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Polar Products Testimonials


Heat Therapy

"I purchased one of your [Thera-Temp Moist Heat] heat packs and am very impressed with the product for use in my chiropractic clinic"

- Dr. Megan in Illinois
Product: Thera-Temp® Moist Heat
"I personally use the Thera-Temp® Microwaveable Moist Heat Wrap and find it to be the best and most effective source of moist heat heating product available on the market. I have experienced the product to be an effective method of relieving pain and increasing blood flow to the affected areas of the body. The design and weight of the beads in the Thera-Temp Microwaveable Moist Heat Wrap conforms well to the body, and its natural cotton is very comfortable against the skin. This product also holds its heat for periods longer than any other product on the market that I have used. I highly recommend this product which is ideal for both office and home care."

- Heidi Jo Knudson, Massage Therapist, Extraordinary Journey's Center in Stillwater, Minnesota
Product: Thera-Temp® wraps
"I like this [Thera-Temp® Moist Heat Eye & Sinus Wrap]. It takes 20 seconds in the microwave to heat and the warmth lasts 20 minutes. The mask shuts out the light completely and with the moist warmth, my eyes can rest better."

- Chiyuki in Redondo Beach, California
Product: Thera-Temp® Moist Heat Eye & Sinus Wrap
"When my friend Monique told me about the [Thera-Temp Moist Heat Neck & Upper Spine Wrap]- I thought it was made for me! As a hairstylist I tend to work 8-12 hour, shifts on my feet, with my arms elevated. It takes a real toll on my neck and shoulders. I have found such great relief since I started using this product and I can't wait to see what other Polar Products I can benefit from! Thank you again for the product recommendation Monique!"

"The moist heat wrap has been a huge help for me. I have degenerative discs in my back and have had 2 surgeries to try to correct it with little relief. I have a hard time standing and doing regular tasks such as mowing my lawn. Using the MH912 has made it possible for my back to relax and allow me to move more freely! I use it every day! Thank you!"

- Ronnie in Jeromesville, Ohio
Product: Thera-Temp® Moist Heat Standard Wrap
"My husband and I began using Thera-temp® Moist Heat Wraps due to pains in our joints caused by arthritis, poor circulation, and sciatic nerve conditions. I first purchased Polar's 9" x 18" moist heat pack with an elastic, Velcro ready belt. I find this product to be effective at providing relief for my husband and I. These Polar Moist Heat wraps are superior to heating pads in providing relief."

- Beverly in Akron, Ohio
Product: Thera-Temp® Moist Heat 9” x 18” Lumbar Wrap

Cold Pack Therapy

"The Kool Max® Vest is wonderful, but to my surprise the Soft Ice® Cooling Pillow Case can cool me down quickly when I nap every afternoon. Thank you so much."

- Virginia in Hazlehurst, Georgia
Product: Soft Ice® Cooling Pillowcase
"Liked the simple packaging. The wrap[Ankle & Foot Pain Relief Kit] is very convenient and easy to use. I like the fact that extra ice packs were included. Stays in place. You don't have to balance an ice bag on your foot. The little ice packs stay cold for a long time."

- Brenda in Bridgman
Product: Ankle & Foot Pain Relief Kit
"I use these during my chemo treatment to help ward off neuropathy damage to my fingernails. They keep the hands extremely cold and have pockets so that the ice packs can be switched out during my treatments. Very happy to have found these. They work great."

- Pamela in Spokane
Product: Soft Ice® Hot/Cold Therapy Mitt
"I love my Polar Products lumbar wrap [Soft Ice® Lumbar Compression Wrap], its *AWESOME*. It allows me to move freely while I'm icing my back and keeps the ice in place while I'm driving my car. It's easy to use so I'm applying ice more frequently than if I had to lie on my back each time; this flexibility aids my recovery."

"I love my Soft Ice back compression wrap [LS8L]. I rely on it daily. It's so much better than having to ice sitting down because it allows me to ice while on the move. It's really great."

-Roy in California
Product: Soft Ice® Lumbar Compression Wrap
"I have evaluated the Soft Ice® Cold Packs and have found these packs most suitable for general uses in sports medicine, orthopedic, emergency room situations, and physical therapy rehabilitation situations."

- Mark C. Leeson, M.D., Akron General Medical Center in Akron, Ohio
Product: Soft Ice® Cold Packs
"We have used Polar Soft Ice® Cold Packs in our emergency room for over 10 years and have been well satisfied with the company and the product. Recently we ran out Soft Ice® Cold Packs in the emergency room and we were forced to use ice chips as our In House Department does. We found the use of ice chips to be unacceptable compared to Soft Ice® Cold Packs. Ice chips were messy, did not conform to the target body part as well and were less convenient for the staff. Ice chips just didn't work as well Soft Ice® Cold Packs. We were glad to get our new shipment of Soft Ice® Cold Packs."

- Lynn Fendenheim, Clinical Coordinator, Children's Hospital Medical Center of Akron in Akron, Ohio
Product: Soft Ice® Cold Packs
"I love those little 3" x 8" Soft Ice® Packs, they have been a great find for our clinic."

- Linda Lozzi, OR Supervisor, Ocean County Eye Surgery Center in Toms River, New Jersey
Product: Soft Ice® Cold Packs
"We have been selling Polar therapy products in our stores for over 12 years. We sell these products in both our Health & Beauty section and in our Home Health Care section. Polar products return excellent sales and profit to the store. Soft Ice® Cold Packs are given just 1.5 feet of shelf space and is one of our best return items."

- Mitchell Ziotnik, Purchasing Agent for Medic in Cleveland, Ohio
Product: Soft Ice® Cold Packs
"I really like your 8" x 9" Soft Ice® Packs. They are much better than others I have tried in the past. My patients especially like them; they are the perfect size."

- Dr. Patrick Sitzman, DC in Mill Valley, California
Product: Soft Ice® Cold Packs
"The Polar 8"x11" Soft Ice® Cold Packs really work. They are large, have wide surface area, and feel very comfortable. The doctors and the customers both like to use them."

- Tracy Price, DC, Chapel Hill Chiropractic Center in Akron, Ohio
Product: Soft Ice® Cold Packs
"Polar Products makes a darn good ice pack! I've tried 100 different kinds of ice packs and this is the best I've ever had!"

- Bob in Aspen, Colorado
Product: Soft Ice® Cold Packs
"Wow! Not only is Soft Ice® a great product, but great business people behind the lines. We've used a couple of them, 1- hot and 1- cold. They work great both ways. Once again, thank you!"

- Barbara in Salem, Massachusetts
Product: Soft Ice® Cold Packs
"We use the Polar Cold Packs in our coolers to keep food cold while delivering meals. These packs work very well and are convenient to use. We have found Polar easy to work with and highly recommend both the product and the company."

- Dana, Manager, Mobile Meals in Akron, Ohio
Product: Soft Ice® Cold Packs
"Just completed total knee replacement surgery. This is the ice pack I could find that would fit around total knee except under the knee. Works great."

-Fred C. in Trinity, Florida
Product: Soft Ice® Cold Packs
"I've iced my knees three times a day for the last 10 years and these are the coldest ice packs I've used. They stay cold and so far, they haven't cracked or split like other ice packs, because the Soft-Ice PRO-Pack is designed to bend and wrap around the body"

- Fred C. in Trinity, Florida
Product: Soft Ice® Cold Packs
"This is the first time I ordered this product [8 x 11 Soft Ice® V Series Pack]. Love the bigger size, just right for larger areas. Great product!"

-Malorie in St. Augustine, FL
Product: Soft Ice® Cold Packs
"This is the third time I have ordered this product [6 x 12 Soft ice® V Series]. I like that it stays soft and pliable so I can drape it on the areas I need. Great product!"

-Malorie in St. Augustine, FL
Product: Soft Ice® Cold Packs
"I love my [Soft Ice® Cold/Hot Therapy Packs] ice pack. I have so many ice packs in my freezer that I rotate - but the is my #1 favorite. Been using ice sometimes and heat sometimes on shoulder/neck and it helps! "

-K.J. in Santa Monica, CA
Product: Soft Ice® Cold Packs
"The Polar [Soft Ice® Double Universal Compression Wrap] UV2 has done a world of good. I couldn't believe what a tremendous help it was. It does more good for my shingles than the pills ever did. I wouldn't trade it for anything."

"I love my Soft Ice® therapy collar. I can strap it on around my neck or knee and remain mobile, allows me to keep moving around. I rotate hot and cold per my doctor's orders and it just works great. I love it."

- Jean in Guilford, Connecticut
Product: Soft Ice® Neck & Head Wrap
"In approximately 90% of the auto accident cases referred to us, we provide the first time patient with a Polar [Soft Ice® Double Universal Compression Wrap] UV2 universal cold therapy wrap. This wrap is easy to use, gives the patient relief and most importantly provides immediate value to the patient [. . .] And it's cost-effective for the practice!"

- Sheldon Strauss, President & Owner, Medical Care Group
Product: Soft Ice® Double Universal Compression Wrap
"My good friend has joint pain due to her Fibromyalgia, so I gave her a Soft Ice® Foot and Ankle Wrap. She just loves it! It conforms to the body, which gives much relief to her pain."

- Mo in Akron, Ohio
Product: Soft Ice® Foot & Ankle Wrap
"This Neck/Head Wrap is great when you are outside or inside. It keeps you cool and comfortable. I bring it when I am sitting at the park and my Husband takes it outside when he is doing yard work. I recommend this to everyone."

- Barbara in New York
Product: Soft Ice® Neck & Head Wrap
"This Soft Ice® Sports Therapy Compression Wrap works great! Our high school team loves it. It provides great cool therapy."

- Kirby in Ravenna, Ohio
Product: Soft Ice® Sports Therapy Wrap Field Kit

Cool Flow®

"There is no doubt that the headache cap helps in the management of migraines/headaches. On a couple of occasions I was able to abort the headache by wearing the cap. Yesterday, I had a bad headache, so I took my prescription drugs in mid afternoon, knowing that I would have to follow it up with more stronger prescription drugs in the evening. Instead I wore the cap for an extended period while I watched television. I was able to almost completely annihilate the headache and did not take a second dose of prescription drugs - a definite success."

"Multiple Sclerosis (MS) has been my companion for the last 8 years. Headaches and heat impact me on a daily basis and disrupt sleep and daily activities. Many products are available and many treatments and drugs have been offered / tried to alleviate these conditions however none of them have helped me as much as the Cool Flow Cooling Head Cap System. This has been the only product that I have found that gives me any relief! My head and body do not cool off quickly. All other cooling products loose their affect quickly, however they do give temporary relief. The flow of the chilled water remains cool for hours, not just a short period of time. I would highly recommend this product to any and all people with MS. The relief I receive is priceless. I can only imagine they will be just as invaluable as the head cap.I tell anyone I can about this product! If you need relief, this will become your most valued tool in your tool box"

"I have the Polar Cooling Seat Cushion and use it on my scooter. This cooling seat has truly improved my quality of life! I now can do things with the kids I could not before. Recently we visited the zoo and spent several hours there. By lunch, everyone else was wilting from the heat but my cooling seat kept me cool and feeling good. Great product!"

- Cheryl in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania
Product: Cool Flow® Cooling Seat and Back System with 15 Quart Cooler
"Heat stroke is a real threat here in Louisiana... That makes my Polar seat cushion literally a life saver! Mail delivery trucks do not have air conditioning, and all the other carriers are asking where to get one! The great folks at Polar Products have transformed a hot and dangerous job into one that can be done in relative comfort! This product has changed the quality of my life! Thanks Polar Products!"

"I love the seat cushion!!! It makes it so much easier for me to sit against a chair now. Before, I could only lean back into a chair for about 20 minutes and would have to then sit front of a fan to cool my back. Ever since I got the seat I can sit comfortably for longer periods of time. Thank you so much! This has been such a life saver for me."

- Jennifer, head of local MS Support Group in Louisville, Kentucky
Product: Cool Flow® Cooling Seat and Back System with 15 Quart Cooler
"We purchased the CoolFlow fitted vest with cooler and tubes with quick disconnect couplings and lithium battery. We took vacation down to Orlando, Florida and went to Walt Disney world, Universal Studios, SeaWorld for a week. It was 90+ temperatures, but with heat index, it was over a 100 degrees. The vest kept my wife cool for at least 4 hours. This was a lifesaver at these temperatures. We would recommend this cooling system to anyone, especially those with MS and living in hot climates. We did have it hooked to the back of her electric wheelchair. My wife loves it. Kept around 65-70 degrees according to the touch that is. We charged the battery every night. It kept the charge the entire time using the vest."

-Micheal in Missouri
Product: Cool Flow® Fitted Cooling Vest System
"I have had your [Cool Flow® Cooling Blanket] and [Cool Flow® Adjustable Vest] circulating cold water chiller, cooler, vest and blanket systems for a couple of years now. It has worked really well."

- Dr. A.C. Melbourne, Australia
Product: Cool Flow® Cooling Blanket System with Arctic Chiller
"I must tell you that your Cool Flow® Vest is the 5th type I have worn, my Multiple Sclerosis disabled my ability to be gainfully employed a little over 20 years... I must confess this suit has made a huge difference in the quality of life... for me this improves all the symptoms you learn to endure with Multiple Sclerosis... I encourage each of you try it for yourself... it will give you back a life quality that will surprise all of you... thanks Polar, you put the 'yes baby!' in my summer."

- Maria in Kansas City, Missouri
Product: Cool Flow® Fitted Cooling Vest System
"I am 39 years old and have Multiple Sclerosis. Eight years ago my condition made it impossible for me to continue my working life. Until recently one of the most difficult symptoms of my MS was intolerance to heat. I don't mean the usual summer heat, but also the winter heating months. I have found that if the temperature is over 70 degrees I become very fatigued, my vision worsens and my speech becomes difficult. I had heard of "active and passive" cooling therapy as a non-drug treatment for these symptoms. I have had my Cool Flow® Vest for several months now and honestly don't go a day without using it! The system is so easy to use. Just add water, some ice and turn it on. Instant relief! The amount of cooling can be adjusted easily and with the battery pack I can take it with me anywhere and be in total comfort. To everyone who may suffer from heat intolerance, this is THE product that will help. I wholeheartedly recommend this system from Polar Product, Inc. You have a great product and your customer service representatives are grade A+."

- Avigdor in Hendersonville, North Carolina
Product: Cool Flow® Fitted Cooling Vest System
"I am very pleased with my Polar CFF Surgeons cooling vest. It keeps me cool during surgery at my clinic. The unit is compact and works just as good or better than the huge $2600 unit that they have available for me to use at the hospital."

- Dr. Josh Hornstein in Mercerville, New Jersey
Product: Cool Flow® Fitted Cooling Vest System
"I have been using the Polar CFF circulating water cooling vest for several months now. I love the vest! And the customer service at Polar is excellent."

- Dr. Randy Davis, MD, Associate Professor of Orthopedic & Neurosurgery, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Product: Cool Flow® Fitted Cooling Vest System
"Thank you for sending the Cool Flow® cooling vest for evaluation. Our surgeons love it. How do I go about ordering this?"

- Nancy Myers, OR Materials Coordinator, Mercy Hospital Anderson in Cincinnati, Ohio
Product: Cool Flow® Fitted Cooling Vest System
"The surgeons just absolutely love the Cool Flow® cooling vests We've had to order one for each because they were fighting over who gets to use it. Great product, works wonderful and they love it!"

- Ruth Laymon, OR Buyer, Terre Haute Regional Hospital in Richmond, Virginia
Product: Cool Flow® Fitted Cooling Vest System
"We use this system [Cool Flow® Vest System with Chiller used by Harvard] for research [Weight Loss and Type 2 Diabetes] and it's just brilliant! It's extremely effective and provides the cooling we need for our research. It's simply brilliant!"

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