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PolarPup® Cooling Mat

Active Ice cold water cyrotherapy Pad  is shown
PolarPup® Cooling Mat
Active Ice cold water cyrotherapy Pad  is shown
PolarPup® Cooling Mat
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PolarPup® Cooling Mat
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This Cooling Mat attaches to our PolarPup® Crate and Bed Cooler (#PPCCA) and is designed for cooling crated dogs in the field, at shows or at home.
Price: $57.99
Product Details
Please Read Before Purchasing

I am currently under the treatment of a physician who has prescribed this Polar Active Ice® System. I agree to read and use this product in accordance with all instructions, warnings and cautions in the AIS Operation Manual and/or the instructions given to me by my treating physician. Cryotherapy should not be used by persons with Raynauds, Diabetes or other vasospastic disease, cold hypersensitivity, or compromised local circulation. Always consult with your healthcare provider. I acknowledge that I will assume all responsibility for the use/misuse of this cold therapy product. I will contact my physician immediately in the case of any untoward reactions caused by use of this unit. I will contact my physician immediately in the case of any negative reactions caused by use of this unit. I will not use this unit if I am Diabetic or suffer from poor circulation or neuropathic (nerve) disorders.

Due to health and hygiene regulations, all Active Ice® 3.0 Systems and parts are non-returnable.

  • The Universal Rectangular Therapy Pad can be comfortably secured on the body many different ways, making it ideal for the back, hips and more.
  • Great for cooling larger areas.
  • Flexible fabric allows it to mold to the desired body part.
  • Exterior fabric is Velcro compatible

  • Components

    22.5 " X 13" In Size
  • (1) Detached 3" X 44" Elastic Belt

  • Materials
  • TPU - 100% Thermoplastic Polyurethanes
  • Velcro Fabric - 100% Polyester Yarn
  • Foam Tubing - 100% Synthetic Rubber
  • The large circulating water universal pad by itself

    Watch our Therapy Pad Application Videos
    Want to see a therapy pad's uses? Or how to put it on correctly? Check out our therapy pad application videos!

    Available in 2021

    Safety and Precautions
  • The Active Ice® 3.0 System can be cold enough to seriously injure the skin.
  • Consult a healthcare practitioner prior to use. Provide a complete medical history, specifically any reactions to the cold.
  • Certain medical conditions may be more susceptible to cold-related injuries. Ask your practitioner about any potential adverse reactions. Caution: use of cold therapy by children, diabetics, incapacitated patients, and those with poor circulation or special skin conditions should be carefully supervised by a medical professional.
  • Use only as prescribed by a licensed healthcare practitioner and follow all of his or her instructions regarding the frequency and duration of cold therapy, proper temperature, how and when to check the skin, and length of treatment.
  • Completely read and follow all included Operation Instructions, Warnings, and Cautions before using the Active Ice® 3.0 System.

  • Polar Products Inc. warrants that this product is free from defects in workmanship, materials and fitness for use for 6 months from initial purchase under normal use for which it was intended. Polar's obligation under this warranty is limited to the replacement or repair of any defective part(s) of this product. If you have a problem with your Active Ice® 3.0 System, please call our Customer Service at 1-800-763-8423 to obtain a Returned Goods Authorization number (RGA#).

    Please note: health regulations prohibit us from accepting returns on used cold therapy systems, if there is a problem with its operation (as covered by the warranty.) The unit is within its 180 day warranty period, it will be repaired or replaced with a new unit at no charge. Unused systems may be returned with a 15% disassembly, inspection and restocking fee. This ensures that all systems we ship are new and unused.

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