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Cooling for Multiple Sclerosis and Other Heat Intolerant Conditions

We understand MS and other heat intolerant conditions, and we know our products can often help improve quality of life.

Many people living with MS and other medical conditions can experience heat intolerance. This can occur during the warmer summer months, after exercise or even while cooking in a hot kitchen! Watch a video of Dr. Daniel Kantor to learn more about MS heat-sensitivity and cooling technologies for MS.

Each person's MS and heat intolerance condition is unique and there is no "one size fits" all choice for body cooling.

Click here for a guide to choosing the best cooling garment for you!

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Our Zipper Front Vest and our Women’s Fashion Cooling Vest both with Kool Max packs are the most popular choices for MS body cooling around the world!

"I'm a 100% disabled Air Force veteran who got sick from my service in Afghanistan. I was diagnosed with MS, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Chronic migraines and much, much more. It's extremely hot where I live and I would have relapses whenever I had to go outside. My Neurologist recommended "Polar Products". I purchased one of everything that was recommended for MS patients as well as several other items for women and migraines. I have had these products since 2014. They are like "American Express, you never leave home without it.  I'm now doing better and can actually do the things I used to do and not get super sick from the heat. The cloth products last through years of washes and the cool packs still continue the cooling effect for house, like new. I recommend Polar Products to everyone! Whether you are a patient or somebody who has trouble with heat, Polar Products does the job and the products last for years! Thanks Polar Products!"

- Jessica in California

Polar Products has over 30 years of experience
 as the leading worldwide manufacturer of all types of personal cooling garments for people with multiple sclerosis. Learn more about our MS mission here.

Are you a non-profit? Polar has special programs to assist your work with medical conditions that result in heat intolerance.

Click here for more information.

The following product families are especially popular when heat intolerance is an issue

Kool Max® Frozen Water-based Cooling Pack Vests and Accessories

The #1 Choice for MS Cooling! Reusable Cooling Packs provide a high level of cooling in any environment for up to 3-4 hours.

Cool58® Phase Change Cooling Vests and Accessories

Lightweight cooling accessories target the neck, wrist, ankles, head and more! Sometimes you just need a quick cool down!

Cool Comfort® Evaporative Hybrid Vests and Accessories

Submerge in water to activate cooling. Gain additional cooling by chilling or freezing the garment. Offers natural evaporative cooling in low humidity. Ideal for exercise and activity.

Save money when you purchase a cooling kit!

We've packaged our most popular products into discounted kits which include an extra set of cooling packs. Products can be used separately as needed or together for maximum cooling benefits for the treatment of heat stress due to the effects of multiple sclerosis symptoms and other heat intolerant conditions.

These two MS non-profit organizations have an extensive Body Cooling Program that can help.

MSAA Cooling Program

Do you need financial assistance with a cooling vest? Apply for the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America Cooling Program!

MSF Cooling Program

Do you need financial assistance with a cooling vest? Apply for the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation Cooling Program! The MSF Cooling Program Cycle begins on February 1st and continues through June 1st

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