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Circulating Cool Water Vest Systems and Accessories

The lightweight and effective Cool Flow® Circulating Water System is a proven solution to heat stress in difficult environments.

Our System uses NASA-developed technology to cool the body with chilled water circulated through a network of small diameter tubing. This system offers the highest level of personal cooling for tough applications. The Polar system offers continuous relief from heat stress, even when worn under heavy protective clothing. No matter how hot and humid the environment is, the Polar Cool Flow® Vest works!

NASA pioneered the use of circulating chilled liquid garments in the 1960s to keep astronauts cool during space walks. Polar systems, based on the NASA designs, are used today throughout the world by militaries, industries, hospitals, and many more professional applications. 

Advantages of the Polar System:
  • The tubing is sewn on the inside of the garment!
  • Polar offers two styles of cooling vest: an adjustable-style (CFA) or a fitted-style (CFF) which ensures a variety of style and size choices to meet your needs and offer a snug fit for maximum cooling.
  • Polar vests have a zipper on the front that allows for easy on and off.

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