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Cool Flow® Blanket System

Cool Flow® Blanket System
Cool Flow® Blanket System
Cool Flow® Blanket System
Cool Flow® Blanket System
Cool Flow® Blanket System
Cool Flow® Blanket System
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The Cool Flow Blanket System (ACB) provides a comfortable and cool pad or blanket. High flow cooling water lines are built-in between fabric panels. More details...
Price: $475.00
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Cool Flow® Seat System



The Cool Flow Blanket System (ACB) keeps you cool by continuously circulating cool water throughout the blanket or pad. Standard size is a 36" x 20" pad (Custom sizes available - call for information).

Just add water & ice to the cooler and your personal Cool Flow System is ready to go!

System includes:
  • 36" x 20" Cool Flow Blanket (ACB)
  • Nine (9) quart cooler with easy carrying handle
  • Five (5) feet of insulated cool water lines
  • High flow, dry, quick disconnect couplings
  • Water temperature control
  • On and off switch
  • AC Power Adapter with cord
Options Available:
  • Fifteen (15) quart Cooler with wheel and retractable handle
  • Four (4) or Eight (8) Foot Water Line Extensions
  • An optional Rechargeable Battery Pack is available to allow cooling on the go.
  • Need relief while you sleep? Just turn it on with our 30 Minute Timer. System will automatically shut off when the time is up.
  • Traveling? Auto Power Adapter allows the unit to operate in any 12-volt DC standard auto 'cigarette lighter' outlet.
  • Utility Cart for added mobility
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us - we're here to help you!

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