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Night Sweats

"Love the pillowcase. Great for hot heads like me! Got much better, longer sleep last night. Didn't have to flip the pillow every 10 minutes before sleep and it stayed cool a very long time into the night. Don't hesitate to buy it if the relationship between you and your pillow have been heating up lately!!"
- Patrick C. in Seattle, Washington

"I bought the Soft Ice® Cooling Pillowcase. I am 48 and have a heat tolerance issue. I sweat very bad at night and would wake up 2 or 3 times in the night so hot I could not sleep. I bought the Soft Ice Pillowcase and it made me cool all night. I don't wake up like I used to. If you have night sweats buy this it will change the way you sleep."
- Kevin W. in Barboursville, West Virginia

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