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Our Pediatric Testimonials
"I purchased the Cool Kids [Cooling vest, neck wrap and extra packs] for my 6 year old daughter who is unable to thermal regulate. ( Unable to sweat) This product has opened up so much for her. She is now able to participate in P.E. and outdoor activities. I HIGHLY recommend this product and company to others. Customer Service was extremely helpful as well!! Thank you again Polar Products!!"

-Natasha in Nebraska
Product: Cool Kids™ Cooling Kit
"The [Polar Child's cooling vest] is amazing! We live in Ukraine and our son has [HED - Hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia]. He is 4 years old and he doesn't sweat and doesn't like summer, because of heat. But Thanks to your cooling vest we can go to the outside and even play and run. We bought a toddler cooling vest two years ago, and my son wore it very well. It really helps him. We used it about 2 years and our son become older, so we bought [cool kids cooling vest: cooling kit with neck wrap etc]. This one is bigger and keeps the comfortable temperature about 2 hours. We cannot buy in Ukraine something like this. There are no cooling vests for kids in Ukraine. Truth be told the vest is expensive for us but it is one way to live 5 months in a year. Thank you so much!"
Boy wearing a khaki cool kids cooling vest
--Svetlana L, Ukraine
Product: Cool Kids™ Cooling Kit
"We have had our vest about a year now. My daughter is unable to sweat. Thanks to the [Cool Kids Cooling Vest], my daughter has been able to actively participate in physical education and recess without risk of overheating. It is easy for her to use by herself. She keeps it in a mini-fridge in her classroom and uses it as needed. Thank you so much for your product."

- Jen D. in West Virginia
Product: Cool Kids™ Cooling Vest
"My 12 year old son loves his Cool58® vest. He is totally sold on how wonderful it is and says, "It is amazing, Mom." He likes it especially because it is easy to use and "I don't need your help, Mom." He even wore it under his life jacket on the boat and I think he was the most comfortable one. I can tell that it helped him not be fatigued as much and he didn't sweat like he normally would. When I brought it home he said, "I know this will make me feel better when I am out and during band camp too." Thank you so much, you have no idea how much this will improve his quality of life."
Boy with a tuba wearing a Cool Kids adjustable cooling vest
- Amy in Ohio
Product: Cool Teens™
"This [Cool Kids Cooling Vest] was a gift for a neighbor boy (who can't sweat) and needed something so he could go out and play with his brother & friends. He can now that he has this vest. They love it. He just knows he can play now."

- Marlous H. in Indiana
Product: Cool Kids™ Cooling Vest
"This is a true lifesaver for my daughter, she has a skin condition called Ichthyosis that prevents her from sweating and regulating her body temperature. With this [Cool Kids Toddler Cooling Vest] she is able to attend recess and PE with her friends at school and participate in other outdoor activities. The ice packs stay cool for a long time in 80 degree weather, we haven't tested it out in very hot weather yet."

- Cynthia P. in Texas
Product: Cool Kids™ Toddler Cooling Vest
"Our daughter has a very rare genetic deletion called 22q13 or [Phelan McDermid Syndrome]. Body temperature regulation is effected by this and if it's over 80 degrees Fahrenheit outside she can only spend a few minutes out. This phase change [Cool 58] [Cool Kids Cooling Vest] has helped greatly. She was able to watch her brother play baseball games thanks to this technology.""

-William in Alabama
Product: Cool Kids™ Cooling Vest
"My son was born with Down Syndrome and has a hard time regulating his own body temperature. With this [Cool Kids Toddler Cooling Vest] we have been able to play outside without the constant worry of him overheating. The vest is easy to use, easy to clean, and it really does only take 20 minutes in ice water to recharge. We also opted for the extra ice packs which admittedly come in handy more than I originally thought. I highly recommend getting them if you plan to be out in the heat more than a couple hours. On a side note: The vest is super cute on my little man! We got the light blue thinking it would not absorb as much heat as the darker ones. I could not be happier with this product!"

- Courtney S. in Virginia
Product: Cool Kids™ Toddler Cooling Vest
"This [Cool Kids Cooling Vest] was much less expensive than the one we had purchased before. It also looks like we might get a lot more wear out of it as the straps for adjusting it around and on the shoulders are much longer. Excellent vest and excellent quality."

- Janice M. in Georgia
Product: Cool Kids™ Cooling Vest
"The Cool Kids Vest is amazing! Our daughter has CIE Ichthyosis and can't control her body temperature at all. We've been searching for a good vest for 3 years and very happy with this one. The packs aren't so cold it shocks her and stay cool for 3 hours in humid Ohio weather! Plus they recharge really quickly about 25 minutes! Thank you for your hard work in making a truly awesome product. Now my daughter can play outside like a normal child! Thanks again from the bottom of our hearts!"

- Mike Z. in Ohio
Product: Cool Kids™ Cooling Vest
"Great, absorbs water quickly and evenly. We put [the Cool Comfort® Crown Cooler] in the fridge for awhile then my 5 year-old wore it for hours and loved it!"

- Courtney S. in Australia
Product: Cool Comfort® Crown Cooler
"I just want to say from the bottom of my heart, "Thank you"! Due to my son Ezekiel having an extreme form of epilepsy called dravet syndrome, he is unable to regulate his own body temperature. This has hindered his quality of life, making him unable to play like normal children or even the possibility of stepping outside into the Florida heat. But that all changed when we received the Polar Child’s Cooling Vest. Ezekiel loves his new cooling vest. He is super proud of it and wants to wear it all the time. No longer does he have to walk around holding ice packs on his back and neck. You guys at Polar Products Incorporated are amazing and doing God’s work! Businesses STRIVE to provide or produce products that improve their customers quality of life. These products impact other people's lives and change their lives for the better. I can honestly say Polar Products have done this for Ezekiel and the rest of my family. "
boy wearing cooling vest
-Ezekiel and his family
Product: Toddler Cooling Kit
"My son cannot sweat and overheats very quickly. We got the [Cool Kids Cooling Kit] just recently and at 5 years-old it fits perfectly on the smallest settings so he will get a lot of wear out of it! It's well made and seems comfortable to wear. We also got the [Cool Kids Neck Wrap] in the kit and it's great, it alone is enough on a warm day when the vest is too much. I wish the Velcro® were a little longer, it doesn't do up quite enough around his neck but it's not a problem and he is happy and cool wearing it. So great to get replacement packs with both items so it's easy to replace and keep wearing."

- Courtney S. in Australia
Product: Cool Kids™ Cooling Kit
"As if having epilepsy and an extremely rare brain disorder were not enough to overcome in life, Kaylee doesn't sweat due to a combination of her epilepsy medications and brain disorder. This makes even being in a hot room too much for her. Imagine Disney in June! Well, thanks to the Cool Kids Toddler Cooling Vest from Polar Products we not only imagined, we conquered. Whether it was meeting some of her favorite princesses, hanging out with her family, or even riding roller coasters, her cooling vest was there! Easy refreezing with only ice and water made keeping her cool a piece of cake! Armed with an extra set of ice packs and the amazing flexibility to provide free ice water at Disney, we came, we saw, and we did everything that other peers her age can do! Thanks so much for such an awesome product!!"
Girl in pink kool max toddler cooling vest standing in front of a picture of Mickey MouseGirl wearing pink kool max toddler cooling vest talking to a disney princessGirl in pink kool max toddler cooling vest on an amusement park ride
- Geri in KY
Product: Cool Kids™ Toddler Cooling Vest
"I wanted to share this picture with you all and thank you for the Cool Kids Vest.My son has a chromosomal abnormality that makes it difficult for him to regulate his body temperature. With your product, he is able to do so much more without becoming fatigued or over heated! Thank You!"
Boy wearing a blue Cool Kids cooling vest on a dirt bike
- Jennifer G
Product: Cool Kids™ Cooling Vest
"This is my 2 year old epileptic Harmonie. She would have to enjoy her summers indoors or cooler evening if she didn't get this wonderful cooling vest. She is able to play outside without a care in the world. Thank you so much for your extremely fast shipping and the amazing and kind service!"
Girl wearing a pink Cool Kids toddlers cooling vest playing with chalk
"Thank you so much, we love the product[Polar Phase Change Toddler Cooling Vest PCVZT]. My son has Phelan-McDermid Syndrome and this vest helps."

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