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The Diabetes Reset

The Diabetes Reset

In 2004, Dr. George L. King, the Chief Science Officer of the Joslin Diabetes Center, Harvard Medical School, published The Diabetes Reset. The book focuses on a twelve-week plan created by Dr. King, which encourages you to "reset your glucose levels and potentially avoid type 2 diabetes. 

One step in Dr. King's plan includes "activating your calorie-burning brown fat." He then further explains that activating your brown fat can be done through body cooling vests, where he even featured one of our products!


Actual excerpts from The Diabetes Reset:

"In searching for a convenient way to reliably activate brown fat, he (Dr. Aaron Cypress, M.D., Ph.D.) struck on the idea of taking cooling vests”vests containing tubelike compartments that can be filled with cold water*, which are often worn by surgeons and their surgical teams to keep from overheating during long procedures under the hot lights of the operating room”and using them on research subjects in order to activate their brown fat stores. After some trial and error (including initial experiments on himself), Dr. Cypess found that filling the vest with 57°F water was ideal for activating brown fat (p.139)."

"Repeated experiments have shown that within just five minutes of donning the vests, brown fat activity starts showing up in 95% of test subjects. These results, which Dr. Cypess published recently, have helped establish brown fat's potential as a bona fide weight-loss mechanism (p.139)."

"If brown fat can lower the point where your brain thinks your body weight should be, it could turn out to be an important mechanism for boosting daily energy expenditure and keeping weight loss off (p. 140)."


"PET-CT scans show that these [brown fat] deposits are typically located in the sides of the neck” sometimes running down into the shoulders and upper arms”and in the region just above the collarbone. Other common locations include the upper back between the shoulder blades and along the sides of the upper spine (p. 145)."


*The vest used was the Polar Cool Flow Cooling Vest with Circulating Chiller System

1King, G. L. (2014). The Diabetes Reset. New York, NY: Workman Publishing, Company, Inc.


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