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Kool Max® Zipper Front Vest

Kool Max® Zipper Front Vest
Kool Max® Zipper Front Vest
Kool Max® Zipper Front Vest
Kool Max® Zipper Front Vest
Kool Max® Zipper Front Vest
Kool Max® Zipper Front Vest
Kool Max® Zipper Front Vest
Kool Max® Zipper Front Vest
Kool Max® Zipper Front Vest
Kool Max® Zipper Front Vest
Kool Max® Zipper Front Vest
Kool Max® Zipper Front Vest
Kool Max® Zipper Front Vest
Kool Max® Zipper Front Vest
Kool Max® Zipper Front Vest
Kool Max® Zipper Front Vest
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Our best-selling cooling vest! The lightweight Kool Max® Zipper
Front Vest efficiently and effectively cools the body in
any environment, under or over clothes.
Add an extra set of Kool Max® Cooling Packs, offered at a special
discount when purchased with the vest! Keep the extra set in the
freezer or a Polar Cooler, ready to use.
Patent pending.
Save Money with a Cooling Kit!
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Price: $119.95
Select Vest Color & Size (See Size Chart Below):

Add an extra set of packs! Keep them in the freezer or a cooler, so they are ready when you need them:

Add optional extension straps if your measurements do not fit the size chart below:

Add a Polar Cooler to carry your packs:

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Kool Max® Zipper Front Vest Kit


"MS Awareness" Fashion Scarf - Blue


"MS Awareness" Fashion Scarf - Orange



The Polar Kool Max® Difference!
A cooling vest must fit comfortably and snug to the body to be effective. Polar accomplishes this with four separate vest sizes that have adjustment straps at the chest, waist and shoulders.

Additionally, this vest uses separate smaller cooling packs that allow the number and location of these packs to be easily adjusted to fit each individual's need. This also enables each vest to have the appropriate number of packs in proportion to the wearer's size.

Our patent pending spinal cooling design enables you to use fewer packs and still receive effective cooling.

Save Money with a Cooling Kit!

To learn more about how the Kool Max® Vest works Click Here!

Kool Max® Features:


This cooling vest is adjustable at the chest, waist and shoulders for a snug, comfortable and customized fit. Straps
with hook and loop closures make it easy! It's important for cooling vests to fit snug to the body for optimal cooling.


Once the cooling vest has been
adjusted for size, it is easy to put on every time with the zipper-pull front. The clean design (with no logos or visible pack pockets!) is available in several unisex sizes (see size chart below). Wear over clothing or discreetly underneath.


The cooling vest shell is constructed of durable, machine washable, 100% cotton twill. Available in Khaki or Blue.


Reusable, water-based Kool Max® cooling packs freeze solid to provide constant cooling for up to 3 - 4 hours. These Kool Max® packs are
4.5" x 6". (If you would prefer a cooling vest with four 6" x 14" cooling pack strips, check out the Kool Max® Industrial Vest)

(Please note: cooling times are estimates and will vary depending on climate, body metabolism and activity. The different vest sizes include eight (8) to twelve (12) packs. See the size chart below for more information.)


Packs fit into insulated pockets inside the cooling vest. The pockets have a comfortable all-cotton fabric to protect the skin and an insulated outer composite fabric to direct the cooling energy toward the body. (Temperature may also be adjusted for comfort by increasing or decreasing the number of clothing layers beneath the vest or the number of packs used.)


Weight may be adjusted by varying the number of cooling packs used.
Need a lighter weight vest? You don't have to use all of the packs!

The use of separate, individual packs allows the number of cooling packs used to be customized for each person's preference and size. Some people find that using just three packs down the spine works well, resulting in a vest that weighs just 1.5 lbs.! Others prefer all of the packs except the two on the upper chest. Our design allows many options!

(Please note: the different vest sizes include eight (8) to twelve (12) packs. See the size chart below for more information.)


Pack pockets are placed strategically down the spine for optimal cooling. (Patent pending design!) The location of desired cooling is easily controlled by which pack pockets are used.


The extra set of Kool Max® Cooling Packs is offered at a special discount when purchased with the vest! Keep the extra set in the freezer or a Polar Cooler, ready to use to double your cooling time. The soft-sided Polar Cooler measures 7" x 14" x 12" and will conveniently carry multiple sets of Kool Max® Packs for vests and accessories.
Click here to purchase pack sets separately.

KMVZ Size Chart:

SizeChest and Waist Circumference
Vest Length
Weight Range
Number of PacksVest Weight Range
S/M32" to 46"
20" to 21.5"
~ 85 to 130 lbs.
81.6 - 4 lbs.
35" to 49"
21.5" to 23"
~ 125 to 175 lbs.
92 - 4.5 lbs.
37" to 51"
24.5" to 25"
~ 175 to 300 lbs.
2.2 - 5.4 lbs
38" to 63"
25.5" to 27"
~ 275 to 425 lbs.
2.7 - 5.9 lbs
*Extension Strap Kit adds up to 20" in Circumference and 5" in Length to any vest size.

How to find your size: This vest is adjustable at the shoulders, chest and waist. Therefore, it will fit a large range of sizes. These measurements may help determine the best size for you:
  • To measure the chest and waist circumference: First, wrap a soft measuring tape around the fullest part of your chest and under your armpits, making sure to keep the tape parallel to the ground. This determines your chest measurement. Then wrap a measuring tape around your natural waistline (usually across your belly button), making sure to keep the tape parallel to the ground. See where the larger of the two measurements fall on the size chart.Please note: The vest circumference is independently adjustable at the chest and waist with hook and loop strap closures. if you think you are in between two sizes, order the next size up to accommodate the cooling packs.
  • To measure the vest length: Hold the tape measure at the highest point of your shoulder. Look straight ahead and pull it down to your natural waist. Mark this measurement on the tape measure with your thumb. Please note: The vest length can be adjusted at the shoulders. When in doubt, order the next size up to accommodate the cooling packs and to prevent the vest from looking too short.
  • Please note: the weight range is simply a guide; there are many exceptions for different body types. The optional extension strap kit includes extensions for the waist, chest and shoulders. This allows extra fit adjustment for large people, extra long torsos or extra large chests or waists on smaller people.
  • Our Customer Care team is here to answer product questions and provide additional details and measurements. Just give us a call at 1-800-763-8423 or send us an e-mail. We are happy to help!

The extra set of Kool Max® Cooling Packs is offered at a special discount when purchased with the vest! Keep the extra set in the freezer or a Polar Cooler, ready to use.

Click here to purchase
additional sets of Kool Max
Packs individually.

Save money when you
purchase the extra pack
set with the vest.

Add a Polar Cooler
to carry your packs!

Product Reviews/Testimonials


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"Great product."

Dustin Anderson on 8/3/2014 7:18:56 PM

Details: I used this under a costume for a local event and despite it being over 80, it kept me comfortable. My only tip for new users is the packs freeze solid, so make sure to have on a relatively flat surface.

Location: MN

Would you recommend this to a friend?: Absolutely!

"I love this vest!"

Becky Solecki on 6/28/2014 3:18:30 AM

Details: One of the worst things about having MS is feeling like a prisoner to the AC in the summertime. I am very active bike riding, gardening etc and it's all thanks to this vest! Heck I'm even doing housework in it. Love love love it!

Location: Chicago

Would you recommend this to a friend?: Yes

"Kool Max Zipper Front Vest"

Maureen Gharrity on 6/19/2014 3:33:26 PM

Details: This vest allows me to be outside working with my animals on a hot day. I wish it came up higher in the back to cover the base of the neck. Would suggest wrinkle proof and stain proof fabric for the outside of the vest.

Location: Minnesota

Would you recommend this to a friend?: yes


Deborah Lamarr on 1/27/2014 8:55:37 PM

Details: I bought this as a gift for my pastor. The polyester robe he wears for church is like an oven to him. He is the best pastor I have ever had in a church and wanted to help him with a useful gift to express my appreciation to him for serving our community.

Location: Texas

Would you recommend this to a friend?: Yes

"Great for MS"

Leslie Boedicker on 9/9/2013 4:03:28 PM

Details: I love the product. It helps me keep cool even in 100 degree weather. The only thing I do not like is that the ice packs break. I have had two leak on me.

Note from Polar: Hi Leslie, I'm so sorry for your trouble with broken ice packs! We will send replacements to you right away. If we can be of further assistance please contact us at 1-800-763-8423. Thank you for your business!

Location: Danville, IL

Would you recommend this to a friend?: Yes, already have!

"love it"

Geoffrey K Kern on 9/3/2013 1:54:14 AM

Details: This is the best cooling vest I have owned to date, from Polar Products as well as from other companies. I wear it OUTSIDE my shirt and find it is more manageable and cools just as well as other vest. It is also flexible in that if it is not as hot I don't have to insert all of the gel packs, or, if a long period of cooling is needed, I put in half of the packs and keep the other half frozen in the carrier bag I purchased with the vest and trade the packs out hours later for extended relief. Nex... More details

Location: Northeast Texas

Would you recommend this to a friend?: YES

"Vest is effective"

Lester Collins III on 8/30/2013 6:13:08 PM

Details: Though skeptical, I found this vest worked quite well to keep me comfortable for a 2 hour round trip in an non air conditioned light airplane on a hot Texas afternoon. Was not cold but pleasantly cool. Comfortable to wear even with seat belts and shoulder harnesses.Now that I test flew it, I plan to buy another for my wife.

Location: Texas

Would you recommend this to a friend?: Defintiely

"Kool Max Vest"

Carol Andrews on 8/14/2013 10:16:27 PM

Details: My daughter has POTS and is not able to be outside in the warm weather for longer than 15 mins at a time without feeling sick and her heart rate going over 130 and becoming dehydrated. The first time she used the cooling vest she was able to walk around the zoo with some breaks to sit down for a while and continue for the entire time (4 hours) that we were at the zoo with our family. The ice packs did thaw completely by that time but the vest was still cool for her. Wonderful product and well wo... More details

Location: Shelbyville IN

Would you recommend this to a friend?: Yes, and I have already!

"MS patient"

Louis Long on 7/21/2013 7:15:38 AM

Details: This vest let me attend my wife's work picnic. We were out for a couple of hours, and there's no way I would have been able to do that without this vest. It even got me through an outdoor concert recently!

Location: Dayton, OH

Would you recommend this to a friend?: Oh Hell yes!!!!!

"Best Cooling"

Peggy on 7/15/2013 9:45:53 PM

Details: I have MS and always suffer in the summer months when it's hot and humid, especially with the humidity. After reading the great reviews, I ordered your Kool Max Zipper Front Vest and couldn't be happier. This is truly the best investment I've made this year! Finally, I'm able to be outside and can work in my flower garden when the thermometer reaches 80-90 degrees! If you do order the vest, be sure to order an extra set of the cooling packs so you can rotate them in the freezer. I highly recomme... More details

Location: Maine

Would you recommend this to a friend?: Most definitely!

"Great for rosacea sufferers"

Virginia Schomp on 6/29/2013 2:02:14 PM

Details: I am a 50-year-old (close enough) woman with rosacea, a skin condition that causes my face to get red and splotchy when I get overheated, and I seem to be able to tolerate the heat less and less every summer. I bought the cooling scarf a couple of years ago and it helped some, but this year it was obvious I needed more. The vest was a big investment but I decided to give it a try based on the return policy (they would refund everything except shipping if I wasn't satisfied). I'm very happy with ... More details

Location: New York

Would you recommend this to a friend?: Absolutely

"kool vest keeps seizures down!"

mark moxley on 6/27/2013 11:38:10 AM

Details: Not an ms patient, but a serious stroke survivor with stroke induced epilepsy. Cooling vest helps to reduce the number of seizures in warm/hot times. I wore out my first vest and just recently bought my second. It allows me to get out of the house and actually do some small things around my house or go for short walks with my wife. Visit with neighbors outside in the Summer-many things that would be tough in the heat without the cooling vest. It really makes a difference for me!

Location: Overland Park, KS

Would you recommend this to a friend?: Yes

"kool max vest"

otto endow on 9/10/2012 12:55:41 PM

Details: We ordered the kool max zipper vest for my wife and she thinks it is great how it keeps her cool. We had a issue with one or two of the kooling packs but an email to polar products with an explanation and they sent out replacements. They are very courteous and stand behind their product.

Location: Ogden, Utah

Would you recommend this to a friend?: yes


Lacey Warner on 8/30/2012 5:30:52 PM

Details: Hi!! I ordered my vest in July. I was diagnosed with POTS (Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) last June. It's been one year since my diagnosis. I struggle daily to live a normal life. I have severe heat intolerance due to my syndrome due to my autonomic system failure. I wanted to be able to enjoy outdoor activities again and found your product. I went to the beach this month and wore it and was able to enjoy myself. This product is amazing!

Location: West Monroe, LA

Would you recommend this to a friend?: I have told all of my fellow POTS sufferers!!


Deborah Dortmund on 8/20/2012 1:29:20 PM

Details: I purchased the produce because I have MS and have become increasingly intolerant to the heat. Mt MD recommended a cooling vest. I was worried as the the design and look. But 1 day of wearing it to a outdoor event and I was trilled. You do need a t-shirt under it if wearing clothes over to hide it. I have decided to try to 'decorate' mine on the surface.

Location: Elgin, IL

Would you recommend this to a friend?: Yes!

"Just received product"

mohammed imran on 8/16/2012 7:56:51 AM

Details: I brought the product as i have an intolerance of heat. I am 28 years old. I have used it once as received it yesterday. I though it may feel uncomfortable against my skin however wearing it for 4 hours i found that it fitted well with no nuisance caused. It worked fantastically to cool me down. Does take getting used to the it but as its adjustable it case of just adjusting it until find best comfort fit. Also it is very light in case any one is thinking it might drag them down in to submission... More details

Location: Birmingham UK

Would you recommend this to a friend?: Yes

"not worth it"

lori beitzel on 8/14/2012 10:39:25 AM

Details: I was very disappointed. the fabric is entirely too thick. you cant even feel the cold thru it and it is heavy and uncomfortable. Note from Polar: Hi Lori, thank you for your feedback. The shell of our vests is made of a cotton twill and the interior of the pack pockets has a lightweight layer of insulation for comfort and protection. You can vary the amount of cooling by adjusting the layers beneath the vest. You can also reduce the weight of the vest by using fewer packs as needed. You may als... More details

Location: atlanta

Would you recommend this to a friend?: no

"Must have"

Kathy Seals on 8/9/2012 2:45:52 PM

Details: I live in the high desert where summer heat can be close to 100 in early morning and I love to hill climb for exercise. I bought this vest because it was a simple design and easy to care for hoping it would keep me cool for the 2 hour treks. I was so thrilled that after my first hike which lasted two hours the ice packs had not even turned sloshy and in fact as they warmed up and conformed to my body I tightened the straps and with my own sweat had increasing coolness. I was so thrilled I used a... More details

Location: Southern California

Would you recommend this to a friend?: I did

"Kool Max"

Ron Ehrsam on 7/30/2012 4:29:17 PM

Details: I have MS and can't take hot weather. Now that i have the kool max i can be out. I did not think this would do the trick. But it keeps my body cool enough to go outside on hot days. Glad i purchased one.

Location: Ohio

Would you recommend this to a friend?: yes, everyone that is heat senitive should have 1

"Incredibly Helpful Vest"

amanda goodan on 7/30/2012 10:30:21 AM

Details: Am new to MS. Felt very sick from heat; my PT put me in this vest. Was amazed at how much better it made me feel, so I've bought one.

Location: Southern California

Would you recommend this to a friend?: Yes

"Fantastic vest for those with MS"

Scott Quade on 7/27/2012 1:10:23 PM

Details: I received this vest end of June and it has been a true god send. We have had 19 days above 90 degrees here in Green Bay with high humidity. I have been able to spend time outside most of those days working on projects where before I would be inside on day above 85 degrees. I love being outside and now I can enjoy my summers again and not locked up inside. I wear it all the time now and my energy has improved by over 50%. Thank you Polar and your help to those with MS.

Location: Green Bay WI

Would you recommend this to a friend?: Yes


Anne Martin on 7/22/2012 1:09:20 PM

Details: I would really give my vest a 4.44 rating!!!! I wish the cooling packs would last longer than 4 hours. I have MS. Yet and still, i find this product very easy to use

Location: cochranville, PA

Would you recommend this to a friend?: yes

"Great product"

Tony Paoli on 7/22/2012 11:00:00 AM

Details: We are a screen printer in Iowa and the production floor hits temperatures up to 100+ degrees on certain days. I purchased two vests to test on the production floor. The employees love them and the vests keep them cool for two hours on the hot days. Great job!

Location: Hiawatha, Iowa

Would you recommend this to a friend?: Yes

"fifty fifty"

Mike McGuire Avon Indiiana on 7/22/2012 7:06:17 AM

Details: working a soccer tournament in 95 degree weather. First 5 packs worked well for about 2 to 3 hours tops. Had five packs in an ice chest and five in the vest. It kept me very cool for a couple of hours then began to wear off quickly. The second set of ice packs didn't last but about an hour and a half to two hours. I am older and very heat sensitive. Maybe four to 5 hours of protection out of 10 packs on an 8 hour day. Note from Polar: Hi Mike, thank you for your feedback. If you are very heat se... More details

Location: Zionsville Indiana

Would you recommend this to a friend?: no

"Not what I was expecting"

Chris Schmidt on 7/20/2012 11:18:09 AM

Details: This is not what I thought it would do, im a mailman and work under some intense heat conditions . The time that it cools down in and thaws out is too short of a time. Note from Polar: Hi Chris, thank you for your feedback. Be sure that the packs are completely frozen solid before use. Cooling times are estimates and will vary depending on climate, body metabolism, and activity; in our experience a Kool Max® Zipper Front Vest should offer cooling for up to 3 - 4 hours. We would suggest purch... More details

Location: Murfreesboro Tennessee

Would you recommend this to a friend?: I'm not sure it would have to depend on the cercomstance

"A Nice Way To Stay Cool"

G. Lawrence on 7/14/2012 9:11:01 PM

Details: This is my third year using the KMVZ Cooling Vest. It provides the cooling relief needed while working in a hot factory. The adjustments in fit for length, chest and stomach are desirable, a tight fitting vest is not always wanted. In a typical hot workday I can use up to 36 cooling packs(9 every 2 hours). The vest holds 11 packs, but the front 2 top are uncomfortable to use. At home, cookie sheets and cooling racks are used in the deep freezer to freeze and store the cooling packs. The carry ba... More details

Location: Michigan

Would you recommend this to a friend?: YES

"Polar vest"

Barbara ONeil on 7/13/2012 4:26:34 PM

Details: I ordered this cooling vest for my husband who has MS. I'm not sure he'll wear it because he will have to place all the cool pads in each pocket and then freeze the ones he has taken out. He has it in case he decides he really needs it.

Location: Clarion, PA

"Love the vest!"

Kate Boyd on 7/9/2012 10:54:07 AM

Details: For years I'd been sensitive to heat. If the temp outside got above 80F, I would have to sit quietly in the shade with quarts of icy drinks, and only for an hour tops, instead of hiking, canoeing, kayaking, BBQing or even just gardening/puttering in the yard. I was recently diagnosed with Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis so my heat issues now make sense. Someone mentioned that there are manufacturers of special "stay cool" items...I was intrigued. This vest has really opened opportunities ... More details

Location: Michigan

Would you recommend this to a friend?: Yes!

"Worth the effort"

Ross Hunter on 6/27/2012 10:57:32 PM

Details: Was skeptical at first, however, Has made a big difference so far. Certainly is convenient and cool. Has transformed my life on hot days.

Location: High Level, Alberta, Canada

Would you recommend this to a friend?: Yes

"Kool max vest"

DIANA LOZANO on 6/21/2012 7:28:46 PM

Details: I am a maintenance Supervisor in San Antonio, Tx who is battling Multiple Myeloma cancer. This vest is keeping my core tempature down when I am outside so I can continue working. It is comfortable to wear. I love it!

Location: San Antonio, Texas

Would you recommend this to a friend?: Yes

"Kool Max Vest - Life Saver Product"

E. McClanahan on 5/29/2012 1:38:07 PM

Details: This is my daughter's 2nd Kool Max vest, as she out grew the 1st(which lasted 4+ years of daily use). Due to her Mitochondrial Disease, she is unable to regulate her body temperature. This vest has given her the freedom to go outside when it is over 75 degrees. THANK YOU for this precious gift, and the freedom to go places and still maintain a safe core temp.

Location: Concord, CA

Would you recommend this to a friend?: YES!!!

"Coping with the heat"

Susan on 4/23/2012 12:25:27 PM

Details: I started using a cooling vest this past spring to cope with TX summers. It uses cold packs you put in the freezer. It works great at home, on walks, and especially when I get into the car after it's been in the sun. The car AC works fine but just isn't enough for me. Because my legs need extra cooling in the car, I pull a couple of the packs from the vest and slip one under each thigh. The vest sure helps me stay active! I keep the vest in a cooler in the car 'til I need it, and it stays plenty... More details

Location: Texas

"Helps me keep my cool..."

Linda on 1/11/2012 9:02:28 AM

Details: I ordered one to use on the job where temps run in the 100's and even higher near heat generating equipment. The "vest" size is adjustable and I'm able to share it with co-workers. The packs work well, and at times we leave a few out so as not to get too chilled. Leaving a few out also helps with the weight of the vest. Weight of the fully loaded vest is not bad, nor is the vest too bulky. After one week, I ordered an additional one for a brother who works in South Texas outside in the heat repa... More details

Location: Texas City, TX

Would you recommend this to a friend?: Yes

"Very cooooooooooool cooling vest"

Omar Ahmed Shawky on 5/31/2010 10:59:17 AM

Details: It's awesome, the cooling efficacy of it is very fabulous i love it....

Location: Cairo, Egypt

"I love this freaking vest!!!"

Carol on 5/5/2010 9:18:22 AM

Details: I live in Southern California and I wear it everywhere. I have MS and when I get overheated I can't see. This KMVZ vest really helps!! Thank you so much!

Location: Burbank, CA

"Discreet cooling while entertaining clients"

A. on 5/5/2010 9:15:33 AM

Details: I am a businessman with both MS and intolerance to heat situations. My occupation often presents me the opportunity to play a round of golf with clients, which I love except for the fact that the heat considerably worsens my symptoms. I had searched previously for a cooling option that would allow me to play golf without overheating and one that would be somewhat unobtrusive (I frankly get tired of the questions and explanations!). I even asked my doctor without satisfaction and ultimately came ... More details

Location: Chicago, IL

"Wonderful product - relieves my MS symptoms!"

Pamela on 5/5/2010 8:56:36 AM

Details: I just had to write and let you know about how my Polar Kool Max Cooling Vest has changed my life. I was diagnosed with MS in 2001 and my chief complains were fatigue and cognition. Over the years I tried every medication... to no avail. You would think a grown person would recognize that they are hot, but obviously I didn't. I was unaware of what a half point increase in body temperature did to bring on my MS symptoms. Simple things like blow drying my hair, washing a few dishes, or ironing clo... More details

Location: Houston, TX

"I love the Polar Kool Max vest."

Eunice on 5/5/2010 8:41:43 AM

Details: I have had MS for many years and I love to bowl. I now wear this vest while bowling and it works great.

Location: Mesa, AZ

"Peace of Mind"

Deborah on 5/5/2010 8:37:40 AM

Details: I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and it causes me to not be able to control my body temperature or handle the heat. The KMVZ vest has been a big help. It really makes a difference when I go shopping or run errands. It gives me peace of mind. Thank you!!

Location: Lorton, VA

"This is the system to go with!"

Catherine on 5/5/2010 8:36:05 AM

Details: The KMVZ cooling vest allows me to be outside with my husband. It is a wonderful product. I take along the extra set of travel packs in an ice cooler and they are ready to go when I need them.

Location: Manchester, NH

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