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Product Type: Cooling Pack Vests  
Man in Bee Keeper outfit wearing Kool Max adjustable zipper front cooling vest "There are many sources to purchase cooling vest, the reason I selected you was the group of photos. The photos show a family oriented company, I find these type of business to be more customer focused. After using the vest several times, it definitely helps me stay cooled. As a honeybee keeper wearing all that gear gets very hot."
- Tom W. in NC
 Man wearing a men's fashion cooling vest under a suit "I wore my vest with a nice suit to a client meeting today, and it felt good! I was obviously the coolest guy in the meeting."
- Terry

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Fashion Cooling Vest with Kool Max® Packs
   Woman wearing a kool max secrets vest under her bathing suit at the beach "At the lake with my son, wearing my Torso Cooling Vest. I am currently in a major relapse with my MS so this Polar Product really helps! Thank you!"
- Joie

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Kool Max® Secrets Wrap
   Roller derby woman wearing a women's fashion cooling vest "Thank you again for the great cooling products to help me keep active despite my heat intolerance issues from MS. Multiple Sclerosis tried to knock me down, but Polar Products got my wheels back on the roller derby track!!"
- iLL Eagle, Grizzly Madams, Thunder Bay Roller Derby League

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Women's Fashion Cooling Vest
   Woman on horseback wearing a kool max secrets vest "I am wearing the torso/back cooling vest under my shirt. It was a great day to go ride "Dusty". Thank you for bringing me this joy again!"
- Joie

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Kool Max® Secrets Wrap
   Man wearing a Cool58 phase change cooling vest on horseback while leading a group of people on horses "I live in South Texas and work on a dude ranch leading trail rides. Some friends gave me a Polar Cool58® Phase Change Cooling Vest. I now ride in blissful comfort. You should see people's faces when I let them try it on. The smile was on my face when the trail ride returned to the corral in 98 degrees! This vest is on of the most useful gifts I have ever received."
- Tom

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Cool58® Zipper Front Vest
  Woman riding a horse wearing a Kool Max adjustable zipper front cooling vest "Hello! I just wanted to share with you my experience with the vests. We gave the Kool Max® Vests out to MS patients in an event we call Ride To Be Cool. It is a barrel racing event that promotes awareness to MS patients with problems with heat. I wanted to share my photo at the Maine State championships. Here I am riding my horse Boo-Berry at the show. It was almost 90 degrees and I could fit my vest under my fancy shirt. Proof that you can stay cool and still look great! We were blinged out and cool enough to be able to compete! Thank you!"

- Carolyn

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Kool Max® Zipper Front Vest
   Santa wearing a khaki Kool Max adjustable zipper front cooling vest "I'm almost halfway through my season at Wellington Green Mall in Wellington, FL. This is my 11th year doing Santa and by far the "Koolest". The Kool Max® Zipper Vest has made a major difference for me and I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate it." 
Pete (a.k.a. Santa) in Wellington, FL

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Kool Max® Zipper Front Vest
   Woman wearing a blue Kool Max adjustable zipper front cooling vest "Thank you so much! I don't know what I'd do without it!"
- Tahirah in Las Vegas, NV

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Kool Max® Zipper Front Vest
   Man cleaning a pool wearing a black Kool Max men's fashion cooling vest "I recently reviewed the Polar Kool Max® cooling vest. I tested it in tough desert conditions. For this review, I cleaned the pool and picked up the backyard during the late afternoon hours. The temperature was 102 degrees F and my chores took me an hour and half to complete. I also took my dog for a walk in the afternoon when it was 104 degrees F, wearing business casual clothes.

Here are my results:
-The vest is lightweight and I had no problems moving around while wearing it.
-Despite the heat, the cooling cartridges stayed frozen the entire time.
-The compartments that hold the cooling cartridges kept my clothes dry, but I still got the cooling benefit.
-Because my core stayed cool, I had more energy to stay outside despite the triple digit temperature."


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Fashion Cooling Vest with Kool Max® Packs
   Woman is wearing a khaki Kool Max adjustable zipper front cooling vest standing with a man next to a lake Shop this look:
Kool Max® Zipper Front Vest
 Woman wearing a khaki Kool Max adjustable zipper front cooling vest standing next to a cow 
Woman wearing a khaki Kool Max adjustable zipper front cooling vest standing next to a cowWoman wearing a Kool Max adjustable zipper front cooling vest and MS awareness fashion cooling scarf standing next to a cowWoman wearing a Kool Max adjustable zipper front cooling vest and MS awareness fashion cooling scarf standing next to cows
Karen in Australia was kind enough to send us these photos as well as a poem about her life with MS:

I had a condition this we did know
Whatever it was it still had to show
Through tests and worry it turned out MS
It could have been worse, a tragic big mess.

Hospital visits and long sleepless nights
I knew I would have to put up a fight
Then came the treatment of needles with pain
Three times a week, again and again.

Most times it does hurt, injecting that is.
But what can I do, it is what it is.
Depression, Fatigue, weakness and more
I wish this MS would go out the door.

My husband, my children and friends far and near
I thank you ALL for lending your ear.
When I'm sad or in pain or just feeling blue
I know that I can always count on YOU.

You've all been my rock from the very start
I hold you all dear and close to my heart
Without you all, who knows where I'd be
Your love and support you've shown towards me.

This my dear friends is why we need help
Donations abroad it all will be felt
Let's kick this disease, a cure we'll find
Then we can all rest with a peace of mind.

Near 4 years have passed, injections have changed
From Rebif to Plegridy,what next is in store for me.
Though lately injections,they bring on the flu
They say take some painkillers, that's all you can do.

The heat of last summer, well it threw me for six
I'm hoping this summer, will be a new fix.
Through internet I'm lucky to have found a great vest
Polar Products, that's them, you guys are the best.

I wore mine today, and my thoughts, OMG,
this vest is amazing. What more could you need.
With all of my cooling, Hoping summer's a breeze
Just hoping and praying, I'll handle it with ease.

Well this is my update of MY life with MS, Please call Polar Products, You will be impressed.

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Kool Max® Zipper Front Vest

MS Awareness Fashion Cooling Scarf

   Man in Bee Keeper outfit wearing Kool Max adjustable zipper front cooling vest "My latest discovery to help manage the Texas heat is a great cooling vest made by Polar Products. They have a variety of vests available but my husband and I invested in an adjustable vest. It has Velcro straps to hold it on and small frozen pouches that fit neatly into pockets in the vest. We've worked several hours at a time wearing these vest and they were a life send. I know, it's another expense, but when the temperatures are over 100 degrees, it was worth the investment."
-Blog Post - Laughing Flowers Farm, TX

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Kool Max® Zipper Front Vest

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  Cool Kids  
   Girl wearing a pink Cool Kids toddlers cooling vest playing with chalk "This is my 2 year old epileptic Harmonie. She would have to enjoy her summers indoors or cooler evening if she didn't get this wonderful cooling vest. She is able to play outside without a care in the world. Thank you so much for your extremely fast shipping and the amazing and kind service!"
- T. A. 
   Boy wearing a blue Cool Kids cooling vest on a dirt bike "I wanted to share this picture with you all and thank you for the kids vest! My son has a chromosomal abnormality that makes it difficult for him to regulate his body temperature. With your product, he is able to do so much more without becoming fatigued or over heated! Thank you!"
- Jennifer Willoughby Grubbs
   Boy with his mom wearing a khaki Cool Kids cooling vest "We are huge fans of the children's cooling vest! My 10 year old son has POTS and Exercise Induced Anaphylaxis...and the vest has been a way he can participate in fun activities again. He wore this one in a variety show and his friends wore costumes to make it military themed"
- Mary R
Girl in pink kool max toddler cooling vest standing in front of a picture of Mickey Mouse
Girl wearing pink kool max toddler cooling vest talking to a disney princess
"As if having epilepsy and an extremely rare brain disorder were not enough to overcome in life, Kaylee doesn't sweat due to a combination of her epilepsy medications and brain disorder. This makes even being in a hot room too much for her, placing her at risk of overheating and reducing her seizure threshold. Imagine Disney in June! Well, thanks to the toddler vest from Polar Products we not only imagined, we conquered. Whether it was meeting some of her favorite princesses, hanging out with her family, or even riding roller coasters, her cooling vest was there! Easy refreezing with only ice and water made keeping her cool a piece of cake! Armed with an extra set of ice packs and the amazing flexibility to provide free ice water at Disney, we came, we saw, and we did everything that other peers her age can do! Thanks so much for such an awesome product!!"
- Geri in KY

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Cool Kids Toddler Cooling Vest
   Blue Cool Kids toddlers cooling vest with star wars patches sewn on "My son loves Star Wars, so I put a few iron on patches on his new Polar Products cooling vest."
- Kapka in California

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Cool Kids Cooling Vest
   Four kids at a river wearing Cool Kids cooling vests and cooling neck wraps Amy is an Ohio mom with whom Polar Products' has been working to help her heat-sensitive children enjoy their summer.

"Here is a picture of all the kids wearing their Polar Products!!! My girls have used the neck wraps like crazy.

- Amy in Ohio

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   Boy with a water gun wearing a cool kids toddler cooling vest Amy is an Ohio mom with whom Polar Products' has been working to help her heat-sensitive children enjoy their summer.

"B. has been doing so well. He is probably the best he has been his entire life here on this earth. We have been using his cooling vest like crazy. I really think is has made a huge difference in him. It does not seem to bother his tubes. And it keeps him from sweating which has really helped keep the dressing to his IV line intact." 

- Amy in Ohio

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   Girl wearing a khaki Cool Teens Girls Fashion cooling vest The Florida heat and humidity won't be holding her back this year! She just got her free cooling vest from the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation. She plans to wear her vest this summer at youth camp where she will be a camp counselor.

Click here for more information about the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation's Cooling Program: 
http://msfocus.org/  Cooling-Program.aspx

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Cool Teen Girls' Fashion Vest
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  Circulating Cool Water Systems  
   Drag racing car taking off "The Polar Cool Flow® System works well. It cools much better around the body than the t-shirt type because the tubes are on the inside and the vest has a snug fit. The zipper front makes it much easier to get on and off"
- Robert Burgin, NHRA Super Stock, Southeast Division

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Cool Flow® Fitted Vest System
   Surgeon wearing a CoolOR adjustable circulating cold water cooling vest "I have been to Haiti on more then 6 missions and I have to say this last mission was so much easier with the help of your cooling vest system. The operating room was equipped with an air conditioning unit, but by 10 am the air conditioner could not keep up with the Haiti heat."
- Eric Browning, M.D., Findlay Medical Mission Team in Findlay, Ohio

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CoolOR® Fitted Vest System
   Man in a padded suit wearing a cool flow circulating cold water vest underneath Paul Rosolie, a snake researcher and conservationist, contacted us in 2014 to request a custom cooling vest to be worn in Peru while filming the show Eaten Alive. Here are some of Paul's and Ron's comments about our system:

"I am so &$@!ing freezing!"

"Clearly overheating is not a problem."

- Paul Rosolie

"Here's the cooling vest that will keep you cool through the whole thing."

"We're down in the Amazon in June. You're going to want to stay cool."

"See these little channels all through here. There's going to be cool water running through that vest to cool you off."

"It weighs less than a pound full of water."

- Ron, Engineer

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Cool Flow® Fitted Vest Systems
   Yellow drone submarine with two Cool Flow circulating water cooling blankets wrapped around it "This custom Cool Flow cooling blanket system was designed for the US Navy to cool robot submarines and their electronics when out of the water and "under wraps". The system worked very well."
- Polar Products Inc.

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  Cool Comfort  
   Man working out wearing a Cool Comfort deluxe sports vest "Wearing my Polar Products cooling vest. It's the only way to go when training with MS to keep your core temperature down and help you through those tough workouts."
- David Lyons, founder of the MS Fitness Challenge

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Cool Comfort® Deluxe Sports Vest
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  Active Ice  
   Woman in a mail truck sitting on a Cool Flow Industrial circulating cold water cooling seat "Heat stroke is a real threat here in Louisiana... That makes my Polar seat cushion literally a life saver! Mail delivery trucks do not have air conditioning, and all the other carriers are asking where to get one! The great folks at Polar Products have transformed a hot and dangerous job into one that can be done in relative comfort! This product has changed the quality of my life! Thanks Polar Products!"
- Susan in Louisiana

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Cool Flow® Cooling Seat
   Woman laying in bed using an active ice circulating water therapy system with knee compression wrap on her knee "Canvasback Missions orthopedic team made history by performing the first ever total knee replacements and shoulder arthroscopies on the coral atoll of Majuro in the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI.) Thank you for being a part of this mission. The two Polar Products Active Ice® Polar machines were invaluable to the healing of our patients. We put the Active Ice® machines on our patients the day of their surgery. Without a doubt, it eased the pain and helped to reduce the swelling. They begged me to leave the machines in Majuro!"
- Jacques Spence, Executive Vice President and Co-Founder of Canvasback Missions Inc.

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    "We have been using your Active Therapy System after my wife's shoulder surgery and it is a lifesaver. Donna just started her 6th week after surgery and is doing well thanks to your product. We're also went on a 6 hour drive in the car. The inexpensive power take off adapter for the car worked great and she was able to use the unit while we were traveling. This therapy unit is fantastic."
- J.D. in Litchfield Park, AZ

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Active Ice® 3.0 Shoulder Cold Therapy System with 9 Quart Cooler
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  Cooling Accessories  
  Man wearing a cool comfort cooling bandana with a woman in a boat on a river "Staying cool on Rufigi River in Tanzania. Thank you."
- David

Shop this look:
Cool Comfort® Bandana
Kool Max® Neck Wrap
Kool Max® Wrist Wraps 
   Woman in a black shirt wearing a khaki deluxe cooling neck wrap "I cannot believe these are not on "must-have" lists for pregnant women. It seriously saved me from feeling like I was going to die of heat at least 3 times this week (despite the fact that it's the middle of winter)... Its best feature is its flexibility. It doesn't have to just go around your neck. Sometimes I wrap it around my head. Other times I put it under my breasts. Sometimes I just hold it... I can't imagine going through pregnancy without it.
- Rachael

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Kool Max® Deluxe Neck Tie
   Woman wearing a pink Kool Max fashion scarf "I'm very serious about staying cool on the range."
- Michelle, Chris Cerino Training Group in Wadsworth, Ohio

Shop this look:
Cool Comfort® Bucket Hat
Kool Max® Fashion Scarf
   Woman wearing a Cool Comfort cooling straw hat "Love the hat!"

Shop this look:
Cool Comfort® Straw Hat
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  Soft Ice Packs  
  Horse with a soft ice hot/cold therapy pack wrapped around it's ankle "I know it's not a photo that really shows your products... But I just wanted to say that I use a few of your Soft Ice® packs, strapped onto my horse's leg with a polo wrap, to ice a tendon he injured. There's nothing else like those ice packs, in terms of being able to mold it around his leg to get every inch of the injury cold! Thanks to you, he will have as little scar tissue as possible."
- Sophia and Mr. Darcy

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Soft Ice® Hot/Cold Therapy Packs
   Five women at a wedding with Soft Ice private label hot/cold therapy packs "I was recently married in an outdoor ceremony in Peninsula, Ohio. The marriage was on July 31 and it was hot!! Being from Ohio we anticipated this and asked Polar Products to manufacture private label Soft Ice Packs with our names and dates on them. We stocked a small freezer with these packs and everyone loved them! Not only unique and fun but useful too!"
- Kristen in Hudson, Ohio

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Polar Soft Ice® private label program
   Boy wearing a Soft Ice shoulder and elbow wrap "Our Jackson really likes the cold wrap and says it will help him lots. He also says 'SWEET!' Thanks so much for sending this unit for our grandson."
- Mary

Shop this look:
Soft Ice® Shoulder & Elbow Wrap
   Woman with a Soft Ice foot and ankle wrap around her ankle Our friend Natalie from MSF sent us a message after she injured her ankle...

"The [neck] wrap was a life saver! I like the quick cool pack because it molded around the leg. I'm still icing every day. Finally graduated from a boot to a brace and am on the mend."
- Best, Natalie

While this is a great look, If you've hurt your ankle, Polar recommends: 
Soft Ice® Foot & Ankle Wrap

We sent Natalie a Soft Ice® Foot & Ankle Wrap so she wouldn't have to use her cooling neck wrap!
   Boy putting his hands on a Soft Ice Cold/Hot therapy pack "When it hurts-or you get stung by a wasp-reach for a soft ice pack! Works great!"
- Erin G Hudson Ohio 

Shop this look!
Soft Ice® Cold/Hot Therapy Packs
    "We bought the 13 Qt CoolOR fitted vest with cooler and tubes with quick disconnect couplings and lithium battery. We took vacation down to Orlando, Florida and went to Walt Disney world, Universal Studios, SeaWorld for a week. It was 90+ temperatures, but with heat index, it was over a 100 degrees. The vest kept my wife cool for at least 4 hours. This was a lifesaver at these temperatures. We have the vest with the gel packs, and the weight is just too heavy and they do not last as long. We would recommend this cooling system to anyone, especially those with MS and living in hot climates. We did have it hooked to the back of her electric wheelchair. My wife loves it. Kept around 65-70 degrees according to the touch that is. We charged the battery every night. It kept the charge the entire time using the vest."
-M.W, in Disney
    I am the head Athletic Trainer at Massaponax High School and just recently received our new Polar Life Pod and I could not be happier with this product. For county (Spotsylvania County School District) recently purchased 1 pod for each of 5 high schools & we love them! The ease, portability & use of the product is just what’s needed for cooling an athlete down quickly. Yesterday I had to utilize the pod for one of my football players who suffered heat exposure & within minutes of being in the Pod his body temperature started decreasing. Upon EMS arrival cooling had already occurred enough for safe transport! Happy to report my athlete is doing well!!! (#coolfirstthentransport) Great product and very pleased with our recent purchase!!!
-C.C at Spotsylvania, PA

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