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Body Cooling and Cold & Hot Therapy for Industrial and Construction Workers

Body Cooling Vests and Accessories
Man wearing khaki kool max adjustable zipper front cooling vest in front of construction equipment


In high-temperature working environments, reducing the risk of heat stress can result in fewer injuries and improved productivity. Polar's easy-to-use cooling systems improve efficiency and increase worker safety and comfort. OSHA Fact Sheet No. OSHA 95-16 Protecting Workers in Hot Environments: "personal cooling devices (can help) reduce the hazards of heat exposure for workers."

Cooling Vests

Cooling Accessories

Cool Flow® Industrial Cooling Seat System

Cold Water Immersion

Soldier kneeling over man in polar life pod cold water immersion device The patent pending Polar Life Pod® is a portable, collapsible immersion system to facilitate the cooling of workers. 

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Minor Work Injuries: Moist Heat and Cold Therapy

Woman wearing black soft ice shoulder wrap Acute injuries are usually the result a single, traumatic episode. Overuse injuries (chronic pain) are more subtle and usually occur over time. These injuries will more often stem from the stress that the athlete puts on the body.

A good rule of thumb is cold therapy for acute pain, moist heat or heat for chronic pain. Often, moist heat therapy is used prior to an activity to loosen up muscles and cold therapy afterward.

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