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    "This is my third year using the Kool Max® Industrial Vest. It provides the cooling relief needed while working in a hot factory."- Lawrence in Michigan

    "The production floor hits temperatures up to 100+ degrees on certain days. The employees love the [Kool Max® Industrial Vest] and they keep them cool." - Tony in Iowa

    "Oklahoma heat in the oilfields is brutal so the Fire Resistant vest is a PERFECT solution."- Edward in Oklahoma

    "I'm a welder and I wear the Cool58® vest under my leathers. It lasts for about 2.5 hours in extreme heat conditions." -Wilbur in Pennsylvania

    "I ordered a Kool Max® vest to use on the job where temps run in the 100's and even higher near heat generating equipment. The "vest" size is adjustable and I'm able to share it with co-workers. After one week, I ordered an additional one for a brother who works in South Texas outside in the heat repairing heavy equipment on job sites."-Linda in Texas

    "Great vest, really helps to keep them cool!"- Bekki H., Health, Safety & Environment Coordinator in Missouri

      "I work at a busy airport refueling aircraft. My job requires me to be in the heat all day with temperatures in the high 90's most of the summer, and temperatures in triple digits about fifteen days a year. I wear this [Kool Max® Zipper Front Vest] when it gets into the triple digits, and it keeps me cool for about two hours. If I don't wear it I get the light headed and start to feel the onset of heat exhaustion after an hour. The vest is a life saver for me. It is very comfortable and adjusts very easy to fit my body. I would definitely recommend this to anyone."-Ryan in Sacramento

      "Bought this product [Industrial Cooling Kit] for traveling to work in Mexico the product worked perfectly lasted about 3 to 4 hours in a plant that was 100 degrees or above the neck wrap only lasted for a little more than an hour but only took about 30 minutes to refreeze in the cooler that i bought from polar products it was well worth the money."-Brad H. in TN

      "We purchased this [Kool Max® Military and Industrial Pack Set] [Adjustable Zipper Cooling Vest with (4) Long Kool Max® Pack Strips] to try for one of the welders in our shop. Our shop isn't climate controlled, and here in Savannah, GA the summers are HOT and HUMID. We decided to get this vest to try for one of our welders, and wow, what a difference. Within 20 minutes of putting the vest on, he stops sweating and works much more comfortably. End result: our productivity went way up. Within the next couple months, we purchased several more for the rest of our welders and it makes the entire climate in our shop better. More comfortable employees makes for a happier workplace all around, and our productivity stays strong even in the most miserably hot days of summer."-MJ in Savannah, GA

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       Athletic Trainers
      "Polar cooling systems are used by the athletic training staff of the Minnesota Vikings during training camp for rapid cooling of overheated athletes." - Statement approved by Minnesota Vikings Athletic Trainer

      "This Soft Ice® Sports Therapy Compression Wrap works great! Our high school team loves it. It provides great cool therapy." - Kirby in Ravenna, Ohio

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      "I really like your Soft Ice® Packs [V89]. They are much better than others I have tried in the past. My patients especially like them; they are the perfect size." - Dr. Patrick Sitzman, DC in Novato, California

      "Dr. Longworth has been using ice packs made by Polar Products for eleven years. He has found this product to be effective, of good quality, and competitively priced. To promote our practice, Polar Products recently started using a private labeling program. Each Soft Ice ® Pack is inscribed with the doctor and our company name, address, and phone number. Soft Ice Packs are given to all of our patients to help them with their pain." - L Longworth Chiropractic Clinic in North Canton, Ohio

      "I have been in practice for over 36 years and have often used trigger point therapy techniques with my thumb and forefingers. In recent years I have not used this modality as much due to the discomfort it caused in my hands when employing it. With the Roller Ice massage ball I have reintroduced this technique to my practice. I find the Roller Ice extremely comfortable to hold, therapeutic to my hands, and effective at providing trigger point therapy." - Dr. B. L. Hutchinson, Kingsley Chiropractic Clinic in Florida

    Product: Roller Ice
      "The Polar Soft Ice® Cold Packs [V811] really work. They are large, have wide surface area, and feel very comfortable. The doctors and the customers both like to use them." - Tracy Price, DC, Chapel Hill Chiropractic Center in Akron, Ohio

    Product: V811
      "I utilize trigger point therapy in my practice as well as cold therapy. Roller Ice has proved to be an excellent tool for combining these therapies. I especially like the "feel" of the device when using it for trigger point massage. With the roller ball action I can locate trigger points and apply therapy as I have been able to do before only with my own thumb and fingers."- Dr. Louis Bennett, Chiropractic Center of Northfield in Northfield, Ohio

    Product: Roller Ice
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       Drugstores and Pharmacies
      "We have been selling Polar therapy products in our stores for over 12 years. We sell these products in both our Health & Beauty section and in our Home Health Care section. Polar Products return excellent sales and profit to the store. Soft Ice® Packs are given just 1.5 feet of shelf space and is one of our best return items." - Mitchell Ziotnik, Purchasing Agent for Medic in Cleveland, Ohio

      "They are great products, and really do the job. Customers ask for it personally. Polar Products has a large line of products to choose from, and they fit to every part of the body." - Darius Bermudez, Purchasing Agent for College Pharmacy in Ventura, Calfornia

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      "I bought two of these because my husband and I work in the south Texas heat hay farming. The reason for just four stars is that the vest is a bit heavy for me and I find that after the ice melts, it becomes a heating vest. However, I did purchase additional ice packs and can refresh the vest when needed. On the other hand, my Yankee born husband has none of my issues and will wear the vest for 8 to 10 hours with absolutely no issues."-Flo B. in Texas

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       Food Service Industry
      "We use the Polar [Soft Ice®] packs in our coolers to keep food cold while delivering meals. These packs work very well and are convenient to use. We have found Polar easy to work with and highly recommend both the product and the company." - Dana, Manager, Mobile Meals in Akron, Ohio

    Product: Soft Ice®
      "We have a van-based traveling pizza kitchen for fairs and such in the summer. This summer (2007) the temperature outdoors got to 104 degrees, but inside the van it hit 120 degrees! Our manager in the van used a Polar cooling vest and it was a life saver! We are very happy with this product. It works." - Mark, Dominoes Pizza in Murfreesboro, Tennessee

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       Home Health Care Professional  
      "I Work as a Home Health Care Nurse and the Polar Women's fashion cooling vest has been a blessing. I can do my job in the hot Texas climate and still look professional. I previously used a homemade cooling vest, your vest is so much better!" -L.W. in TX

      "We love the new [nylon cooling vest]! We really like the new material that allows the vest to be wipred down. We will be ordering more."-Darrell, Wellstar Health in GA

      "I have evaluated the Soft Ice® Cold Packs and have found these packs most suitable for general uses in sports medicine, orthopedic, emergency room situations, and physical therapy rehabilitation situations." - Mark C. Leeson, M.D., Akron General Medical Center in Akron, Ohio

      "We have used Polar Soft Ice® Cold Packs in our emergency room for over 10 years and have been well satisfied with the company and the product. Recently we ran out Soft Ice® Cold Packs in the emergency room and we were forced to use ice chips as our In House Department does. We found the use of ice chips to be unacceptable compared to Soft Ice® Cold Packs. Ice chips were messy, did not conform to the target body part as well and were less convenient for the staff. Ice chips just didn't work as well Soft Ice® Cold Packs. We were glad to get our new shipment of Soft Ice® Cold Packs." - Lynn Fendenheim, Clinical Coordinator, Children's Hospital Medical Center of Akron in Akron, Ohio

      "I love those little 3" x 8" Soft Ice® Packs [V38], they have been a great find for our clinic." - Linda Lozzi, OR Supervisor, Ocean County Eye Surgery Center in Toms River, New Jersey

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      Mail Carriers
      "Love the Cool58® Zipper Vest! Works great to keep me cool while out delivering mail in the blistering Arizona heat." - Michaela in Mesa, Arizona

      "Heat stroke is a real threat here in Louisiana... That makes my Polar [Cool Flow® Cooling Seat] literally a life saver! Mail delivery trucks do not have air conditioning, and all the other carriers are asking where to get one! The great folks at Polar Products have transformed a hot and dangerous job into one that can be done in relative comfort! This product has changed the quality of my life! Thanks Polar Products!" - Susan in Louisana

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       Mascots and Costumes
      "The Kool Max® vest is fantastic at keeping me cool underneath the clown outfits I wear here in Florida. The vest really helps!" - Ann in New Port Richey, Florida

      "The Kool Max® cooling vest makes my job as a mascot for the Akron Aeros go a lot smoother. On those very hot days the cooling vest is a must. Without the vest my job would be much harder to withstand. Thanks for the cooling." - Neal, Akron Aeros in Akron, Ohio

      "The Kool Max® cooling vest is very useful in my job. As Mascot for the Akron Aeros it is very difficult, on those hot summer days, to remain cool. With the vest I can reduce the heat by 15 degrees inside my costume; and as little a difference you may think this is, it actually feels like a major one to me."- Megan, Akron Aeros in Akron, Ohio

      Great Way to Keep our Mascot Cool!"Will use these ice packs [4.5 x 6 Kool Max® Pack] in a vest we purchased to keep our nonprofit's mascot cool during events outside. Work great!"-Catherine in Coldwater, MI

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       Massage Therapists
      "I found that Roller Ice maintains its temperature, which is colder than conventional cold therapy body tools. This meant I could treat throughout the therapy session as needed without leaving my client to go to the freezer. The size of the roller ball was perfect for accu-massage therapy. The rubber reservoir fits the hand nicely and it can be used without causing strain to the therapist's hand or wrist." - Carol Carlton, B.A., M.T., in Akron, Ohio

    Product: Roller Ice
      "I personally use the Thera-Temp® Microwaveable Moist Heat Wrap and find it to be the best and most effective source of moist heat heating product available on the market. I have experienced the product to be an effective method of relieving pain and increasing blood flow to the affected areas of the body. The design and weight of the beads in the Thera-Temp Microwaveable Moist Heat Wrap conforms well to the body, and its natural cotton is very comfortable against the skin. This product also holds its heat for periods longer than any other product on the market that I have used. I highly recommend this product which is ideal for both office and home care." - Heidi Jo Knudson, Massage Therapist, Extraordinary Journey's Center in Stillwater, Minnesota

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       Natural Health Professionals
      "I am CEO of Natural Health Resource Center and have been using Polar's Roller Ice. I love the product and use it especially to help ease the tension in my neck and shoulders arising from the day-to-day challenges of business. I recommend this unique and effective product." - Yvonne Courtney, CEO, Natural Health Resource Center in Florida

    Product: Roller Ice
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       Prison Corrections Officer
      "I ordered the velcro vest [Kool Max® Velcro Vest] because it has more flexibility. I am a corrections officer in a hot, prison with no A/C and suffer from chronic heat stroke conditions. This vest and neck cooler keep me cool for about 4 hours and then have to switch the Kool Max packs out. Polar Products get 5 stars from me! Their products really work!"-David W. in Wisconsin

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       Public Health Nurse
        "I would love to extend my sincere appreciation to Polar Products for your cooling vest. Companies like yours make a huge difference in the lives of so many people!"-Rebecca H. a RN in VA

      "I am a nurse working with covid patients and with all the PPE we are required to wear it is incredibly hot in the chamber. The cooling ice wrap for the neck is great! It keeps me cool throughout my shift. Other nurses are very envious and want them....it works so well!! Thanks Nate & Polar Products!!" - Esther P., Ohio

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       Rehab / PT / OT Professionals
      "In approximately 90% of the auto accident cases referred to us, we provide the first time patient with a Polar [Soft Ice® Double Universal Compression Wrap] UV2 universal cold therapy wrap. This wrap is easy to use, gives the patient relief and most importantly provides immediate value to the patient. This helps bond the patient to our services and builds up good will. "These are pretty good guys" is the thought we want to leave them with. And it's cost-effective for the practice!" - Sheldon Strauss, President & Owner, Medical Care Group

      "The Kool Max Cooling Vest has helped to reduce the frequency and intensity of self injurious and aggressive behaviors in the adults with developmental disabilities I serve. The cooling vest has helped prevent them from escalating into 'Fight or Flight' mode and makes bus rides to work in the summer much more bearable."- Dennis Cleary, Occupational Therapist

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       Santa Claus
      "Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the [Santa Fashion Cooling Vest]. It's definitely one of the best purchases I've EVER made.Usually when I play Santa, I can wring my shirt out afterwards. This weekend, I could wear the same shirt out to eat afterwards. It stayed bone dry...and I was perfectly comfortable for the entire 4 hours. Thanks!!!"-Santa Mark in Arlington, TX

    Santa holding a cat
      "I'm almost halfway through my season at Wellington Green Mall in Wellington, FL. This is my 11th year doing Santa and by far the "Koolest". The Kool Max® Zipper Vest has made a major difference for me and I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate it." - Pete (a.k.a. Santa) in Wellington, Florida

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      "I am very pleased with my Polar [CoolOR®] Surgeons cooling vest. It keeps me cool during surgery at my clinic. The unit is compact and works just as good or better than the huge $2600 unit that they have available for me to use at the hospital." - Dr. Josh Hornstein in Mercerville, New Jersey

      "I have been using the Polar Cool Flow® circulating water cooling vest for several months now. I love the vest! And the customer service at Polar is excellent." - Dr. Randy Davis, MD, Associate Professor of Orthopedic & Neurosurgery, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

      "Thank you for sending the Cool Flow® cooling vest for evaluation. Our surgeons love it. How do I go about ordering this?" - Nancy Myers, OR Materials Coordinator, Mercy Hospital Anderson in Cincinnati, Ohio

      "The surgeons just absolutely love the Cool Flow® cooling vests. We've had to order one for each because they were fighting over who gets to use it. Great product, works wonderful and they love it!" - Ruth Laymon, OR Buyer, Terre Haute Regional Hospital in Richmond, Virginia

      "I am a surgeon and I just replaced my [CoolOR®] Surgeons cooling vest after nine years of weekly use. Worked well for about 8.5 years and connectors started wearing down. I would strongly recommend both the jacket and companion cooler (replaced after 7 years) to keep you comfortable in the OR.- Dr. Josh Hornstein in Mercerville, New Jersey

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      Bee Keeper
      "There are many sources to purchase cooling vests, the reason I selected you was the group photos. The photos show a family oriented company, I find these type business to be more customer focused.After using the [Kool Max Cooling Vest] several times, it definitely helps me stay cooled. As a honeybee keeper wearing all that gear gets very hot!"-Tom W. in NC

    Man in Bee Keeper outfit wearing Kool Max adjustable zipper front cooling vest

      "My latest discovery to help manage the Texas heat is a great cooling vest[Kool Max Cooling Vest] made by Polar Products. They have a variety of vests available but my husband and I invested in an adjustable vest. It has Velcro straps to hold it on and small frozen pouches that fit neatly into pockets in the vest. We've worked several hours at a time wearing these vest and they were a life send. I know, it's another expense, but when the temperatures are over 100 degrees, it was worth the investment." -Blog Post - Laughing Flowers Farm, TX

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       Hair Stylist
      "When my friend Monique told me about the [Thera-Temp Moist Heat Neck & Upper Spine Wrap]- I thought it was made for me! As a hairstylist I tend to work 8-12 hour, shifts on my feet, with my arms elevated. It takes a real toll on my neck and shoulders. I have found such great relief since I started using this product and I can't wait to see what other Polar Products I can benefit from! Thank you again for the product recommendation Monique!"-Caitie in Ohio

       Bus Drivers
      "Last year I suffered from the early stages of heat exhaustion driving the bus in our high temperatures and humidity in Tennessee. It was just too hot to work safely. I ordered the Polar KMVZ-KM Kool Max vest this year and it has been a game changer! I just drove my school bus for just over 2 hours in heat that started out at 110 degrees and worked its way down to 92 degrees with the windows open. When I exited the bus I still had another 45 minutes or so left on my vest. I was not even sweating! Not a drop! I showed all of my supervisors how the vest worked. Truly amazing! Thanks so much. Game changer…………"-Mark R., Cookeville, TN

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