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Kool Max® Frozen Water-based Cooling Pack Vests and Accessories
Our most popular body cooling technology!
Reusable frozen packs fit into pockets in vests and accessories and provide the highest level of cooling in any environment for up to 3-4 hours. Cost-effective reusable packs require access to a freezer.
Cool58® Phase Change Cooling Pack Vests and Accessories
Reusable packs freeze at 58 degrees Fahrenheit (14.4° Celsius) and provide comfortable cooling at a comfortable 58°F for up to 1.5-3 hours. Can be charged in a cooler of ice water. Ideal choice when freezers are not available!
Cool Comfort® Evaporative Hybrid Vests and Accessories
Cool Comfort® is an innovative new hybrid cooling technology that is lightweight and can be re-cooled in minutes. The special Cool Comfort® gel has the ability to hold temperature for long periods of time and can be activated by just submerging in cool water for a few minutes. Submerge the product in water to activate cooling. Enhance the cooling energy by chilling in the refrigerator or freezer.
Cool Flow® Circulating Cold Water System
Our lightweight and easy to use Cool Flow® Circulating Water Systems offer the highest level of personal cooling for tough applications. Cool water circulates from a cooling reservoir through tubing sewn within the vest. Just add water and ice to the cooler and your personal Cool Flow® System is ready to go!
Quick Cool™ Flexible Frozen Packs for Short-term Cooling
Our fashionable comfortable and discreet cooling scarves and neck ties include two sets of cooling packs so you can choose which best meets your needs: For QUICK cooling relief: Our Quick Cool™ Packs stay comfortably soft when frozen and typically provide cooling for about half an hour. For EXTENDED cooling relief: Our Kool Max® Packs freeze solid for cooling up to two hours in any climate
Evaporative Water-Activated Garments
Our lowest cost cooling option. Excellent when used in low humidity environments! Water creates a natural cooling effect as it evaporates, providing many hours of cooling relief in low-humidity climates.

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