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Download Operations Manuals, Instructions and Inserts

Active Ice® System
Active Ice® Cold Therapy System 3.0 Instruction Manual
 Active Ice® Cold Therapy System 3.0 Instructional Video
Active Ice® with Arctic Chiller Reservoir
Active Ice® Head Cap
Active Ice® Therapy Pad Instructions
Active Ice® We Can Help
Lithium Ion Battery Pack Instructions
Operating Instructions & Warnings-System Sticker
Full Coverage Knee Therapy Pad Application
Shoulder Bladder Instructions (Detached Main Belt)
Drain Accessory
Drain, Maintenance & Storage Kit
Water Cooling Options: Water Bottles!
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Cool Flow® and CoolOR® Systems
Cool Flow® and CoolOR® System Instructions
Cool Flow® Hot/Cold System
CoolOR® and Cool Flow® Chiller System
CoolOR® Basket Instructions
Lithium Ion Battery Pack Instructions
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Cooling Vest with Four(4) Strip Packs
Cooling Vest Manual - PC
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Cooling Vest with Multiple 4.5 x 6 packs
Cooling Vest Manual - KM
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Cooling Vest Fitted Fashion Vest
Fashion Vest for Men or Women
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Cooling Torso Vests and Wraps
Secrets Torso, Slim Torso, Slim Torso Plus, Full Torso
Cool Fit Kit
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Cooling Accessories: Kool Max and Phase Change Cool58®
Deluxe Neck Tie Insert
Fashion Cooling Scarves Insert
Deluxe Head Wrap and Fashion Cooling Head Wrap
Deluxe Cooling Wrist Wrap Insert
Deluxe Ankle Wrap Insert
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Cooling Accessories: Phase Change Cool58® and Cool Comfort®
Breast and Chest Cooling Therapy Insert
Deluxe Cooling Hats Insert
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Cooling Wraps and Accessories Insert
Seat, KMNC, KMNCEX, Limbs
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Cool Comfort®
Cool Comfort® Care and Use Manual
Cool Comfort® Small Insert
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Evaporative Vest Instructions
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Industrial Care and Use Manual
Industrial Vest Description and Fabric Options
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Thera-Temp® Moist Heat
Thera-Temp® Moist Heat Directions for Use
IMPORTANT Overheat Note
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Soft Ice® Packs & Compression Wraps
Soft Ice® Compression Wrap Direction for Use - Body Specific
Soft Ice® Compression Wrap Direction for Use - Universal
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Polar Life Pod®
Polar Life Pod® Instructions Manual
Polar Life Pod® Warning Label
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Polar Pup®
Polar Pup® Neck Band Instructions
Polar Pup® Crate Cooler Instructions
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Roller Ice
Roller Ice Directions for Use
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We Can Help
We Can Help
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