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  •  Kool Max®
    "I've only worn this [Polar's "Home and Away" Kit: Zipper Vest with Kool Max® Packs & Cool58® Packs] a couple times but I know already that it will be a big help for my intolerance to heat. I could still tell how hot it was outside but I didn't feel wiped out after a few hours like usual. It kept my core nice and cool. I've also had a compliment on its appearance and asked where to buy this. I was able to adjust it to fit just right too - big plus for me - most things are too big and bulky. I wish I had gotten this sooner."
    -Norma in New York 

    Thanks for all your help and standing behind your product. Kool Max is truly the single most helpful product in allowing me to regain my life with less downtime. I'm now able to have time with my kids outside, to venture away from home with less fatigue and to try some of the outdoor activities (like fishing) I had to give up after my TBI. To say thank you simply isn't enough, but it's a start. So, thank you! 

     "The Polar cooling neck wrap is the only thing that keeps me somewhat functioning when it gets hot. This is very much appreciated."
    - X. S. in MA
    "My daughter has POTS and is not able to be outside in the warm weather for longer than 15 mins at a time without feeling sick and her heart rate going over 130 and becoming dehydrated. The first time she used the cooling vest she was able to walk around the zoo with some breaks to sit down for a while and continue for the entire time (4 hours) that we were at the zoo with our family. The ice packs did thaw completely by that time but the vest was still cool for her. Wonderful product and well worth the money since she is now able to do things outdoors for longer periods of time and not end up in the ER. Thank you so much!"
    - Carol in Shelbyville, Indiana
    "I've got MS and used to be confined to the indoors during most of June - Oct. For two years now, this Kool Max® Poncho Vest has allowed me to help coach my son's youth football team in Texas - starting in Aug., when the temps are consistently over 100 degrees! I just wear a hat and put the vest on under a golf shirt (with a t-shirt on between the vest and my skin) and nobody can even tell I've got in on. The only time they know is if they pat me on the back to congratulate a good play in the game. It allows me to be out in the heat for 2 - 3 hour practices and games 4 days / week. I got the extra set of packs and use them if I'm out more than 3 hours, but a single set easily keeps my core cool for 3 hours, and that's long enough for most times. If you take the extra set of packs, just pack them in an ice chest with some blue ice around them and they stay solid all day. EXCELLENT product and highly recommend it for anyone with heat sensitivity issues who want to get their life back!"
    Tom in Texas
    "This [Kool Max® Women's Fashion] vest changed my life! I ride horses, and I was actually able to show on an 85 degree day! In the past I would've had to go home at noon... but thank goodness I didn't, because I won! Now I don't have to plan around the weather to compete. Thank you!" 
    Carolyn in Pittsfield, Maine
    "I just had to write and let you know about how my Polar Kool Max® Cooling Vest has changed my life. I was diagnosed with MS in 2001 and my chief complains were fatigue and cognition. Over the years I tried every medication... to no avail. You would think a grown person would recognize that they are hot, but obviously I didn't. I was unaware of what a half point increase in body temperature did to bring on my MS symptoms. Simple things like blow drying my hair, washing a few dishes, or ironing clothes would make me miserable and almost daily ruin my plans. Then I decided to invest in a Kool Max® Vest... and my life is forever changed! Even my doctors didn't pick up on the fact that I was getting too hot, yet they are thrilled I discovered the solution on my own. Thank you again for making such a wonderful product available at an affordable price." 
    P.Y. in Houston, Texas
    "I have been training horses and teaching riding lessons for almost 40 years, and the heat of the summer gets harder to take as I get older. I am so thankful for the cooling vestneck wrap, and wrist wraps that allow me to continue working with horses in the stifling heat and humidity. Without these cooling items, I'd have to give up the horses and work in an office! Thank you so much!" 
    Annalisa in Kansas City, Missouri
    "Since getting my Kool Max® Fashion Vest I have again been able to get out and walk for exercise. I have also been able to ride the exercise bike in my home without the usual backlash of flaring symptoms due to MS. In the past month I have lost 12 pounds with very little change to eating habits just the ability to exercise again. So much has this worked for me that I have taken up the side seams on my fitted vest this week and am planning to order another size soon. Thanks so much!" 
    - Lynda in Charlotte, North Carolina
      "I'm almost halfway through my season at Wellington Green Mall in Wellington, FL. This is my 11th year doing Santa and by far the "Koolest". The Kool Max® Zipper Front Vest has made a major difference for me and I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate it." 
    - Pete (a.k.a. Santa) in Wellington, Florida
      "This is the system to go with. The KMVZ cooling vest allows me to be outside with my husband. It is a wonderful product. I take along the extra set of travel packs in an ice cooler and they are ready to go when I need them."
    - Catherine in Manchester, New Hampshire
       "I purchased a Kool Max® Torso Vest and it is working soooooo good. I am an amputee and this is keeping my body temperature stable to help with my blood pressure. The torso vest has been a God send." 
    - Darlene in Ephrata, Pennsylvania
      "I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and it causes me to not be able to control my body temperature or handle the heat. The KMVZ vest has been a big help. It really makes a difference when I go shopping or run errands. It gives me peace of mind. Thank you!!"
    - Deborah in Lorton, Virginia
      "I have the Polar Cooling Seat Cushion and use it on my scooter. This cooling seat has truly improved my quality of life! I now can do things with the kids I could not before. Recently we visited the zoo and spent several hours there. By lunch, everyone else was wilting from the heat but my cooling seat kept me cool and feeling good. Great product!"
    - Cheryl in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania
      "I want to thank you so much for providing the [Kool Max®] cooling garments to wear this hot season! I have told many people of your kindness. We do not have central air conditioning, and I credit the vest for helping to keep me comfortable!" 
    Martha in Fort Morgan, Colorado
      "The Kool Max® Cooling Vest has helped to reduce the frequency and intensity of self injurious and aggressive behaviors in the adults with developmental disabilities I serve. The cooling vest has helped prevent them from escalating into 'Fight or Flight' mode and makes bus rides to work in the summer much more bearable."
    - Dennis Cleary, Occupational Therapist
      "As the recipient of your kindness and generosity, in the form of a Polar body cooling vestKool Max® Cooling Wrist WrapsSoft Ice® Cooling Pillow Case, and Kool Max® Cooling Seat Cushion, I cannot thank you enough for helping me get through a lot of 90 degree+ temperatures here in Denver this past summer. You have been a Godsend for me. Thank you again - because of you I've been able to survive the heat."
    - Inez in Denver, Colorado
      "I have the Kool Max® cooling vest and love it! I ride horses and this vest works great at keeping me cool."
    - Sherry in Madill, Oklahoma
      "This vest, the Polar KMV, is a lifesaver during hot weather!"
    - Irv in Winnipeg, Manitoba
      "Please accept my heartfelt thanks for the Kool Max® VestSoft Ice® Cooling Pillow Case, and Evaporative Cooling Garden Hat shipped to me by your organization. Each of these items has already made a positive impact on the quality of my life and will continue to do so for years to come!" 
    - Theresa in Golden, Colorado
      "We have a van-based traveling pizza kitchen for fairs and such in the summer. This summer (2007) the temperature outdoors got to 104 degrees, but inside the van it hit 120 degrees! Our manager in the van used a Polar cooling vest and it was a life saver! We are very happy with this product. It works." 
    Mark, Dominoes Pizza in Murfreesboro, Tennessee
      "The Kool Max® vest is fantastic at keeping me cool underneath the clown outfits I wear here in Florida. The vest really helps!" 
    Ann in New Port Richey, Florida
      "The Kool Max® cooling vest is very useful in my job. As Mascot for the Akron Aeros it is very difficult, on those hot summer days, to remain cool. With the vest I can reduce the heat by 15 degrees inside my costume; and as little a difference you may think this is, it actually feels like a major one to me."
    - Megan, Akron Aeros in Ohio
      "Thank you very much for providing me with the Kool Max® Poncho Vest Cooling Kit. Now I can enjoy summer events around western New York, without having to leave early due to the heat." 
    - Pam in Buffalo, New York
      "Today I feel truly blessed. My Kool Max® Vest and accessories just arrived. I can't begin to tell you what a difference this will make in my life. I truly feel as if I have received, thanks to you, a new way to enjoy the little things once again. Thanks you so very much for the cooling program as well as the other services you offer to the M.S. Community."
    - Howard in Clarksville, Indiana
      "I just love my Polar vest and all the other things you all sent me and I would tell anyone about them. I use mine all the time while exercising. Great stuff. Thank you so much." 
    - Mary in Lead, South Dakota
      "I am writing to thank you, with all my heart, for the wonderful Kool Max® Vest, ice packs, and other cooling items I received from you just a week or so ago. I never could have afforded such items, and I really do know now that I can become more active now with this heat resistance equipment."
     Elaine in Lexington, Indiana
      "Got the wrist wraps and neck wrap too! Thank you sooo much! The prompt delivery was a plus. This is an answered prayer (thank you, Lord). I can now go out in the hot Texas summer with my family, something I haven't done in a long time."
    - Scott in Clarksville, Texas
      "I use my Kool Max® vest while cooking in the kitchen. Keeps me cool and cooking!" 
    - Carol, Betaseron Champions of Courage, Vice Chairman, Advisory Board, in West Paterson, New Jersey
      "I love the Polar Kool Max® vest. I have had MS for many years and I love to bowl. I now wear this vest while bowling and it works great." 
    - Eunice in Mesa, Arizona
      "I am a businessman with both MS and intolerance to heat situations. My occupation often presents me the opportunity to play a round of golf with clients, which I love except for the fact that the heat considerably worsens my symptoms. I had searched previously for a cooling option that would allow me to play golf without overheating and one that would be somewhat unobtrusive (I frankly get tired of the questions and explanations!). I even asked my doctor without satisfaction and ultimately came to the realization that such a solution did not exist. Then I discovered the Polar Kool Max® vest. This vest is lightweight and fits comfortably under my clothing. No one knows I am wearing it but me... and what's even more amazing is that it works! This vest totally minimizes the debilitating effect heat has on me. I make a habit of not recommending products - not even a movie; however I have never felt so positive about a product. The Polar vest has made a huge difference for me when entertaining clients and changed my life."
    - Arnold in Chicago, Illinois
      "The Kool Max® cooling vest makes my job as a mascot for the Akron Aeros go a lot smoother. On those very hot days the cooling vest is a must. Without the vest my job would be much harder to withstand. Thanks for the cooling." 
    Neal, Akron Aeros in Ohio
      "The Kool Max® Vest is wonderful, but to my surprise the Soft Ice® Cooling Pillow Case can cool me down quickly when I nap every afternoon. Thank you so much." 
    - Virginia in Hazlehurst, Georgia
      "God bless the MS association for their help. I cannot deal with the heat, it has a major impact on me. The Polar cooling vest they sent me allows me now to be at the race track all day watching my baby brother race motocross. Last weekend was 100 degrees, I sat in a chair, zipped the vest around me and got my body temperature down. I did this throughout the day and it was great. I use the neck wrap while waiting on my kids at the bus stop, I couldn't be there otherwise." 
    - Shandalier in East Bernstadt, Kentucky
      "I love the seat cushion!!! It makes it so much easier for me to sit against a chair now. Before, I could only lean back into a chair for about 20 minutes and would have to then sit front of a fan to cool my back. Ever since I got the KMSP I can sit comfortably for longer periods of time. Thank you so much! This has been such a life saver for me."
    - Jennifer, head of local MS Support Group in Louisville, Kentucky
      "I have MS and am intolerant to heat. This particularly affects my feet as well as the rest of my body. I often felt that if I could keep my feet cool, I could keep my entire body cool. In the past I used ice bags and booties but this solution left me unable to be active or even walk. Then I tried the Polar ankle cooling wraps. They work great! They fit on my ankles so I am able to stay mobile and they not only cool my ankles and feet, they cool my body!" 
    - Kim in Akron, Ohio
      "I love that freaking vest!!! I live in Southern California and I wear it everywhere. I have MS and when I get overheated I can't see. This KMVZ vest really helps!! Thank you so much!"
    - Carol in Burbank, California
      "I love my Polar Kool Max® vest! I am 69 years old and was diagnosed with MG in 2000. There are approximately 14 Myasthenics in every 100,000 of the population. A primary aggravating factor in the Myasthenic, as in the MS patient, is heat and humidity, and the raising of one's core body temperature. Once I received the support of my neurologist I was able to obtain a cooling vest from Polar. This wonderful cooling vest has made my MG so much more manageable! I enthusiastically recommend the Polar Products Cooling Vest to any and all MS or MG patients." 
    - Carole in Merrill, Michigan
      "I just wanted to say thank you to Polar for getting me through the hot days of summer. I am 8 1/2 months pregnant and the KMA ankle wrapsKMNC neck wrap and KMV have all been life savers in keeping me cool as well as reducing swelling. I highly recommend all of these products for expectant mothers or anyone who suffers from heat or swelling of the extremities. Keep up the great work!"
    - S. in Akron, Ohio
      "My 65-year-old mother, who is experiencing hot flashes, came to visit me here in Houston in the early summer. I knew it would be too hot for her to endure so I ordered her a Kool Max® Cooling Vest and an extra set of packs for her to have upon her arrival. Needless to say, she absolutely loves her vest and told me it was the BEST gift I ever gave her!." 
    - Pamela in Houston, Texas
      "Thank you so much for the Kool Max® Vest. I'm now able to take long walks and work in my yard without getting heat exhaustion induced by my Myasthenia Gravis disease. I feel like my old self again." 
    - J. in Austin, Texas
      "I love to golf but the heat was making it very difficult, I bought this [KMNCEX] and was able to play 27 holes without the heat melting me."
    - Amoslynn in Idaho
      "The [KMVZ] the best cooling vest I have owned to date, from Polar Products as well as from other companies. I wear it OUTSIDE my shirt and find it is more manageable and cools just as well as other vest. It is also flexible in that if it is not as hot I don't have to insert all of the gel packs, or, if a long period of cooling is needed, I put in half of the packs and keep the other half frozen in the carrier bag I purchased with the vest and trade the packs out hours later for extended relief."
    - Geoffrey in Texas
      "Though skeptical, I found this [KMVZ] worked quite well to keep me comfortable for a 2 hour round trip in an non air conditioned light airplane on a hot Texas afternoon. Was not cold but pleasantly cool. Comfortable to wear even with seat belts and shoulder harnesses. Now that I test flew it, I plan to buy another for my wife."
    - Lester in Texas
      "I have MS and it is horrible in New Orleans in the summer. I bought this [Kool Max® Vest] to help me be cooler when I am outdoors, I also bought the hat and the insert. I think it helped a lot because I was able to be outdoors and not suffer"
    - Lori in New Orleans, Louisiana
      "I have MS, so any increase in HEAT is a problem. I put off getting a cooling vest for years. I am so glad I finally got one. I can go out and stay out for dinner out, a dog walk and any event in this Houston heat. Being in the shade helps, but this [KMV] has made my life so much better."
    - Mary in Houston, Texas
      "This [KMVZ] let me attend my wife's work picnic. We were out for a couple of hours, and there's no way I would have been able to do that without this vest. It even got me through an outdoor concert recently!"
    - Louis in Dayton, Ohio
      "I have MS and was attending my son's appearance in a musical. The venue had no air conditioning and the temperature was 97. In Chicago with humidity, that feels like 105. I was able to sit through the 2 hour production with the help of this product [KMNCEX] and fans."
    - Jane in Chicago, Illinois
      "We tested the Polar KMV cooling vest against another manufacturers' vest and the Polar vest was far preferred by our guys. Don't tell our competitors about it."
    - Heating, cooling and plumbing contractor, Minneapolis, Minnesota
       "I am a security guard and spend a lot of time outdoors at night. The temp. can sometimes be 85 degrees F and the humidity 100% at 4 AM!!!! I am over 50 and don't tolerate heat well so I purchased the neck and spine wrap last year and was amazed at how much difference it made!!! I just bought one for a friend! "
    - Kathy in North Carolina
      "I live in Phoenix, AZ and suffer from FMS and menopausal hot flashes. The neck wrap and the neck and upper spine wrap [KMNCEX] have made it possible for me to make it through the warm days. They also work great for my muscle pain and inflammation." 
    - Deborah in Arizona
      "The First Day I had my vest [KMVZ] I put it in the Polar Cooler until noon on my motorcycle. At noon I pulled it out and it was still completely frozen. I put it on and drove home in comfort. My passenger was so hot without one. I stopped and put it on her and then I was dying. Since then I have even worn it in my house when my AC was not working good. I like that I don't get wet. Phoenix is a hot place to live. So far I am very impressed with the product. Everything is very high quality. The Polar Cooler is also well worth the money."
    - Roger in Arizona
      "I use these [ankle wraps] to cool down, and keep my core temperature down; especially at night when I'm trying to relax!"
    - Pamela in Michigan
      "Practical, easy to store. Love the color [MS Awareness Scarf]. On these hot summer days, it's great to cool the head along with the rest of the body."
    - Karen in Illinois
      "The Kool Max® Secrets Vest makes gardening and walking much more enjoyable. This is especially helpful if you have any problem with heat tolerance health issues." 
    - Alyce in North Carolina
      "I have MS and always suffer in the summer months when it's hot and humid, especially with the humidity. After reading the great reviews, I ordered your Kool Max® Zipper Front Vest and couldn't be happier. This is truly the best investment I've made this year! Finally, I'm able to be outside and can work in my flower garden when the thermometer reaches 80-90 degrees! If you do order the vest, be sure to order an extra set of the cooling packs so you can rotate them in the freezer. I highly recommend this zippered front vest to anyone who has MS. I couldn't be happier with your product."
    - Customer with MS in Maine
      "Great cool down alternative. Light and comfortable. [Kool Max® Fashion Vest]"
    - Sue in Houston, Texas
      "This Neck and Spine cooler works great for when I have to get dressed as our mascot for the Westerville Lions - Lion L. Kept him cool through 2 parades on the 4th of the July. (packs changed between parades.)"
    - A.J. in Ohio
      "My father bought this [Kool Max® Industrial Vest] for me because mowing the grass in the heat and humidity was causing me to overheat. The first time I wore my vest it was like mowing in a cool breeze. The second time, I had the adjustment more correct, it was even better."
    - Johnathan in Richmond, Virginia
      "My Kool Max® vest has saved my life every summer since I was diagnosed with MS in 2010. It has done a really good job of helping to keep me cool. I love it. It has helped me keep doing the things that I used to. I used to farm and I was outside all of the time in the heat. I do a lot of outside work now, like gardening. This vest helps immensely."
    - Steven in Oregon
      "I wear a scoliosis brace and when I put on the Kool Max® Secrets Vest it cools me off instantly I'd be dying without it! Thank You!!!!!"
    - Nicole in New Jersey
      "Not an MS patient, but a serious stroke survivor with stroke induced epilepsy. [Kool Max® Vest] helps to reduce the number of seizures in warm/hot times. I wore out my first vest and just recently bought my second. It allows me to get out of the house and actually do some small things around my house or go for short walks with my wife. Visit with neighbors outside in the Summer-many things that would be tough in the heat without the cooling vest. It really makes a difference for me!"
    - Mark in Kansas
      "I am really enjoying the Kool Max® vest in the dog days of August and September in hot, humid southwest Georgia.  I have had trouble all summer with Lupus flares due to the intense heat and humidity.  The vest has allowed me to spend time with my horses even on very hot days without having to spend the next day in bed."
    - L. Kelley in Georgia
      "I adore my Polar Kool Max® vest! I tell all my friends about how it helps keep me cool and comfortable in the Nevada heat. It keeps me really cool. It's the best thing   since sliced bread. I use it everyday."
    - Billie in Nevada
      "I couldn't live without my pink Kool Max® vest last year. It helped make summer bearable!"
    - Catherine in Snohomish, Washington

      "As a result of age and medical issues, my heat tolerance has dropped drastically. This took a toll on my hobbies of attending sports events and yard work. The [Kool Max® Zipper Front Vest] has worked wonders in extending my seasons! Thanks!"
    - Robert F. in Gainesville, Florida

      "I have found that wetting an athletic tee shirt and wearing the [Kool Max® Zipper Front Vest] over it provides me the best cooling. Excellent size adjustability. Great, lasting cooling in all but 95 degree+ direct sunlight days, last almost two hours still, that's when a second set of packs is handy. Plan on buying the Kool Max® Fashion Vest for everyday use."
    - James M. in New Orleans, Louisiana
      "I was diagnosed with MS almost 5 years ago. The disease has made me VERY sensitive to extreme temperatures, especially heat. During the summer where I live, the average daily temperature averages between 90 degrees F making it nearly impossible to safely leave A/C cooled environments. This Kool Max® vest has solved all of that!!"
    - Mike C. in Sacramento, California
      "This [Kool Max® Zipper Front] vest felt heavy when not being worn, and I thought it'd be uncomfortable. My first time wearing it was in Midwest hot humid weather. It kept me comfortably cool and I could forget I was wearing it, as it was not heavy on my body at all. I am so happy to have this vest! I can do things that the heat would make impossible to do without the best. A life changer for persons with MS, no doubt about it."
    - Judy C. in Fullerton, California
      " I bought the Kool Max® Fashion Vest for myself. It makes a world of a difference when I'm out hiking or doing other things. I love it!"
    - Barbara B. in Phoenix, AZ

      "I received a Kool Max® Vest through the VA to help with my MS in the heat. It is very comfortable and I am very pleased with the relief is provides. This is a great item. Thank you."
    - William
      "My sister in Atlanta got one of these [Kool Max® Velcro Vests] via me! She was going to visit in Florida & needed something to keep her from burning up while she was out with get grand-kids. Also she thought that would be great when she walked her dogs! She thought that you should sell your products in the south! All her neighbors want them!!!"
    - David in Ohio

      "This was the first time I wore a cooling vest, and it was great! I wore it to an outdoor barbecue, and it stayed cool for 4 hours! It was so much to actually enjoy being outside and to be able to join everyone."
    - Marie P.
      "I highly recommend this cooling gear.[CoolFit® Kit]  has been a tremendous help to me. I have MS and the heat really bothers me. I can wear the wrap under my clothes so nobody knows I'm wearing it."
    - Ann in Long Island
       "I work as a Home Health Care Nurse and the Polar Women's fashion cooling vest [Kool Max® Fashion Vest] has been a blessing. I can do my job in the hot Texas climate and still look professional. I previously used a homemade cooling vest, your vest is so much better!"
    - L.W. in TX 
       "I ordered the velcro vest [Kool Max® Velcro Vest] because it has more flexibility. I am a corrections officer in a hot, prison with no A/C and suffer from chronic heat stroke conditions. This vest and neck cooler keep me cool for about 4 hours and then have to switch the Kool Max packs out. Polar Products get 5 stars from me! Their products really work!"
    David W. in Wisconsin
       "The back bedroom/office of our house is about 10 degrees warmer than the rest of the house. With temperatures being in the 90s outside lately, the Kool Max fashion vest has really helped keep me cool while I work!" 
    -Jill D. in New Jersey 
    Woman working at a desk wearing a black kool max women's fashion cooling vest
      "I ordered replacement ice gel packs [Kool Max® Poncho Vest Pack Set] for my cooling vest. They arrived on the stated date. They fit my vest pockets perfectly! I have so enjoyed having these new packs. They are just the thing to keep my core temperature down and enable me to walk and to garden outside. Here in Florida this is an eight month a year need - cooling that is. I bought two set so I can carry a cooler with reserve packs so I can switch then out when we go on day-trips. Thanks Polar Products for enabling me to enjoy the summer fun and activities I would otherwise have to decline."
    -Rebecca J. in FL
       "Will use these ice packs [4.5 x 6 Kool Max® Pack] in a vest we purchased to keep our nonprofit's mascot cool during events outside. Work great!"
    -Catherine in Coldwater, MI
      "I've had my vest for a few weeks now and I am very pleased. I bought both the Cool58s [Cool58® pack Set for Women's Fashion Cooling Vest] and the Kool Max sets [Kool max® Pack Set for Women's Fashion Vest] so I could try both. I have found that if the temperature is in the 80's and I start out with the Cool58 packs and keep the Kool Max in a small cooler so I can change them in about an hour and a half I don't have a noticeable rise in my core temperature. Staying cool is extremely important to me because I have MS!"
    -Liz in Montana
      "We purchased this [Kool Max® Military and Industrial Pack Set] [Adjustable Zipper Cooling Vest with (4) Long Kool Max® Pack Strips] to try for one of the welders in our shop. Our shop isn't climate controlled, and here in Savannah, GA the summers are HOT and HUMID. We decided to get this vest to try for one of our welders, and wow, what a difference. Within 20 minutes of putting the vest on, he stops sweating and works much more comfortably. End result: our productivity went way up. Within the next couple months, we purchased several more for the rest of our welders and it makes the entire climate in our shop better. More comfortable employees makes for a happier workplace all around, and our productivity stays strong even in the most miserably hot days of summer."
    -MJ in Savannah, GA
      "I have been using the [Slim Torso Wrap] for about 3 years. The packs keep me cool which allows me to be out in the summer. Tried other replacement packs, but they were not as good as the [Kool Max® Slim Torso Pack Set]. Have three cooling wraps as I like it that much."
    -Jeffrey in Chicago
       Polar is my jam!! Their ice products [Kool Max® Pack Sets] are divine.


      "I was sent a cooling vest [Adjustable Zipper Cooling Vest with (5-12) Small Kool Max® Packs] thru the [MS] program and how do I possibly find the words to thank you.   We were in day three of 90+degree weather and I pretty much was locked in my bedroom with the ac.  It was getting a bit lonely and cabin fever was strong!!! I grabbed the vest you sent with the scarf and placed all the ice packets in and out the door I went!  For the first time since my diagnosis I had my life back.  It probably doesn't make sense to many people but for me, I literally will seem OK for a bit in the heat then I get spasms that my hands contort into what I call a claw like appearance....followed by my legs bucking and usually that's where I am on the ground with cramps and can't get up.  Talk about quality of life going down the crapper....so, I tend to stay in on the hot days.   The gift of wearing the vest yesterday let me go to the bank, pet store, run a few more errands, and even take my pooch for a walk!    I cannot thank you enough!   Having MS equates to expenses I never imagined so getting this was not just a life saver but a life changer!!!   I now have ice packs in freezer and accepted the first cookout invite I've gotten in a long time and know that with this, I'll be okay!  You changed my life!   Thank you so very very very much!
    Due to copay's and medications, I'm not able to order today but I'm salting my extra cash away to venture next with the [Pair of Cool 58® Cooling Wrist Wraps].  That will complete my cooling plans!! Your products are just amazing and I can't thank you enough for giving me some normality back!!!!
    Your company I also cannot refer enough to people!!!  I've been posting on face book and am forever grateful for all you do!
    I actually had a police officer tell me he ordered a few of your products for under his work uniform while directing traffic on hot days!
    That made me happy because for all you've done to give me quality of life back, I am forever grateful and happy people are ordering and word of mouth is spreading!!!   Thank you again and may you be as blessed as you have made me!!!"
    -Chrissy in Salem, MA

    "Not long after I got my [cooling vest], I ceased going outside where it helped me. Recently, my husband started a business that will keep him more available. I will have more confidence to go outside which is why I needed these ice packs [Kool Max® Zipper Front Vest Pack Set]. I'm pretty sure that having this polar vest will help immensely!"

    -Jennifer in Central Illinois

      "Works great with my MS but my Mother didn't understand why I was carrying around my [cooling vest] and [neck wrap] until she started feeling nausea while driving and I put my neck wrap on her and I snuggled into my cooling vest and slapped more sunscreen on. Now my youngest niece sleeps with it every night. Heavens help me!!"
    -Anita in Lexington, KY
      "Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the [Santa Fashion Vest with Kool Max Packs]. It's definitely one of the best purchases I've EVER made!

    Usually when I play Santa, I can wring my shirt out afterwards. This weekend, I could wear the same shirt out to eat afterwards. It stayed bone dry...and I was perfectly comfortable for the entire 4 hours. Thanks!!!"
    - Santa Mark in Arlington, TX
    Santa holding a cat

      "We love the new [nylon cooling vest]! We really like the new material that allows the vest to be wiped down. We will be ordering more."
    -Darrell, Wellstar Health in GA
       "I have MS and extreme heat intolerance. Even a 1 degree increase in temperature can affect me. The [Polar Kool Max cooling ankle wraps] have proven to be very effective at cooling not only my ankles and feet but they even help with my entire body! I have been using these ankle cooling wraps since 2010 and they are the best!"
    -C.F. Auburn Hills, MI
      "I purchased the pink Polar Women's Fashion Vest in 2017 and it is brilliant! This vest has made the summer heat easier to tackle. I am now purchasing the khaki Fashion Vest to go along with the pink I have."
    "K.C. in New Dehli, India

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      "I was in a group of villages of a 3rd world country for a medical mission trip. The scarf[Cool58 Fashion Scarf] was perfect. The heat was unbelievable & we set up clinics in structures that were made of corrugated metal in August. The scarf as well as the bandanna[Cool Comfort Bandanna] were life savers. Even when the gel had defrosted, I would dip the fabric in cold water & it would stay cool for at least an additional hour. The gel stayed cold for about 4 hours, once it was frozen."
    - D.V. in Ohio
      "The [Polar Child's cooling vest] is amazing! We live in Ukraine and our son has [HED - Hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia]. He is 4 years old and he doesn't sweat and doesn't like summer, because of heat. This inability to sweat leads to a dangerously high body temperature. It makes our lives difficult. But thanks to your perfect cooling vest we can go to the outside and even play and run. We bought a toddler cooling vest two years ago, and my son wore it very well. It really helps him. We used it about 2 years and our son become older, so we bought [cool kids cooling vest: cooling kit with neck wrap etc]. This one is bigger and keeps the comfortable temperature about 2 hours. We cannot buy in Ukraine something like this. There are no cooling vests for kids in Ukraine. Truth be told the vest is expensive for us but it is one way to live 5 months in a year. Thank you so much!"

    -Svetlana L, Ukraine
    Boy wearing a khaki cool kids cooling vest

      EXCELLENT Product!!
    "I purchased the Cool Kids [Cooling vest, neck wrap and extra packs] for my 6 year old daughter who is unable to thermal regulate. ( Unable to sweat) This product has opened up so much for her. She is now able to participate in P.E. and outdoor activities. I HIGHLY recommend this product and company to others. Customer Service was extremely helpful as well!! Thank you again Polar Products!!"
    -Natasha in Nebraska
    "I have a short-snouted boxer named Conrad. Boxers are really susceptible to changes in temperature and even more so if they have a shorter nose. Conrad loves going for long walks but the summer heat really limits his walking time. He has been getting very hot this summer. It has caused Conrad to have breathing issues on our walks and it makes him slobber a ton. This collar [Polarpup Neck Band] is amazing! He was able to go on a 45 min walk at 5:00 pm at 92 degrees without getting tired and almost no slobbering!
    Even his back stayed cool to the touch while using this collar! If your dog has issues with the heat this is a must have!!!"
    -N.F. in NE Ohio
      Great Product
    "I recently used the [Performance Quick Dry Cool58 Cooling Wrist Wraps] during a physical fitness event with my army unit. This product helped me maintain my body temperature during extensive work outs the Army puts us through. I would highly recommend this product to the novice athlete or the most experienced soldiers."
    -Shannon in Kent, Ohio

       "I wanted to share this picture with you all and thank you for the Cool Kids Vest.My son has a chromosomal abnormality that makes it difficult for him to regulate his body temperature. With your product, he is able to do so much more without becoming fatigued or over heated! Thank You!"
    - Jennifer G

    Boy wearing a blue Cool Kids cooling vest on a dirt bike
      "I tried out my [Cool58® Phase Change Zipper Vest] at roller derby practice today. It worked fabulously! Multiple sclerosis tried to get me off my skates, but Polar Products got me back on the track. Thank You! ~ iLL Eagle #25-to-life"
    - Crystal
      "We purchased 2 of the Polar Cool58® Phase Change vest systems. I race drag race NHRA Sportsman Pro class. The cooling vest worked brilliantly. I was comfortably in my car ready to race as others were waiting to the last moment to get in their cars due to the heat. My friend who has a Polar vest also uses all the packs, I use the ones just in the front. Both methods work great." 
    - Gary in North Olmsted, Ohio
      "This [Cool 58® Phase Change Zipper Vest] is the best cooling system I have purchased yet!! I work in a hot warehouse and at each break I change the packs and it keeps me cool. I do host MS so I like to beat it at it's crummy game and stay cool! I also have an extra set of four packs that I keep in the thermal cooler with some ice packs and it seems to work for me! I really would recommend this cooling vest and thermal case. It seems as it lasts a little more then 2 hours at a time....From a Happy Camper!!"
    - Lynn in New Jersey
      "Bought this for my husband who works in the oil fields. He calls me daily to tell me how awesome I am because I bought this [Bannox Fire Resistant Cooling Vest] for him. Oklahoma heat with no a/c is brutal so this is a PERFECT solution. The [Cool58®] gel packs are amazing , he just fills the cooler with ice and 20 minutes later they are frozen solid. Less than a dollar a day for ice at a truck stop and he is cool and comfortable. I'm thinking of buying one for myself, because I'm jealous."
    - E. in Oklahoma
      "Living in S. Florida the heat is overbearing. It feels like it is 150 degrees outside. I HATE IT!!!! I feel like a vampire, only getting out at night when the sun goes down. I think the [Women's Fashion Cool58®] cooling vest would be an answer into more opportunities in my life that currently I turn down, but now can accept because of that vest."
    - Wendy G. in Port St. Lucie, Florida
      "I've wasted a lot of money on other products in the past. This [Cool Teens Cool58®] Phase Change Cooling Vest is the greatest thing I've used in Texas heat."
    - Alan W. in Edinburg, Texas

      "I am very thankful for this vest, I have heat intolerance and have been living through hot Oklahoma summers for about 4 years. This [Cool58® Women's Fashion] vest helps make tolerating the heat possible. It looks nice and people have no idea that it is a cooling vest unless I tell them. I decide how many cooling pack to use at a time based on the activity and heat. Sometimes I even use it as a cool weighted cover to sleep."
    - Catherine W. in Oklahoma

       "The  Fashion Cooling Scarf and bra coolers [Cool58® Bra Coolers] are so discreet and really helpful, especially with the inserts frozen solid. The torso wrap is a bit bulky, and awkward for sitting, but when temps are really high, who cares, it helps!"
    -Jake S. in South Carolina 
      "I've had my vest for a few weeks now and I am very pleased. I bought both the Cool58s [Cool58® pack Set for Women's Fashion Cooling Vest] and the Kool Max sets [Kool max® Pack Set for Women's Fashion Vest] so I could try both. I have found that if the temperature is in the 80's and I start out with the Cool58 packs and keep the Kool Max in a small cooler so I can change them in about an hour and a half I don't have a noticeable rise in my core temperature. Staying cool is extremely important to me because I have MS!"
    -Liz in Montana
      "We recently received a fashion cooling vest [Women's Fashion Cooling Vest with Cool58® Packs], (Best thing ever invented), for my wife to help combat the heat and it works great."
      "My 14 year old daughter has [POTs], and uses the Polar Cool58 phase change vest [Adjustable Zipper Cooling Vest with (4) Long Cool58® Phase Change Pack Strips] to keep her temp down while playing sports. She plays goalie in field hockey and catcher in softball. We have been very happy with the cooling vest."
      "The [Cool 58® Bucket Hat] is the best thing I have found to work in when it is warm. I normally find hats make me very hot."
    -Jon in Cincinnati, OH
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      Cool Comfort®
      "It [Cool Comfort® Neck Band] works! Keeps me cool."
    -Jo Ann in Citrus Heights, CA

    "Our kitchen is a renovated farm house so needless to say ventilation is not great. With the Cool Comfort® collar is makes the days tolerable with the [Cool Comfort®] vest I'm convinced I will be more comfortable."
    - Robert G. in Chilliwack, British Columbia
      "I purchased three.[Cool Comfort® Neck Band] I am so impressed with the cooling effect to keep body temperature down! I have MS and love to be outside and garden, read, etc. This is an efficient, simple tool to help me last longer in the sun that I love!"
    - Rebecca in Kennett Square
       "I ordered this hat [Cool Comfort® Straw Hat] to keep me cool during a family reunion. I have multiple sclerosis and heat affects me greatly. This hat, with the cooler insert kept me comfortable. It's also a cute hat to wear!"
    -D.G. in Utah 
       "Really love my cap [Cool Comfort® Baseball Cap] ! The only suggestion I would have is to somehow include a way to add a cooling wrap inside to go around the head. Other than this, it's perfect."
    -Robert B. in NC
      "Love it [Cool Comfort® Sports Cooling vest]! Easy to use and wear!"
    -Candie in WI
      "It's summer again here in Florida and my [multiple sclerosis] triggered sensitivity to the heat means that I'll do anything to stay cool (read, "cold"!).  So for Mothers Day, my sweet hubby gave me a Polar Products Hidden Vest [Cool Comfort® Hidden Vest]!  Wow, I've tried so many other 'cooling' products but none quite like this!  It's amazing!!!  You'll laugh when I tell you, after a 20 minute soak in cool water to activate the system, I put on the vest & it was almost too cold!!!  I wore the vest for nearly 4 hrs of heavy-duty housework during which time the vest remained cold.  If you suffer heat sensitivity from MS you'll understand what I mean when I say that the vest remained cold enough that I  "felt alive"!  I'd forgotten how good that feeling could be!  
    I love this product & plan the Polar Products wrist wraps as my next purchase. 
    Thank you Polar Products!"
    -Karen in FL

      "It [Cool Comfort® Straw Hat] looks very nice on me."
    -Rhonda in Philadelphia
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      Evaporative Vests and Accessories
      "The evaporative cooling hat and neck wrap are fantastic! I went kayaking recently with the temperature at 89 degrees F. Despite my MS, I was comfortable & able to paddle for 2 hours. These wraps enable me to do the things I love without the incapacitating heat sensitivity." 
    - Patricia, RN, BSN, MSCN; Administrator at Oak Clinic in Akron, Ohio
      "I enjoy your products immensely. Your Evaporative Cooling Vest works great when on my motorcycle in 120+ degree temperatures." 
    - MLW in Tucson, Arizona
      "I use my [Evaporative Cooling Vest] under my blazer at horse shows where I am required to wear boots, breeches, helmet, gloves, etc. while riding a hot horse in extreme heat. It is a godsend, and I highly recommend it."
    -Nichola W. in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
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      Cool Flow® Systems
      "I have had your [Cool Flow® Cooling Blanket] and [Cool Flow® Adjustable Vest] circulating cold water chiller, cooler, vest and blanket systems for a couple of years now. It has worked really well."
    - Dr. A.C. Melbourne, Australia
      "I must tell you that your Cool Flow® Vest is the 5th type I have worn, my Multiple Sclerosis disabled my ability to be gainfully employed a little over 20 years... I must confess this suit has made a huge difference in the quality of life... for me this improves all the symptoms you learn to endure with Multiple Sclerosis... I encourage each of you try it for yourself... it will give you back a life quality that will surprise all of you... thanks Polar, you put the 'yes baby!' in my summer." 
    - Maria in Kansas City, Missouri

    "I am 39 years old and have Multiple Sclerosis. Eight years ago my condition made it impossible for me to continue my working life. Until recently one of the most difficult symptoms of my MS was intolerance to heat. I don't mean the usual summer heat, but also the winter heating months. I have found that if the temperature is over 70 degrees I become very fatigued, my vision worsens and my speech becomes difficult. I had heard of "active and passive" cooling therapy as a non-drug treatment for these symptoms. I have had my Cool Flow® Vest for several months now and honestly don't go a day without using it! The system is so easy to use. Just add water, some ice and turn it on. Instant relief! The amount of cooling can be adjusted easily and with the battery pack I can take it with me anywhere and be in total comfort. To everyone who may suffer from heat intolerance, this is THE product that will help. I wholeheartedly recommend this system from Polar Product, Inc. You have a great product and your customer service representatives are grade A+." 
    - Avigdor in Hendersonville, North Carolina


    "There is no doubt that the headache cap helps in the management of migraines/headaches. On a couple of occasions I was able to abort the headache by wearing the cap. Yesterday, I had a bad headache, so I took my prescription drugs in mid afternoon, knowing that I would have to follow it up with more stronger prescription drugs in the evening. Instead I wore the cap for an extended period while I watched television. I was able to almost completely annihilate the headache and did not take a second dose of prescription drugs - a definite success." 
    - Marc in Phoenix, Arizona

      "I am very pleased with my Polar CFF Surgeons cooling vest. It keeps me cool during surgery at my clinic. The unit is compact and works just as good or better than the huge $2600 unit that they have available for me to use at the hospital." 
    - Dr. Josh Hornstein in Mercerville, New Jersey
       "I have been using the Polar CFF circulating water cooling vest for several months now. I love the vest! And the customer service at Polar is excellent." 
    Dr. Randy Davis, MD, Associate Professor of Orthopedic & Neurosurgery, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
       "Thank you for sending the Cool Flow® cooling vest for evaluation. Our surgeons love it. How do I go about ordering this?" 
    - Nancy Myers, OR Materials Coordinator, Mercy Hospital Anderson in Cincinnati, Ohio
       "The surgeons just absolutely love the Cool Flow® cooling vests We've had to order one for each because they were fighting over who gets to use it. Great product, works wonderful and they love it!" 
    Ruth Laymon, OR Buyer, Terre Haute Regional Hospital in Richmond, Virginia
      "We use this system [Cool Flow® Vest System with Chiller used by Harvard] for research [Weight Loss and Type 2 Diabetes] and it's just brilliant! It's extremely effective and provides the cooling we need for our research. It's simply brilliant!"
    -Victoria, Imperial College of London, UK
       "Heat stroke is a real threat here in Louisiana... That makes my Polar seat cushion literally a life saver! Mail delivery trucks do not have air conditioning, and all the other carriers are asking where to get one! The great folks at Polar Products have transformed a hot and dangerous job into one that can be done in relative comfort! This product has changed the quality of my life! Thanks Polar Products!"
    -Susan, Louisiana
      "Multiple Sclerosis (MS) has been my companion for the last 8 years.  Headaches and heat impact me on a daily basis and disrupt sleep and daily activities.  Many products are available and many treatments and drugs have been offered / tried to alleviate these conditions however none of them have helped me as much as the Cool Flow Cooling Head Cap System. This has been the only product that I have found that gives me any relief! My head and body do not cool off quickly.  All other cooling products loose their affect quickly, however they do give temporary relief. The flow of the chilled water remains cool for hours, not just a short period of time. I would highly recommend this product to any and all people with MS. The relief I receive is priceless. I can only imagine they will be just as invaluable as the head cap.I tell anyone I can about this product!  If you need relief, this will become your most valued tool in your tool box"
    -T.K, USA
      "We purchased the CoolFlow fitted vest with cooler and tubes with quick disconnect couplings and lithium battery. We took vacation down to Orlando, Florida and went to Walt Disney world, Universal Studios, SeaWorld for a week. It was 90+ temperatures, but with heat index, it was over a 100 degrees. The vest kept my wife cool for at least 4 hours. This was a lifesaver at these temperatures. We would recommend this cooling system to anyone, especially those with MS and living in hot climates. We did have it hooked to the back of her electric wheelchair. My wife loves it. Kept around 65-70 degrees according to the touch that is. We charged the battery every night. It kept the charge the entire time using the vest."
    -Micheal in Missouri 
      "We bought the 13 Qt CoolOR fitted vest with cooler and tubes with quick disconnect couplings and lithium battery. We took vacation down to Orlando, Florida and went to Walt Disney world, Universal Studios, SeaWorld for a week. It was 90+ temperatures, but with heat index, it was over a 100 degrees. The vest kept my wife cool for at least 4 hours. This was a lifesaver at these temperatures. We have the vest with the gel packs, and the weight is just too heavy and they do not last as long. We would recommend this cooling system to anyone, especially those with MS and living in hot climates. We did have it hooked to the back of her electric wheelchair. My wife loves it. Kept around 65-70 degrees according to the touch that is. We charged the battery every night. It kept the charge the entire time using the vest."
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       Freezer Container
      "Handy to have"
    "I really like that I got this [Freezer Container], it is great in the freezer, giving me a special place just for my ice packs. Works great!"
    -Malorie in Florida
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      Active Ice® System
      "I've had hand surgery, a 4-level lumbar back fusion, a hip replaced and major foot surgery and with every surgery I used Polar Products Cold Therapy System for at least 2 weeks following each surgery (2 months with my back surgery). I wore my first unit out (that I purchased in 2013) because I loaned it to friends and family. I purchased the latest version[Active Ice® 3.0 Universal Cold Therapy System] in March 2019 and love the improvements with a quieter motor and digital timer. My doctors have all been amazed at my first follow up appointments because they see the remarkable reduction in swelling and are pleased that I didn't need to stay on pain medications for an extended time. The key is convincing your doctor to place the "bladder" as near to the incision site as possible because the cold water is more effective. Take the universal bladder (keep it in the plastic bag for sanitary measures) with you on your surgery day. I purchased a foot bladder for my March surgery and discovered the doctor had to cut along the seam to open it up to fit around around my foot. Plus, the nurses wanted to see my toes and test for touch sensation. So, if you need foot surgery use the universal bladder that comes with the machine. The benefit of using this product after orthopedic surgery far outweighed the cost of purchasing it. And, I believe the product is a bargain. Just be sure to order it in time so you don't need to pay higher mailing costs. One other factor to consider is that the customer service at Polar Products is beyond excellent. Take time to read the Polar Story and you will understand that this company has your best interest at heart."
    - Beth in Washington
      "I don't know what I would have done without this ice machine [Active Ice® 3.0 Knee System] after my knee replacement! It is great!"
    - Lynne in Georgia
      "Just returned with my wife from TN - a drive of 460 miles. My wife used the [Active Ice® system with power take off adapter] the entire distance. When we got home I asked her if she could have tolerated the bumpy roads w/o your system. She replied 'no'."
    - Steve in Johnstown, Ohio
      "I am very impressed with the Polar AIS 3.0 System. My wife uses the large rectangular bladder across her back while lying in bed. We freeze water in plastic soup size bowls and that works great when we need to provide cooling for 7+ hours (overnight). I am impressed mostly by the durability and reliability of the overall system. We have been filling the cooler twice a day: once in the afternoon for 2-3 hours and again in the evening for 7+ hours."
    - S.L. in Johnstown, Ohio
       "I bought your product[Active Ice System] in 2014 for my shoulder surgery - I loved it so much I'm now having knee replacement surgery so I can get the knee attachment...  ;) Thanks Again"
    - Mark in Washington
      "Phenomenal product!!![Active Ice Foot and Ankle Therapy System] Off the paid meds day or two after foot surgery!!!
    - Dave in California
       "I purchased the [Lithium-ion Battery Pack] hoping to be able to have a good option if I was not able to have access to AC. I am very happy with the battery pack. I have been able to keep cold therapy while on the go."
    -Darryl in Hillsboro, OR
      "Using Polar Products for the past 5 years has made my life much more productive. Without agonizing pain, in my hips, knees and shoulder, it has given me so much relief that I can easily work and live my life more fully as I grow older. Thank you Polar Products and staff for the [Active Ice Shoulder Therapy System] with knee, ankle and elbow compression wraps, Soft Ice Shoulder Wrap, and Microwavable Hot and Cold Pack!! YOU GUYS ROCK!!!"
    -Debbie B.
       "Purchased product [AIST-U-KAW], received it within 3-4 days, excellent quality, works great, great value."
    -Robert in Coral Gables, FL
      Couldn't Sleep Without it!
    "I recently pushed a rib out of place and had excruciating pain in my back and chest. A nerve was being aggravated and I was in constant pain. Even with pain killers I was only able to average about 2 hours of sleep a night. I got this system [Active Ice 2.0 Lumbar and Hip Therapy System] and it helped me sleep through the night without pain meds! So thankful for this product!"
    -Monique in Ohio
    "This ice cooling system [Active Ice 2.0 Knee Therapy System] for my wife's knee replacement was a God send. She has been using it now for 4 weeks and loves it way more than an ice pack. A couple of friends have already ordered one after seeing it work for my wife. Easy to use and easy to refill. It lasts my wife 24 hours before we refill.
    -Steve in Palmdale, CA
      "I purchased your [Active Ice® System] for post surgical and PT relief following a rotator cuff repair on my right shoulder. IT IS MY BEST FRIEND! I could not have been as comfortable without it, especially the first four days. A friend told us about how much they love it and sure enough, we became a fan as well. I think we'll need two soon as I need it for my shoulder and my husband needs it for his knees!!! It is a wonderful product and we are so pleased with the purchase." 
    Pat in Kregesville, Pennsylvania
      "Most physicians simply tell patients to "ice" an injured body part. But when the physician becomes the patient, she learns how messy and inconvenient most ice packs can be - not to mention they simply don't outlast the pain. No matter where you hurt, or why you hurt, pain takes your life away. When I blew out my knee I was not sleeping, in pain, and frustrated that nothing seemed to help. I purchased the active therapy system and now I call it my portable life support system - it provides immediate, continuous pain relief that is non-sedating and not addicting (unless ice is a vice!) I love this machine and it goes everywhere with me - day and night. Used as needed, intermittently, I find that I am more rested and relaxed - I thank you and I am sure my patients will thank you also!"
    - Malinda Bell, M.D., F.A.C.E.P., Emergency Physician in Manistee, Michigan
      "I just had knee surgery and the Active Ice® System was a lifesaver! It worked wonderfully well! I would recommend it to anyone having surgery!" 
    - John
      "I recently had knee surgery and have swelling from my thigh to my ankle. I am using the Active Ice® System and it has been very helpful in keeping the swelling down and pain to a minimum. This is a very excellent product. Even the instructions were easy to understand. Thank you very much!" 
    - Lawrence in Longwood, Florida
      "Thank you so much! Great service! I'm back in business with this second knee. I don't think I could have made it without your Active Ice® System." 
    - Iris in Winston-Salem, North Carolina
      "I bought my unit 4 years ago to help me through a series of knee surgeries. It has been excellent... A month ago I bought one for my mother who recently had a partial knee replacement surgery. This is a high value product that I would recommend to anyone with joint pain or swelling."
    - Craig in Greenville, South Carolina
      "This has been a life saver. My wife was having great pain in her knee and we had tried ice packs and it just didn't seem to work. It was hard to keep in place and needed changed out. We purchased the ice therapy system and she was able to relieve her pain and get the sleep needed to go to work."
    - George
      "My knee has a defect that has been lifelong, although I ski raced in college, volunteer ski patrol now and am very active I recently had ligament reconstruction surgery to correct the issue. I could not have made it this far with range of motion, swelling reduction and overall comfort without your Active Ice® therapy system. I want to thank all of your employees and let you know how much this system has helped me."
    - Paulette in New Hope, Pennsylvania
      "My husband and I have both used this [Active Ice® therapy system] after shoulder surgery. Used with the shoulder wrap, it provides continuous cold packs all around the shoulder without the nuisance or discomfort of frozen ice packs. I mistakenly stores our system in the attic and some of the rubber parts disintegrated in the hot Texas summer, but I happily bought a replacement to use for yet another upcoming shoulder surgery. We love this unit!"
    - Ellen T. in Arlington, Texas
      "Used [an Active Ice® therapy system] in the hospital after a knee replacement on Monday. Was advised by Physical Therapist to have one at home, so got it before the surgery. It is fantastic. Only drawback is the timer is too short and it is too loud. The unit in the hospital was running continuously & quite. Does a great job calming an angry knee."
    - Melissa D.
      "Your product sure does make life easier... I am due for me second shoulder surgery soon, and my little "Ice Buddy" beats ice packs any day. The best part of spending $200 to buy a whole system is that the very first time we were introduced to this product, it was a rental through the orthopedic supplier. Seven days cost over $800 and insurance refused to pay as they deemed it "unnecessary." The vendor finally settled for $200 from us... and that's when I discovered your company online and BOUGHT one for a fraction of the original "rental." Again, this little gadget is a godsend for us!"
    - Ellen

      "Your product; Active Ice® System; was an integral part of my recovery from double knee surgery. I had torn both of my quad tendons from the bone as a result of an accident. The inflammation was unbelievable! In the absence of the Active Ice® System, I do not believe that my overall recovery would have been as successful. I cannot think of a viable substitute. After surgery, my neighbor gave me the use of his system. After several weeks, I was sold and contacted Polar Products to acquire one of my own. I'm so glad that I did. My recommendation: Buy one of these units to facilitate recovery. You'll not be disappointed!!"
    - Steve K

       "Thank you so much!!!!!! I got my ice pack cooler [Polar AIS]for post rotator cuff surgery. My only wish is that it made it's own ice, lol. I am a therapist but haven't worked with rehab in years. This little gem is my fave thing ever! lol. I am telling everyone about it! I love the timer too. Helps when I have slept during icing my shoulder. You are all great! Thank you for a fantastic product! "
    - Lori L
       "My cooler [Active Ice System] is about 6 years old. I have had three (3) major surgeries and the cooler worked flawless whenever I needed it (which was often and even still in spurts) I just lent it to a family member to borrow for a surgery. Great product!"
    -Brian S.
       "This is the 2nd universal bladder I've purchased. My prior one has seen me through multiple surgeries and I finally wore it out. Great relief from the cold therapy enabling me to use much fewer pain medications. Love it!"
    -H.B. in FL
      "There is no better product on the market in the medical field than having a Polar Cooler for after surgery or recovering from an injury. However, having a timer on the system hasn't become my friend!"
    -David I. in CA
       "This device [Active Ice® Therapy System] has made life important again when in pain! I can wrap the area of the knee or hip and in 30 minutes able to go back to doing things with out the use of drugs!"
    -Richard K. in Dallas, Oregon
       "I absolutely love my [Active Ice Double Universal Therapy System] for both knees and the compression pads. I get consistent cooling on both knees for up to an hour at at time if I choose. Worth every penny after my double knee procedure." 
    Gloria - Summerville, SC
       "Did my second hip replacement with [Active Ice 15 quart Therapy System] and big rectangle cooling pad [Universal Rectangular Bladder]. I can ice whole hip with very cold uniform temperature. Leave non leaking system for 3 hours and ice again with out adding ice. Very convenient to get up and return later to a no fuss ready to cool system."

    -M. Johnson in Olympia, WA

       "The best appliance [Active Ice Therapy System with 15 quart cooler] I have ever purchased. It works like a charm - low maintenance - does what it is supposed to do - cold therapy!"
    -Sister Rosemarie in Queens, NY
       "This little machine [New Active Ice 2.0® Universal Therapy System] has been a lifesaver for me and my mom!! Helps keep swelling in her feet down [Foot-Shaped Bladder] and also helps with my knee!!! Amazing product!"
    -Caren in Santa Maria
      "After a Total Hip Replacement, I found the [Active Ice Circulating Cold Water Therapy System] to be the best solution for my recuperation! After using this device, I felt pain relief, which in turn gave me a strong determination to heal and move on with my life. I was so impressed that I passed it on to my sister's husband after he had knee replacement surgery. He was amazed at the results, and still thanks me when he sees me. Most recently, I received the [Fashion Cooling Scarf] (beautiful paisley print, stylish), [Vest] (many colors available), [Hat] (so light weight), and [Cooling Seat Cushion]. All are made of the best quality materials. I'm so pleased! Thanks Polar Products!! The models shown in the brochures and on line truly show how much they enjoy and love what they sell."
      "This [Active Ice 2.0® Therapy System] is by far the best way to help with healing an injury or post surgery. I've used the [foot] and [shoulder] units."
    -Robert in Arizona
      "Great Product"
    It [Active Ice 2.0® Lumbar and Hip System] saved the day. I had hip replacement surgery which needed icing, 20 mins on 40 off. I filled up ice container in morning and lasted all day. I iced all day as well. Great Product.
    -Ken in Ohio

       "My wife has been very pleased with the Polar Active Ice System used for her back pain. The rectangular bladder has been excellent, it provides icy cool bladder on her back at night allowing her sleep by reducing her pain level from an 8 to 4. We also accidentally had the cooler fall off the bed and appreciate the durability of the cooler and tubes and wire."
    -S.L Johnstown, Ohio
      "Hi. I bought the polar AIS knee system for my son's knees. I wanted to make sure it worked as well as the very expensive Game Ready system he used in the hospital. It does work as well as that system! So now I want to purchase another bladder so he can ice both knees at the same time."
    -P.J., USA
       "Works Like a Dream ! We bought the Polar Ice Machine, knee compression and the temperature control and car plugin power. We were thrilled with the ability to take it on vacation with us and use it during the travel. We are quite thrilled with the whole works and fully recommend this!"
    -B.S, Indiana 
      "Purchased a Polar Active Ice Cooler and have used it during recovery from 3 different shoulder surgeries since October 2017. It does a much better job for pain relief than leaking bags of ice cubes. Whenever I see a person in public with their arm in a sling due to a rotator cuff injury, I recommend the Polar Active Ice machine to them. One thing I do is to fill empty plastic water bottles about 3/4ÃÆâ€â„¢ÃƒÆ’â€Å¡Ãƒâ€šÃ‚¢€ÃƒÆ’ƒÂ¢Ã¢€Ãƒâ€¦Ã‚¾Ãƒâ€Å¡Ãƒâ€šÃ‚¢s full with water and place in freezer. 2 or 3 frozen water bottles will keep the water cold for 8 to 10 hours and changing out frozen water bottles."
    -C.C, Fargo, N.D

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      Soft Ice® Compression Wraps
      "Using Polar Products for the past 5 years has made my life much more productive. Without agonizing pain, in my hips, knees and shoulder, it has given me so much relief that I can easily work and live my life more fully as I grow older. Thank you Polar Products and staff for the Active Ice Shoulder Therapy System with knee, ankle and elbow compression wraps, [Soft Ice Shoulder Wrap], and Microwavable Hot and Cold Pack!! YOU GUYS ROCK!!!"
    -Debbie B.
      "I have been looking for a shoulder and elbow wrap for some time - Oshman's sporting goods store has a million wraps but they only had one or two ice packs in them. The Polar Soft Ice® Sports Therapy Compression Wrap has 7 ice packs and truly covers the entire shoulder and elbow. The wraps Oshman's have, I told my wife, are pointless because they cover the entire shoulder but only get cold in one spot. The Polar wrap does the job!"
      "This Soft Ice® Sports Therapy Compression Wrap works great! Our high school team loves it. It provides great cool therapy." 
    - Kirby in Ravenna, Ohio
      "The Polar [Soft Ice® Double Universal Compression Wrap] UV2 has done a world of good. I couldn't believe what a tremendous help it was. It does more good for my shingles than the pills ever did. I wouldn't trade it for anything." 
    - H.R.
      "I love my Soft Ice® therapy collar. I can strap it on around my neck or knee and remain mobile, allows me to keep moving around. I rotate hot and cold per my doctor's orders and it just works great. I love it." 
    - Jean in Guilford, Connecticut
      "In approximately 90% of the auto accident cases referred to us, we provide the first time patient with a Polar [Soft Ice® Double Universal Compression Wrap] UV2 universal cold therapy wrap. This wrap is easy to use, gives the patient relief and most importantly provides immediate value to the patient [. . .] And it's cost-effective for the practice!" 
    Sheldon Strauss, President & Owner, Medical Care Group
      "My good friend has joint pain due to her Fibromyalgia, so I gave her a Soft Ice® Foot and Ankle Wrap. She just loves it! It conforms to the body, which gives much relief to her pain."
    - Mo in Akron, Ohio
      "This Neck/Head Wrap is great when you are outside or inside. It keeps you cool and comfortable. I bring it when I am sitting at the park and my Husband takes it outside when he is doing yard work. I recommend this to everyone."
    - Barbara in New York
      "Liked the simple packaging. The wrap[Ankle & Foot Pain Relief Kit] is very convenient and easy to use. I like the fact that extra ice packs were included. Stays in place. You don't have to balance an ice bag on your foot. The little ice packs stay cold for a long time."
    - Brenda in Bridgman
       "I use these[MITT] during my chemo treatment to help ward off neuropathy damage to my fingernails. They keep the hands extremely cold and have pockets so that the ice packs can be switched out during my treatments. Very happy to have found these. They work great."
    - Pamela in Spokane
       "I love my Polar Products lumbar wrap [Soft Ice® Lumbar Compression Wrap], its *AWESOME*. It allows me to move freely while I'm icing my back  and keeps the ice in place while I'm driving my car. It's easy to use so I'm applying ice more frequently than if I had to lie on my back each time; this flexibility aids my recovery." 
    -R.H. in MA 
       "I love my Soft Ice back compression wrap [LS8L]. I rely on it daily. It's so much better than having to ice sitting down because it allows me to ice while on the move. It's really great."
    -Roy in California
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      Soft Ice® Therapy Packs
      "Using Polar Products for the past 5 years has made my life much more productive. Without agonizing pain, in my hips, knees and shoulder, it has given me so much relief that I can easily work and live my life more fully as I grow older. Thank you Polar Products and staff for the Active Ice Shoulder Therapy System with knee, ankle and elbow compression wraps, Soft Ice Shoulder Wrap, and [Microwavable Hot and Cold Pack]!! YOU GUYS ROCK!!!"
    -Debbie B.
      "I have evaluated the Soft Ice® Cold Packs and have found these packs most suitable for general uses in sports medicine, orthopedic, emergency room situations, and physical therapy rehabilitation situations." 
    - Mark C. Leeson, M.D., Akron General Medical Center in Akron, Ohio
      "We have used Polar Soft Ice® Cold Packs in our emergency room for over 10 years and have been well satisfied with the company and the product. Recently we ran out Soft Ice® Cold Packs in the emergency room and we were forced to use ice chips as our In House Department does. We found the use of ice chips to be unacceptable compared to Soft Ice® Cold Packs. Ice chips were messy, did not conform to the target body part as well and were less convenient for the staff. Ice chips just didn't work as well Soft Ice® Cold Packs. We were glad to get our new shipment of Soft Ice® Cold Packs." 
    - Lynn Fendenheim, Clinical Coordinator, Children's Hospital Medical Center of Akron in Akron, Ohio
      "I was surprised at the effectiveness of the Soft Ice® Cooling Pillow Case, even at room temperature. A great product, thank you!" 
    - Kris in Gilmer in Texas
      "I love those little 3" x 8" Soft Ice® Packs, they have been a great find for our clinic." 
    - Linda Lozzi, OR Supervisor, Ocean County Eye Surgery Center in Toms River, New Jersey
      "This Cooling Pillow helps me a lot with night hotness!" 
    - Debbie in Akron, Ohio
      "We have been selling Polar therapy products in our stores for over 12 years. We sell these products in both our Health & Beauty section and in our Home Health Care section. Polar products return excellent sales and profit to the store. Soft Ice® Cold Packs are given just 1.5 feet of shelf space and is one of our best return items." 
    - Mitchell Ziotnik, Purchasing Agent for Medic in Cleveland, Ohio
      "I really like your 8" x 9" Soft Ice® Packs. They are much better than others I have tried in the past. My patients especially like them; they are the perfect size." 
    - Dr. Patrick Sitzman, DC in Mill Valley, California
      "The Polar 8"x11" Soft Ice® Cold Packs really work. They are large, have wide surface area, and feel very comfortable. The doctors and the customers both like to use them." 
    - Tracy Price, DC, Chapel Hill Chiropractic Center in Akron, Ohio

      "The Kool Max® Vest is wonderful, but to my surprise the Soft Ice® Cooling Pillow Case can cool me down quickly when I nap every afternoon. Thank you so much."
    - Virginia in Hazlehurst, Georgia
      "Polar Products makes a darn good ice pack! I've tried 100 different kinds of ice packs and this is the best I've ever had!" 
    - Bob in Aspen, Colorado
      "The cooling pillowcase is really nice. It has really helped me." 
    - A.D.M. in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 
      "Wow! Not only is Soft Ice® a great product, but great business people behind the lines. We've used a couple of them, 1- hot and 1- cold. They work great both ways. Once again, thank you!" 
    - Barbara in Salem, Massachusetts
      "We use the Polar Cold Packs in our coolers to keep food cold while delivering meals. These packs work very well and are convenient to use. We have found Polar easy to work with and highly recommend both the product and the company." 
    - Dana, Manager, Mobile Meals in Akron, Ohio
      "Just completed total knee replacement surgery. This is the ice pack I could find that would fit around total knee except under the knee. Works great."
    -Fred C. in Trinity, Florida

       "I've iced my knees three times a day for the last 10 years and these are the coldest ice packs I've used. They stay cold and so far, they haven't cracked or split like other ice packs, because the Soft-Ice PRO-Pack is designed to bend and wrap around the body"
    - Fred C. in Trinity, Florida
       "This is the first time I ordered this product [8 x 11 Soft Ice® V Series Pack]. Love the bigger size, just right for larger areas. Great product!"
    -Malorie in St. Augustine, FL
       "This is the third time I have ordered this product [6 x 12 Soft ice® V Series]. I like that it stays soft and pliable so I can drape it on the areas I need. Great product!"
    -Malorie in St. Augustine, FL
      I love my [Soft Ice® Cold/Hot Therapy Packs] ice pack. I have so many ice packs in my freezer that I rotate - but the is my #1 favorite. Been using ice sometimes and heat sometimes on shoulder/neck and it helps! 

    -K.J. in Santa Monica, CA

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       Soft Ice® Private Labels
      "Dr. Longworth has been using ice packs made by Polar Products for eleven years. He has found this product to be effective, of good quality, and competitively priced. To promote our practice, Polar Products recently started using a private labeling program. Each Soft Ice® Pack is inscribed with the doctor and our company name, address, and phone number. Soft Ice Packs are given to all of our patients to help them with their pain." 
    - Longworth Chiropractic Clinic in North Canton, Ohio
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      Thera-Temp® Moist Heat Wraps
      "The moist heat wrap has been a huge help for me. I have degenerative discs in my back and have had 2 surgeries to try to correct it with little relief. I have a hard time standing and doing regular tasks such as mowing my lawn. Using the MH912 has made it possible for my back to relax and allow me to move more freely! I use it every day! Thank you!" 
    - Ronnie in Jeromesville, Ohio
      "My husband and I began using Thera-temp® Moist Heat Wraps due to pains in our joints caused by arthritis, poor circulation, and sciatic nerve conditions. I first purchased Polar's 9" x 18" moist heat pack with an elastic, Velcro ready belt. I find this product to be effective at providing relief for my husband and I. These Polar Moist Heat wraps are superior to heating pads in providing relief." 
    - Beverly in Akron, Ohio

    Polar's Note: In fact, Beverly liked our products so much she has recently purchased 8 additional moist heat wraps to give to friends as Christmas gifts!
      "I personally use the Thera-Temp® Microwaveable Moist Heat Wrap and find it to be the best and most effective source of moist heat heating product available on the market. I have experienced the product to be an effective method of relieving pain and increasing blood flow to the affected areas of the body. The design and weight of the beads in the Thera-Temp Microwaveable Moist Heat Wrap conforms well to the body, and its natural cotton is very comfortable against the skin. This product also holds its heat for periods longer than any other product on the market that I have used. I highly recommend this product which is ideal for both office and home care." 
    - Heidi Jo Knudson, Massage Therapist, Extraordinary Journey's Center in Stillwater, Minnesota
      "I like this [Thera-Temp® Moist Heat Eye & Sinus Wrap]. It takes 20 seconds in the microwave to heat and the warmth lasts 20 minutes. The mask shuts out the light completely and with the moist warmth, my eyes can rest better." 
    - Chiyuki in Redondo Beach, California

      "When my friend Monique told me about the [Thera-Temp Moist Heat Neck & Upper Spine Wrap]- I thought it was made for me! As a hairstylist I tend to work 8-12 hour, shifts on my feet, with my arms elevated. It takes a real toll on my neck and shoulders. I have found such great relief since I started using this product and I can't wait to see what other Polar Products I can benefit from! Thank you again for the product recommendation Monique!"
    -Caitie in Ohio
      "I purchased one of your [Thera-Temp Moist Heat] heat packs and am very impressed with the product for use in my chiropractic clinic"
    - Dr. Megan in Illinois
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       Trigger Point Massage Products
      "This is to let you know how much I appreciate and thank you for helping me to find relief from pain caused by arthritis and fibromyalgia. I recommend the Roller Ice massage tool. I used this wonderful new devise and it brought an instant relief to my sore and crippling body parts. It isn't heavy or awkward to hold and takes 15 minutes at the most to be mobile once again."
    - Jan in Akron, Ohio
      "I am CEO of Natural Health Resource Center and have been using Polar's Roller Ice. I love the product and use it especially to help ease the tension in my neck and shoulders arising from the day-to-day challenges of business. I recommend this unique and effective product." 
    - Yvonne Courtney, CEO, Natural Health Resource Center in Florida
      "I have been in practice for over 36 years and have often used trigger point therapy techniques with my thumb and forefingers. In recent years I have not used this modality as much due to the discomfort it caused in my hands when employing it. With the Roller Ice massage ball I have reintroduced this technique to my practice. I find the Roller Ice extremely comfortable to hold, therapeutic to my hands, and effective at providing trigger point therapy." 
    - Dr. B. L. Hutchinson, Kingsley Chiropractic Clinic in Florida
      "I utilize trigger point therapy in my practice as well as cold therapy. Roller Ice has proved to be an excellent tool for combining these therapies. I especially like the "feel" of the device when using it for trigger point massage. With the roller ball action I can locate trigger points and apply therapy as I have been able to do before only with my own thumb and fingers." 
    - Dr. Louis Bennett, Chiropractic Center of Northfield in Northfield, Ohio
      "I found that Roller Ice maintains its temperature, which is colder than conventional cold therapy body tools. This meant I could treat throughout the therapy session as needed without leaving my client to go to the freezer. The size of the roller ball was perfect for accu-massage therapy. The rubber reservoir fits the hand nicely and it can be used without causing strain to the therapist's hand or wrist."
    - Carol Carlton, B.A., M.T., in Akron, Ohio
      "My 7-year-old grandson was visiting recently and played briefly with my Roller Ice massage tool. He quickly lost interest and went outside to play. It was 90 degrees outside and after about an hour he came back inside and went immediately to the freezer to get the Roller Ice. He sat and ran the Roller Ice on his forehead for about 15 minutes. He looked at me and said "Gampa, this is wonderful"!
    - Jerry in Akron, Ohio
      "I've had my vest for a few weeks now and I am very pleased. I bought both the Cool58s [Cool58® Pack Set for Women's Fashion Vest] and the Kool Max sets [Kool Max® Pack Set for Women's Fashion Vest] so I could try both. I have found that if the temperature is in the 80's and I start out with the Cool58 packs and keep the Kool Max in a small cooler so I can change them in about an hour and a half I don't have a noticeable rise in my core temperature. Staying cool is extremely important to me because I have MS!"
    -Liz in Montana
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