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Research Studies Concerning Brown Fat, Diabetes, Weight Loss, and the Polar Cooling Vest Systems

Brown fat is a special type of body fat, found in small amounts in most people, that consumes calories to generate heat at a very high rate when activated by cold temperatures. 1 Losing weight is so important for people with type 2 diabetes. By stimulating brown fat, you can burn an extra two hundred to three hundred calories per day. Think about it- that is enough to drop a pound of body fat in just a couple of weeks!Wear the Polar Products cooling vests for 2 hours per day, when you are working out, after work, before going to bed, watching TV etc., and you can burn extra calories with no additional effort! It is suggested, for best results, to make other lifestyle changes as well such as physical activity, diet, stress management, etc.

Polar cooling vests have been tested and featured in such studies that focus on the activation of brown fat!

  • The University of Texas Medical Branch used our Cool Flow Vest and Blanket in a study, and found that the cold exposure significantly increased resting energy expenditure, whole-body glucose disposal, plasma glucose oxidation, and insulin sensitivity.2
  • In a study performed by Harvard University, it was found that wearing our Surgeon's Cooling Vest "increased basal metabolic rate by an average of 5.5% amongst participants, via activating brown fat!3"
  • Our Kool Max Adjustable Zipper Vest was featured in The Diabetes Reset, by Dr. George L. King from Joslin Diabetes Center at Harvard Medical School, as a cooling vest that helps trigger brown fat, and helps burn several hundred calories per day-the equivalent of a thirty-minute bout of exercise1!  


See additional research studies that have featured our products here!

How does it work?

Colder temperatures send a signal to your brain, which then acts to stimulate brown fat activity in two ways: by sending nerve impulses to brown adipose tissues cells that stimulate an additional boost in cellular activity and by acting on your vascular system to increase blood flow to your brown adipose tissue stores.1 Once brown fat is activated, it will begin to burn calories! That's it!

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