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What our customers say about us:
"Awesome products and great customer service!"
- Shawn J. in Cleveland TN
"I had a problem with the pump ... One phone call to Polar and I had a replacement Federal Expressed to me within 24 hours. You simply do not get that kind of service ordinarily."
- Michael L. in High Falls, New York
"Hello Jacob, I appreciate your swift and excellent customer service. I would not hesitate to reorder products from your company or recommend this unit to anyone who asked me about it. Thank you!”
- Carole
"A friend had told me [the Active Ice®] was the greatest thing since sliced bread so I ordered it just before surgery. However, when I came home from the hospital, I ended up with two of them. The hospital also gave me one. I contacted Polar Products, explained the situation and asked if one could be returned. Their customer service representative was cordial and extremely helpful. I'd recommend the product solely on the basis of great customer service, but having an extra one, I can also vouch for the fact that it's been a lifesaver. Highly recommended!”
- Howard J. in Scottsdale, Arizona
Dear Lovely People At Polar,
Many, many thanks for your kind generosity in my recent replacement order for ruptured ice packs for my Kool Max vest (otherwise known as my Survival Suit!) I deeply appreciate this wonderful gesture, especially since having enough ice during this season is so crucial. It's totally heartwarming and inspiring to see a company who stands so solidly behind their products. Since I bought the vest a year ago I do make a point of mentioning it enthusiastically on the patient forums I visit, so hopefully this will or will have already generated more orders. :) Again, it is a treasure to find a product that is so well conceived and well made, and doubly so when the folks behind it offer such supreme customer service.
Warmest Gratitude,
- Renée
To the entire staff of Polar Products:
After surviving a devastating car accident, which required me to have 3 knee surgeries, 3 shoulder surgeries, 1 left hand reconstruction surgery, 1 left hand bone fusion, and 1 abdominal surgery. My wife and the rest of my family were at wits end trying to keep up with all of the ice necessary to keep me iced down. We used zip lock bags, frozen bags of peas and everything in between to keep my body parts iced down. It was one of the most excruciating ordeals my family and I have ever been through. While in the hospital a nurse told me about an ice therapy machine that she said would help someone like myself who has had multiple surgeries. We started to investigate this so called ice therapy unit, and were extremely happy when we found what my family and I consider the industry leader for such a product. The name of this wonderful company is Polar Products, based out of Ohio. We went on their web site and found exactly what I needed. It was an Active Ice System that had a double bladder so I could ice down multiple body parts at the same time. I called them on the phone and spoke to one of their customer service representatives by the name of Kate who was so wonderful and extremely knowledgeable. She knew everything there was to know about all of their products. By the time she was done explaining how their product works, I was sold!!! I bought the double bladder unit and had it shipped 2nd day shipping. It was and still continues to be the best money I have spent. This product helped me not only physically but also mentally because of how great it works. This unit did everything they said it would do. This product saved my a**. I will forever be grateful to Bill, Kate, and the rest of the crew of Polar Products. They stand behind all of their products, and now I know why!!!!!
Thank you all so much,
- Alfredo C. in Raleigh, North Carolina
"To Maureen in Customer Service - thank you so much for your help today. I have much more peace of mind now about traveling to the Caribbean.”
- Kellie M.
"...You have a great product and your customer service representatives are grade A+ ."
- Avigdor in Hendersonville, NC

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