Pre-Cooling + Post-Cooling

Cooling the body before, during and after exercise can improve performance and help mitigate the dangers of overheating. 


According to a recent study, using a cooling vest (in addition to other cooling strategies) prior to exercise can help improve performance. Reducing the temperature of the body prior to activity reduces the amount of energy the body needs to stay cool; therefore, the body has more energy for the exercise itself. 

You might also be interested in reading this article for more information about the benefits of pre-cooling: "Exercising in the heat? Cool down for better performance" by Kathryn Doyle

We recommend: Our 
Kool Max® Zipper Front Vest, which uses a patent pending placement of cold packs along the spine. Cooling the arteries in the spine is very effective.


Reduce the danger of heat stress with cooling garments like Polar's Cool Comfort® cooling technology. Cool Comfort® vests and accessories are lightweight and fit snug to the body, making them ideal for wearing during running, cycling, yoga and more. 

We recommend: Wearing our 
Cool Comfort® Sports Kit (vest, neck wrap, wrist wraps and ankle wraps) with a hat, like our Cool Comfort® Baseball Cap


Cooling garments help bring the athlete's body temperature down quickly during recovery. 

We recommend: Keeping an activated and chilled 
Cool Comfort® Sports Kit in a Polar Soft-Sided Cooler, ready to go immediately after the activity.


There is nothing as effective as ice water immersion in quickly cooling an overheated athlete. Visit to learn more.

Man wearing blue Kool Max adjustable zipper front cooling vest
Woman wearing a blue cool comfort evaporative cooling vest, neck tie and wrist wraps with bucket hatSoft-sided cooler
Polar life pod cold water immersion device

"Polar cooling systems are used by the athletic training staff of the Minnesota Vikings during training camp for rapid cooling of overheated athletes." 

- Statement approved by Minnesota Vikings Athletic Trainer


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