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4.5" x 6" Cool58® Pack

4.5" x 6" Cool58® Pack
4.5" x 6" Cool58® Pack
4.5" x 6" Cool58® Pack
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Each 4.5" x 6" Cool58® Pack weighs .40 lbs. and is compatible with a wide variety of Polar cooling garments. See the tables below for how many packs go with each vest style and size.
Price: $14.85
Product Details
How does it work?
  • Packs freeze solid at a comfortable 58° Fahrenheit, so they can be frozen in a freezer, refrigerator, or even a bucket of ice water.
  • Once activated, these reusable packs deliver comfortable cooling for up to 2-3 hours. (Please note: cooling times are estimates and will vary depending on climate, body metabolism and activity.)
  • Packs are non-toxic and non-flammable.
  • Packs do not require a freezer! Packs can simply be submerged in ice water or placed in a refrigerator or freezer to activate.
  • The cooling performance is not impacted by humidity or outside temperature.

Number of packs for each vest:

Cool58® Zipper Front Vest (#KMVZ-PC)

 Size   Number of Packs 
 XS  5
 S/M  8
 M/L  9
 L/XL  11
 XL/2XL  12
 2XL/3XL   12

Cool58® Poncho Vest (#KMV-PC)

 Size   Number of Packs 
 One Size Fits Most   10

Cool58® Women's Fashion Cooling Vest (#FVW-PC)

 Size   Number of Packs 
 XS  5
 S  5
 M  5
 L  5
 XL  5
 2XL  5
 3XL  8
 4XL  8

Cool58® Men's Fashion Cooling Vest (#FVM-PC)


 Size   Number of Packs 
 S  8
 M  8
 L  9
 XL  9
 2XL  9
 3XL  10
 4XL  10

Kool Max® Secrets Vest (#KMS)

 Size   Number of Packs 
 One Size Fits Most   4

Kool Max® Slim Torso Vest (#KMVTS)

 Size   Number of Packs 
 One Size Fits Most   6 

Kool Max® Cooling Leg & Groin Wrap (#KML)

 Size   Number of Packs 
 One Size Fits Most   4 

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