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Polar Products is a family-owned and operated business with over 30 years experience in specializing in the design and manufacture of innovative, high-quality cold therapy systems.

According to studies1, Using cold therapy on your extremities during chemotherapy can reduce the nail and skin toxicity associated with chemotherapy. A significant quality of life improvement for the patient.

 "I recommend calling on the infusion centers with this Extremity System. Every woman getting Taxol should use this." -Dr.Ken
 "I used this product during chemo for neuropathy prevention. Worked great!! -Larry D, MD
 "My wife not only had no peripheral neuropathy, but had absolutely no changes to her nail beds (The Oncologist was shocked) " -Dr. Ken
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Shop Active Cold Therapy Extremity Systems
Cool Both Hands & Feet Simultaneously with our Active Cooling Systems

At home and personal extremity water circulating ice machine for the hands and feetProfessional and heavy duty Extremity water circulating ice machine for the hands and feet
Please Note: Always consult your healthcare professional before applying any cold therapy system.

Soft Ice® Compression Wrap Extremity Cooling Kit 

Young girl wearing soft ice mitt another soft ice compression wrap is next to her The Soft Ice Compression Wrap Extremity Cooling kit offers soothing, effective cool to the extremities with flexible Soft Ice packs and quality compression wraps. Soft Ice packs stay cold approximately 30 minutes. Extra packs may be ordered.

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