. Unlike other forms of merchandising, your client will keep these on hand for a long time and share them with friends and family who are in pain. When your clients need pain relief, what better time to remind them of you?
Compression Wraps for your Packs
Check out our professional-quality compression wraps that provide comfortable, targeted cold or hot therapy with gentle and adjustable compression.

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Double-bagged for extra strength

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