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"Mobility with MS"

on 8/15/2022 10:15:15 AM

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Details: This vest allows us to do brief chores outside in the summer heat.

Location: Maryland

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"These are GREAT and LAST 4 hrs!!"

on 8/22/2020 7:14:28 PM

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Details: My Husband is a Santa Claus. His old Cool58® phase change cooling packs inserts were shot...just old and weren't keeping him cool (let alone cold) for more than 45 mins if that. As he already has a mesh vest that I made for him, he just needed new cooling inserts. Today he had 4.5 hours straight inside at the photo studio in the full suit with the new inserts, and they passed with flying colors!! We figured he would have to change half way through, but when I got back there at 1:30 when he was finished (and still in the suit), he took off his coat and cool vest and the things were still cool...not cold anymore, but still very cool. The back of the chair he was in was still cold. The product states that they last 3-4 hours, so we figured yeah right, maybe 2 if we are lucky...well he had 4 double section packs on and like I said, they were still cold from 9am to 1:30 pm. I got 2 of these sets so that it would give him 3 complete changes, as these 'charge' in the freezer. I have no idea how long they will last in their vests, including their Santa vest, but I would assume it might be a bit longer as you have more insulation with those compared to a lightweight, thin mesh vest. I will next have him try them while he works out in the hot Texas garage to see how long they last. Eileen

Location: Boerne/San Antonio, Texas

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