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Horseback Riding

I use your products for horseback riding in Texas, I swear I should be a spokesperson for you because I talk so highly of your products and tell everyone at the stables about them. They’re amazing to use when riding

-J in Texas
Product: Women's "Home and Away" Kit
"I have the Kool Max® Poncho cooling vest and love it! I ride horses and this vest works great at keeping me cool."

- Sherry in Oklahoma
Product: Kool Max® Poncho cooling vest
"I am wearing the torso/back cooling vest under my shirt. It was a great day to go ride "Dusty". Thank you for bringing me this joy again!"

"This [Kool Max® Fashion Vest] vest changed my life! I ride horses, and I was actually able to show on an 85 degree day! In the past I would've had to go home at noon... but thank goodness I didn't, because I won! Now I don't have to plan around the weather to compete. Thank you!"

- Carolyn in Pittsfield, Maine
Product: Kool Max® Fashion Vest
"I live in South Texas and work on a dude ranch leading trail rides. Some friends gave me a Polar Cool58® Phase Change Cooling Vest. I now ride in blissful comfort. You should see people's faces when I let them try it on. The smile was on my face when the trail ride returned to the corral in 98 degrees! This vest is one of the most useful gifts I have ever received."

"I am really enjoying the Kool Max® vest in the dog days of August and September in hot, humid southwest Georgia. I have had trouble all summer with Lupus flares due to the intense heat and humidity. The vest has allowed me to spend time with my horses even on very hot days without having to spend the next day in bed."

- L. Kelley in Georgia
Product: Kool Max® vest
"I love, love, love this vest [Women's Fashion Vest]. It is really a life safer. I use it every day when I ride my horse. I love the blue one, but I have to be honest it really shows up the dust. So I have now ordered a second one so I can continually wash them and never be without one. The new blue packs are so much better than the older ones I have been using ( I have an older model vest and ice packs)."

"This is the best product [Women's Fashion Vest] for outside activities. I ride my horse in the Texas heat and humidity. DIFFERENCE THIS VEST MAKES!!!!!! I am so much more comfortable. The new cooler packs are fantastic. I bought the blue vest but the arena dirt was not easy to get out. So I use it to walk my dog. I purchased the tan one for riding - much better. I highly recommend this vest. I am so glad I have 2 vests."

-Kerry C. in Houston, TX
Product: Women's Fashion Cooling Vest


"Polar cooling systems are used by the athletic training staff of the Minnesota Vikings during training camp for rapid cooling of overheated athletes."

- Statement approved by Minnesota Vikings Athletic Trainer
Product: Polar Life Pod®


"As if having epilepsy and an extremely rare brain disorder were not enough to overcome in life, Kaylee doesn't sweat due to a combination of her epilepsy medications and brain disorder. This makes even being in a hot room too much for her, placing her at risk of overheating and reducing her seizure threshold. Imagine Disney in June! Well, thanks to the Cool Kids Toddler Cooling Vest from Polar Products we not only imagined, we conquered. Whether it was meeting some of her favorite princesses, hanging out with her family, or even riding roller coasters, her cooling vest was there! Easy refreezing with only ice and water made keeping her cool a piece of cake! Armed with an extra set of ice packs and the amazing flexibility to provide free ice water at Disney, we came, we saw, and we did everything that other peers her age can do! Thanks so much for such an awesome product!!"
Girl in pink kool max toddler cooling vest standing in front of a picture of Mickey MouseGirl wearing pink kool max toddler cooling vest talking to a disney princess
- Geri in KY
Product: Cool Kids™ Toddler Cooling Vest
"Bought[Kool Max Secret's Kit] to use in Honduras on a medical-mission trip in June. It gets hot/humid! Trip is June 12-19. But I tried the product in TN and I'm happy and I know i will be happy in Honduras! I don't think I'll have to pour ice water on my head to survive the heat this time. Thank you for this product." -Sandra G in Indianola, IA

-Sandra G in Indianola, IA
Product: Kool Max® Secrets Kit
"Staying cool on Rufigi River in Tanzania. Thank you."
Man wearing a cool comfort cooling bandana with a woman in a boat on a river
Product: Cool Comfort® Bandana
"At the lake with my son, wearing my Torso Cooling Vest. I am currently in a major relapse with my MS so this Polar Product really helps! Thank you!" 
Woman wearing a kool max secrets vest under her bathing suit at the beach
Product: Kool Max® Secrets Kit


I wanted to tell you how happy I am that I have found these cooling products.  I am a golfer living in Miami and it's always hot and humid here.  I have been searching for ways to stay cool and prevent overheating.  I have used my new products twice now while I played golf and I am so happy that I can now get through an entire round of golf without feeling sick from heat exhaustion. I love everything that I've purchased.  It's made all the difference and I am able to play golf without feeling like I'm going to pass out. Thank you again and God Bless you

-Deborah in Florida
Product: Women's Fashion Kit
"I am a businessman with both MS and intolerance to heat situations. My occupation often presents me the opportunity to play a round of golf with clients, which I love except for the fact that the heat considerably worsens my symptoms. I had searched previously for a cooling option that would allow me to play golf without overheating and one that would be somewhat unobtrusive (I frankly get tired of the questions and explanations!). I even asked my doctor without satisfaction and ultimately came to the realization that such a solution did not exist. Then I discovered the Polar Kool Max® vest. This vest is lightweight and fits comfortably under my clothing. No one knows I am wearing it but me... and what's even more amazing is that it works! This vest totally minimizes the debilitating effect heat has on me. I make a habit of not recommending products - not even a movie; however I have never felt so positive about a product. The Polar vest has made a huge difference for me when entertaining clients and changed my life."

- Arnold in Chicago, Illinois
Product: Polar Kool Max® vest


"I ordered the half vest for my 17 year old daughter to wear under her softball uniform. Has it been successful under jerseys. She suffers easily from heat exhaustion"

"This [Soft Ice® Shoulder and Elbow Wrap] works great! Our high school team loves it. It provides great cool therapy."

- Kirby in Ravenna, Ohio
Product: Soft Ice® Shoulder and Elbow Wrap

Racecar Drivers

Drag racing car taking off

"The Polar [Cool Flow®] Fitted Vest System works well. It cools much better around the body than the tee shirt type because the tubes are on the inside and the vest has a snug fit. The zipper front makes it much easier to get on and off."

- Robert Burgin, NHRA Super Stock, Southeast Division
Product: [Cool Flow®] Fitted Vest System
Drag racing car with Polar Products logo on the back

"We purchased 2 of the Polar Phase Change vest systems. I race drag race NHRA Sportsman Pro class. The cooling vest worked brilliantly. I was comfortably in my car ready to race as others were waiting to the last moment to get in their cars due to the heat. My friend who has a Polar vest also uses all the packs, I use the ones just in the front. Both methods work great."

- Gary in North Olmsted, Ohio
Product: Cool58®Cooling Pack Vests


"I love the Polar Kool Max® vest. I have had MS for many years and I love to bowl. I now wear this vest while bowling and it works great."

- Eunice in Mesa, Arizona
Product: Polar Kool Max® vest

Martial Arts

"I just wish I would have had this Active Ice® Therapy System equipment when I was new to the martial arts."

Roller Derby

"Thank you again for the great cooling products to help me keep active despite my heat intolerance issues from MS. Multiple Sclerosis tried to knock me down, but Polar Products got my wheels back on the roller derby track!!"

- iLL Eagle, Grizzly Madams, Thunder Bay Roller Derby League
Product: Kool Max® Zipper Vest Kit


Thank you for giving me back gardening in the summers.

-Carla via social media
Product: Outdoor & Gardening Kit


"The evaporative cooling hat and neck wrap are fantastic! I went kayaking recently with the temperature at 89 degrees F. Despite my MS, I was comfortable & able to paddle for 2 hours. These wraps enable me to do the things I love without the incapacitating heat sensitivity."

-Patricia L. Blake, RN, BSN, MSCN; Administrator at Oak Clinic in Akron, Ohio
Product: Cool Comfort® Kit
"I got the Cool58® Secrets Vest because most of the other cooling vests were more like traditional vests - they went over your shoulders and chest. Personally, I am a large-chested lady, so finding a vest that would have a snug fit was challenging. The Cool58® Secrets Vest is great in that regard. It fits comfortably on my abdomen, above my belly button and below my bra. It's easy to sit while wearing it, which makes it ideal for bike riding and use at the gym. Since I've ended up using the freezer anyway, I kinda wish I'd gone with the Kool Max® Secrets Vest. At the end of the day, it's great to be able to walk around in the heat without MS kicking my butt."

- Rachael in Chicago, Illinois
Product: Cool58® Secrets Vest
"I recently used the [Performance Quick Dry Cool58® Cooling Wrist Wraps] during a physical fitness event with my army unit. This product helped me maintain my body temperature during extensive work outs the Army puts us through. I would highly recommend this product to the novice athlete or the most experienced soldiers."

-Shannon in Kent, Ohio
Product: Quick Dry Cool 58® Cooling Wrist Wraps

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