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MS & Cooling Overview

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We understand MS heat-sensitivity,
and we know our products can help.

Many people living with MS experience heat intolerance. This can occur during the warmer summer months, after exercise or even while cooking in a hot kitchen! There has been extensive research on the cause and occurrence of heat intolerance in MS with studies dating back to the 1950's. (See www.MSCooling.info for a partial list.) When a person with MS experiences a rise in body temperature, nerve conduction may be slowed or even blocked which can cause a temporary worsening of MS related symptoms.

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The effects are reported to be temporary with symptoms returning to their normal level as the body cools. Each person's MS is unique and so is how this heat affects individuals. However, if you experience intolerance to heat, it does not have to limit you!


Cooling garments are a major resource that can be used to help beat the heat. There are many types, technologies and styles of cooling garments that can help in a variety of situations.

There are two major points to consider when choosing the best cooling for you. Click here for a guide!

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Water-Activated Cooling

Quick Cool™

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Studies have shown that cooling the body can help in a big way.

According to a 2010 research study: "After body temperature had dropped about one degree, participants improved on tests of coordination, balance, and in the ability to sustain physical activity.
We concluded that cooling is an appropriate therapy for people with MS heat-sensitivity."

About Polar

We are the leading worldwide manufacturer and supplier of all types of personal cooling vests and accessories for people with multiple sclerosis. We have over 25 years experience working with people with MS, and many of our new products are a result of listening to suggestions and ideas from people who use our cooling products. You can feel confident knowing we offer the best value and most effective products for your individual needs.

Our Mission: to be the leading provider of effective, high-quality and affordable body cooling products for people with multiple sclerosis (MS) throughout the global MS community... 

Can YOU spot the cooling garments?
Shown at right: Amy is wearing our Kool Max™ Secrets Vest, cooling wrist wraps, cooling ankle wraps, and a cooling neck tie! This CoolFit™ Kit is great for pre-cooling, post-cooling, or cooling during exercise, which may prevent overheating!

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