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Custom Cooling Systems

We can design and manufacture a custom system to meet your unique needs. Contact us for a quote today!
Among other Items we have cooled:
Drone Submarines for the US Navy (when pulled from the water)
 Yellow drone submarine with two Cool Flow circulating water cooling blankets wrapped around it
Circulating water cooling gas can insulator covers for racing fuel
Two cans of racing fuel, one wrapped in a circulating water cooling insulator cover
Cooling for High Definition experimental 3D camera used on the set of the Hobbit
 High definition 3d camera
Cooling Engine Blanket for Drag Cars
 Drag racing car taking off
Special Soft Ice® cooling packs and pack covers for Weddings
 Woman outside with soft ice cooling pack on her should with a floral print cover
Active systems with Yeti Coolers for particularly demanding industrial environments
White Yeti cooler circulating cold water system with water chiller next to it 
Active systems to Cool divers working in radiated water at Nuclear Power Plants 
 Man wearing a diving suit by the water with a cool flow circulating water cooling vest underneath
 Cool Flow® Blanket Cooling Systems
 9 quart cool flow water cooler with 4 feet of insulated hose connected to circulating water active cooling blanket
Fleece cool flow circulating water active cooling blanket
 Custom bladders and active cooling coverage systems 
 Dual vest cooling system with individual temperature controls for race cars

 And much, much more! Call us with your requirement!

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