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Heat Intolerance and Cooling Insurance FAQs

We have been working with people with medical conditions that cause heat intolerance for over 30 years and we appreciate your interest in our cooling products.  If you need further assistance, please e-mail us or call our Customer Service at 1.800.763.8423 and we will be happy to help. 

"My doctor has given me a prescription for a cooling garment. Do I need a prescription to order a Polar cooling vest?”

Polar Products does not require a prescription when you purchase a cooling garment from us directly, and we do not bill insurance companies or Medicare. Contact your insurance provider prior to placing your order to request that they provide reimbursement to you once you’ve ordered your cooling vest; their policies may vary. We will be happy to include an itemized, priced receipt with your order.

Ask your physician to give you a prescription (or "Letter of Medical Necessity”) and then send a request for coverage to your insurance provider. Below are sample letters, which may be helpful:

"Will my insurance cover the purchase of a cooling vest? Do you process insurance claims?”

We receive a lot of questions about whether or not insurance companies and Medicare/Medicaid will cover cooling garments. The answer varies by provider and plan, so we encourage you to contact your provider. Occasionally we hear that insurance companies will cover the cost of a vest once you have met your deductible, so it is worth the inquiry.

Here is some helpful information:

"I’m a veteran. Will my veteran’s healthcare benefits cover a cooling vest?”

The VA Hospital system will provide Polar Cooling Systems for veterans with MS and other heat intolerant conditions. Contact your local VA Hospital and request that they order you a Polar cooling vest. Our Federal Supply Schedule Contract number is #V797D-30220. We will ship the cooling garments directly to you.

"What is the insurance code for cooling vests?"

The HCPCS Code for cooling vests is A0270 or E1399 ("DME Miscellaneous”).

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