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Polar Products Active Ice® 3.0 Cold Therapy Pad System Testimonials

Active Ice® 3.0 Knee Cold Therapy Systems

"Bought the system to help my daughter get through two tough operations: double torn meniscus, and ACL repair. Works very well and stays cold for at least 8 - 10 hours. Extremely quiet. Very happy with the product."

"I ordered this for my Dad who had his second knee surgery. He really loves the machine! He was able to get off his pain meds just days post-op and used this to control and reduce his pain for the last two weeks during his healing and physical therapy processes."

"This delivers continuous cold to a specific body area with out warming or melting or repossessing. It was purchased for a football player that has a meniscus tear and inflammation. The regular ice bags were not doing the trick. Using this after every practice and game for 3 weeks has drastically reduced the pain and allowed him to continue playing. The only negative is if you don't have an ice maker you need use about half a bag of ice for it to work. If you put the ice and water in and let it sit about 10-15 minutes the water circulating through the pad will be much colder from the start"

"Your product was an integral part of my recovery from double knee surgery. I had torn both of my quad tendons from the bone as a result of an accident. The inflammation was unbelievable! In the absence of the Active Ice® System, I do not believe that my overall recovery would have been as successful. I cannot think of a viable substitute. After surgery, my neighbor gave me the use of his system. After several weeks, I was sold and contacted Polar Products to acquire one of my own. I'm so glad that I did. My recommendation: Buy one of these units to facilitate recovery. You''ll not be disappointed!!"

"Can't say enough good things about this product! I had a total knee replacement and my husband, who is a PT, got this for me. It allowed me to continually ice/cool the surgical area for extended periods of time. Unlike bags of ice the temperature was more consistent allowing for longer periods of 'icing'. This meant quicker reduction of swelling & pain. Also, unlike bags of ice, the cooling pad conforms to the limb, neck, or shoulder area thereby again giving greater relief. Additionally, there is no mess from leaking bags of melting ice. It is well worth the investment particularity if you will be having more than one surgery. (I'm scheduled to have the other knee replaced later this year.) Even if you're not having surgeries, this product could be useful to athletes doing heavy training for say marathons, sports teams or triathlons. I would highly, highly recommend this item."

"I purchased the Polar 3.0 cold therapy system for my wife who recently had knee surgery at the suggestion of her Orthopedic Surgeon. This is an awesome product and has been a godsend for my wife. The system is easy to use and has run flawlessly. I use 16 oz frozen water bottles in it and change them out with new ones when needed. I had similar surgery 2 years ago and used ice packs. I wish I had it back then, it is so much better than what I had!I appreciate good products and good companies, Polar has both."

"I’d like to start off by saying I was turned off from this device at first because there looked to be sexier models out there that looked more high tech than a 9 Quart cooler with a hose kit. But once I started thinking about longevity and how long I planned would keep to keep this equipment I realized that this model makes up for itself by being ruggedized. Additionally there are other attachments that you can purchase from the manufactures website that I didn’t see on Amazon or anywhere else so the ruggedness optional equipment, and the fact that the manufacturer has been building cooling therapy devices for 30 years. I am very pleased with this purchase. It is quite and looks to be fairly easy to repair if it ever came to it. The only thing I do not like about this model is it seems they put the controller too close to the cooler end. The cord is super long to the wall but from the controller to the cooler is short. It’s almost like you have to have the cooler within 3 feet of your reach if you want to control it. Other than this Small oversight I would have given it 5 stars. It’s well worth the investment and is playing a crucial role in my recovery."

"Forget about the hassle of ice packs, cold therapy machines are the easiest, most effective way to apply continuous relief from joint pain and swelling and inflammation. Whether you’re recovering from surgery, recovering from a workout, or simply seeking relief from a painful medical condition, a cold therapy machine can help speed your recovery and ease the pain. There are lots of machines on the market, and choosing the right one for you can be tricky. Whether you’re looking for the best value, the easiest to use, or the best overall, one of these units is sure to meet your needs. Forget about the hassle of ice packs, cold therapy machines are the easiest, most effective way to apply continuous relief from joint pain and swelling and inflammation. "

"I used this for my knee replacement, I didn’t need any medication at all during my recovery. My surgery went so smoothly between elevating my knee and using your system. I practically lived in that thing! The timer was amazing to use at night too. I’m a nurse practitioner and whenever knee, back, and hip surgeries get brought up I immediately send them a link to your site"

-nancy, online order
Product: Active Ice® 3.0 Knee Cold Therapy Systems

Active Ice® 3.0 Shoulder Cold Therapy Systems

"My husband has had two knee surgeries and a shoulder surgery. After the first surgery, the doctor had us rent a really fancy version of this machine. It wasn't covered by insurance and cost us a ton of cash. After the second surgery, I looked into a cheaper option. We decided to try this, and saved so much money. It's not as fancy, but it totally does the same thing. Since then we've loaned it to many friends who have had surgery and it's held up totally fine over quite a few years and uses. Do not spend the money to rent the fancy machine, just buy this instead and you'll have it in the future if you ever need it."

"The wrap does a very good job of keeping the circulation "bladder" in the correct position for cooling the shoulder post surgery highly recommend! (Note: Excellent service by the order folks too!)"

"Post shoulder surgery the cold therapy system was a godsend. My husband had the surgery and I was sole caregiver. Ice packs alone didn’t stay cold long enough for pain relief and didn’t penetrate his dressings. What I really appreciated was the timer so I could easily monitor how long it was on. As caregiver there was so much to do including tracking medications; food prep; bathing along with regular household & work chores. I found myself sleep deprived as well as HE was sleep deprived. By setting the timer I could walk away and not concern myself if it was cold enough or too cold as the temperature was constant and it turned itself off after the preset time. If I needed again I would look for temperature control since as he is healing he would sometimes like it less ‘cold’ on his achy muscles. But I place an extra pillowcase between his shirt and the pad to reduce the chill. Also the cord is short so I need to use an extension cord when he is resting in bed. It’s expensive on a retiree income but very worthwhile to reduce the pain and anxiety post surgery."

"I'm recovering from shoulder replacement and my Cold Therapy System has been in use since I returned home from the hospital. I'll be starting physical therapy in another week and am very happy to have it available. I really feel that it has made a difference in my experience."

"Thank you so much.  The instructions were instrumental along with the separate main belt in making the shoulder pad much more comfortable.  What review sites are the most important for you so I can get on there and give you glowing reviews?"

Active Ice® 3.0 Universal Rectangular Cold Therapy Systems

"Great product, even better customer service I strained my hamstring while on my fitness/weight loss regime. To keep this injury manageable I consulted with my fitness coach and a good friend of mine who just happens to be an orthopedic rehab therapist and both urged ice/cold therapy. Well ice is messy and cold packs are speedy, lucky for me I had used the polar chiller on a rotator cuff injury in the past. All it took was a quick email to the company, they called me and helped me pick out the right size cooling pad to cover my hamstring. Now I can do my workouts or even work around my yard and if my leg acts up I fill the cooler with ice and water put the cooler pad according to the directions and plug in the pump. The therapy works and is helping me resolve this hamstring issue without have to interrupt my workouts."

"I just wanted to let you know that my cooler system works perfectly. The new mat has been the solution for my dreams -- it prevents the "burning alive" pain without getting overly cold or requiring me to tend to it throughout the night. I can't thank you enough for your help and how easy you made this process. It's the best customer service i've experienced in a long while. Thanks again, please let me know how i can spread the word about Polar Products. "

"I have been using the Polar Active Ice machine for at least 3 months now to help control my pain from a pinched nerve below my C7 vertebra. The pinched nerve causes extreme pain down my left shoulder and left arm down to my fingers. The rectangular bladder allows me to sleep on my back giving my upper back the pain relief I need to fall asleep. I love the timer knowing it will shut off the machine after 30 minutes and not freeze my skin. If I wake during the night I simply turn the dial and begin to receive cooling relief. I would highly recommend this machine and rectangular bladder for anyone needing pain relief for a large area of your body."

"Did my second hip replacement with active ice 15quart and big rectangle cooling pad. I can ice whole hip with very cold uniform temperature. Leave non leaking system for 3 hours and ice again with out adding ice. Very convenient to get up and return later to a no fuss ready to cool system."

"I have been using Polar Products cold therapy for a decade. Their products are all of high quality and I've never been disappointed. The universal rectangular bladder is very versatile. It can be used on many parts of your body."

"I have received my ice machine. It is a thing of beauty!!!!!I am doing a practice run on my ice machine!It is fabulous!!! Thank you for your patience and help!!!!!Worth every penny!!!!!!!"

Active Ice® 3.0 Back & Hip Cold Therapy Systems

"I had purchased this product for lower back and sciatica problems. It covers lower back as well as leg areas perfectly. I had used a different bladder for two knee replacements in the past so I was able to use the same cooler and pump as before. Great product for recovery needs."

"I recently pushed a rib out of place and had excruciating pain in my back and chest. A nerve was being aggravated and I was in constant pain. Even with pain killers I was only able to average about 2 hours of sleep a night. I got this system and it helped me sleep through the night without pain meds! So thankful for this product!"

"I had shoulder surgery and my doctor use to rent these pieces of equipment in effort to reduce pain and swelling. A couple years later my spouse had knee replacement and so I purchased this piece equipment and she received incredible relief, that ice could not. I recently suffered a whip lash type of back injury and this device was superior in the length of time it took to return my back to substantial reduction in pain."

"This thermal machine (Polar AIS Therapy System) is amazing!! I have arthritis in my lower back and this machine has helped so much! I even used it on my niece who broke her foot and she loved it, tried to keep it! Only wish I had it 2 years ago when I broke my knee!! Love love this machine."

"Excellent price. Just returned home from hospital after using their ice therapy system, and this one cools 10x's better. Although the hospitals system only needs distilled water added, I do not mind adding ice and water to my home system, because it works so great and was a great price. I ordered the rectangle pad (for my back) and it is large enough to wrap or use from the top of my neck to the bottom of my back. I am extremely impressed and satisfied with my purchase. The system is effortless to use, is extremely cold, if needed, and lasts for long periods of time without having to refill"

-Jennifer V. in Asheville NC
Product: Active Ice® 3.0 Back & Hip Cold Therapy Systems

Active Ice® 3.0 Foot & Ankle Cold Therapy Systems

"I use the foot shaped bladder to reduce pain and swelling in my ankle after surgery to repair a displaced bimalleolar fracture. It works very well and is easy to use! In addition to making a great product the Polar Company provides excellent customer service as I discovered when they refunded the cost of a defective boot. I highly recommend the Polar Company and their products"

"Phenomenal product!!![Active Ice Foot and Ankle Therapy System] Off the pain meds day or two after foot surgery!!!"

"I bought this with the entire system for icing my foot after foot surgery (bunionectomy, big toe fusion, and second metatarsal remodeling). I was concerned that the universal bladder wouldn't work well for the foot. While I haven't tried the universal bladder for my foot, this bladder does work well for the toe region of the foot and I believe would be stellar for the ankle portion (even more so). I bought the large but didn't really need it - it is a little big for my purpose but oh well. The entire system has been a life saver and my doctor says I am well past 90% of patients at this stage in terms of healing - that my foot is doing exceptionally well. I have posted another review of the system and I will echo it here: if you are an athletic family, you NEED to get an icing machine and this one certainly fits the bill. Nobody likes to ice, especially teenagers, but this system makes it easy to do so and the benefits are unquestioned in the athletic training community."

"Must have after bunion surgery- great customer service, great product, no leaking issues like other products"

Active Ice® 3.0 Universal Cold Therapy Systems

"i would recommend this product to anyone having bunion surgey. it arrived withing 2 days, customer service answered all of my pre and post order quetsions and was very helpfull to save me money and order the right product for me. I had a cast and ordered the universal bladder which fit perfectly and cooled foot minimizing discomfort, swelling for faster healing. i am very satisfied and glad i selected this one over other products on the market"

"I have been using this system 3 times per day for about 3 weeks and I love it. It is of great quality and it controls my swelling quite well. I had right knee replacement surgery a month ago and I was using an ice bag but it just did not seem to do the trick. The therapy system targeted all the right areas and I think it made a big difference for my recovery. I HIGHLY recommend this quality system."

"I bought this to use post shoulder surgery, and let me tell you it’s been great! It reduces the pain significantly and the timer is very useful. I look forward to when I can use it and can’t imagine not having it."

"I’ve had hand surgery, a 4-level lumbar back fusion, a hip replaced and major foot surgery and with every surgery I used Polar Products Cold Therapy System for at least 2 weeks following each surgery (2 months with my back surgery). I wore my first unit out (that I purchased in 2013) because I loaned it to friends and family. I purchased the latest version in March 2019 and love the improvements with a quieter motor and digital timer. My doctors have all been amazed at my first follow up appointments because they see the remarkable reduction in swelling and are pleased that I didn’t need to stay on pain medications for an extended time. The key is convincing your doctor to place the " bladder” as near to the incision site as possible because the cold water is more effective. Take the universal bladder (keep it in the plastic bag for sanitary measures) with you on your surgery day. I purchased a foot bladder for my March surgery and discovered the doctor had to cut along the seam to open it up to fit around around my foot. Plus, the nurses wanted to see my toes and test for touch sensation. So, if you need foot surgery use the universal bladder that comes with the machine. The benefit of using this product after orthopedic surgery far outweighed the cost of purchasing it. And, I believe the product is a bargain. Just be sure to order it in time so you don’t need to pay higher mailing costs. One other factor to consider is that the customer service at Polar Products is beyond excellent. Take time to read the Polar Story and you will understand that this company has your best interest at heart."

"I've use your WONDERFUL machine on two knees and my hip and will be using it for my shoulder shortly. This machine helps take the pain away SO MUCH!!"

Active Ice® 3.0 Head & Face Cold Therapy Systems

" Multiple Sclerosis (MS) has been my companion for the last 8 years. Headaches and heat impact me on a daily basis and disrupt sleep and daily activities. Many products are available and many treatments and drugs have been offered / tried to alleviate these conditions however none of them have helped me as much as the Cool Flow Cooling Head Cap System. This has been the only product that I have found that gives me any relief! My head and body do not cool off quickly. All other cooling products loose their affect quickly, however they do give temporary relief. The flow of the chilled water remains cool for hours, not just a short period of time. I would highly recommend this product to any and all people with MS. The relief I receive is priceless. I tell anyone I can about this product! If you need relief, this will become your most valued tool in your tool box."

"I was born with a disability that causes me to experience migraines on a daily basis. Throughout my entire life I've been from doctor to doctor, neurologist to neurologist, trying to find the right medicine for my condition... with no avail. My condition is so bad that I also suffer rarely from cluster migraines...the worst pain a human can feel. Eventually I was placed on a painkiller regiment, which helped...but sometimes the pain would still leave me bedridden...and that's where this Active Ice Cap came in! Working with Mr. Bill on making me a custom Ice Cap has been AMAZING, and the constant ice-cold feeling that circulates around my head while wearing this product is more soothing and long-lasting than ANY ice pack or non-medicated treatment! I would recommend this product to anyone suffering from migraines...and I already did! After feeling how well it worked with me and experiencing that amazing customer service, I had Mr. Bill help my mother with HER migraines by making her the same custom Active Ice Cap he made me! Seeing her experiencing the same level of relief that I feel from the Ice Cap is almost as great a feeling as wearing one myself! 10/10"

"There is no doubt that the headache cap helps in the management of migraines/headaches. On a couple of occasions I was able to abort the headache by wearing the cap. Yesterday, I had a bad headache, so I took my prescription drugs in mid afternoon, knowing that I would have to follow it up with more, stronger prescription drugs in the evening. Instead I wore the cap for an extended period while I watched television. I was able to almost completely annihilate the headache and did not take a second dose of prescription drugs - a definite success. Having the top of the cap covered with tubing and if possible more tubing in the cap, and a slightly tighter fit, you will definitely have a real winner"

Digital Programmable Timer

" Your new programmable controller is AWESOME. Do I sound high on your product yes, but not high FROM narcotics."

-Annie, in TX
Product: Digital Programmable Timer
"It is now post-surgery and the device is my ever present helper, I also love that I can set the on off sequence by 10 minute increments to virtually anything I would want. 30 on 30 off is one of the recommendations on the web but I have typically used 10 on 10 off although I love that I can change it as pain either increases or decreases. 1 1/2 weeks after surgery I’m using more like 10 on and 20 off since the pain has begun to subside. Absolutely fantastic customer service, this is a great product and terrific company"

-Online Order
Product: Digital Programmable Timer
"The digital timer is the best thing ever. With the polar AIS ice machine, I didn't need pain meds after knee replacement."

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