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Cooling Ankle Wraps

Cold pack based ankle wraps: These wraps use cooling packs to provide direct cool relief in any climate. The pocket(s) inside the ankle wraps are compatible with your choice of cooling packs.
  • Kool Max® Frozen Water-Based Cooling Packs require access to a freezer and offer the highest level of cooling energy for up to 3-4 hours. (It's science! It takes more energy to charge these packs in a freezer and in return, the packs offer greater cooling energy for a longer time.) 
  • Cool 58® Phase Change Cooling Packs freeze at 58ºF (14.4° C) and provide a comfortable, constant cooling temperature of 58ºF for up to 1.5-3 hours. Ideal choice when freezers are not available: these packs can be recharged in a cooler of ice water in just 15 to 20 minutes!
Water Activated Evaporative Cooling Neck Wraps: The wraps cool through the body's natural cooling mechanism; evaporation. In lower humidity environment these wraps will cool for hrs. Submerge the neck wrap in water to activate cooling. Enhance the cooling energy by chilling in the refrigerator or freezer.
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