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Polar Life PodTM Cooling Tubs Kiddie Pools
Athlete Entry: With its ground level design the athlete can easily enter the Polar Life PodTM with minimal impact. With high walls and potentially slippery bottoms, entry can be hazardous. Low walls allow easy entry, the bottom is potentially slippery causing a hazard.
Water Coverage: Since the athlete is supine, cold water will envelop part of the head and neck (which is the source of heat radiation) while the head is lifted out of the water with the included flotation pillow. Water coverage may be limited and variable with the potential of the athlete's head slipping underwater.
Kiddie pools are shallow and too small in diameter to accommodate most athletes. This can lead to poor body coverage and the potential for the athlete's limbs to collapse side walls leading to water loss.
Water and Ice: Designed to efficiently utilize water by using adjustable straps to form the Polar Life PodTM to the athlete's body it requires much less water and ice than larger tubs. Requires only 40-80 gallons, depending on athlete's size. Large Rubbermaid® tubs can require 150 to 300 gallons of water to fill, which means it also require a lot of ice! Kiddie Pools are shallower than most tubs but have a larger diameter and on average require 70 gallons of water or more.
Athlete Position: The athlete is lying flat, helping to better maintain cardiovascular homeostasis. There is less control over the athlete's position in the tub due to the nature of sitting in an upright position. The athlete is usually lying down in the pool. Most athlete's limbs do not fit inside the pool along with their body's core.
Storage and Transport: Comes packaged in a lightweight carrying bag for convenient transport. The size of large tubs can provide a considerable problem when storing or transporting. Kiddie Pools, while shallower than large tubs, have a greater diameter. This presents storage and transportation challenges as well.
Cost: $295
150 Gallon Tubs: $298
300 Gallon Tubs: $472
The Polar Life PodTM is the only product designed for the express purpose of immersing athletes in cold water while lowering impact on the body

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