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Soft Ice® Packs

Always keep a Soft Ice® Pack on hand in the freezer... 
You never know when you may need to ice down an injury!

Professional quality Soft Ice® cold and hot packs stay flexible when frozen - even right out of the freezer - for effective, comfortable cold therapy to injured joints, ligaments and muscles. Soft Ice® is an all-natural, non-toxic, recycled and biodegradable formula. The patented formula transfers heat out of the area more effectively than alternate methods. Soft Ice® retains its consistency when used as a heat pack and does not become a liquid.


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Soft Ice®

Soft Ice® "V" Series Hot/Cold Packs

Our original, reusable and non-toxic microwaveable packs.
Ideal for use with our Soft Ice® Compression Wraps!

Soft Ice®

Soft Ice® "S" Series Hot/Cold PRO-Packs

PRO-Packs are double-bagged for extra durability. Larger packs are segmented for even distribution of Soft Ice® material.

Soft Ice®

Soft Ice® "M" Series Hot/Cold Packs

Economical large format packs. Place in warm water to use as heat packs.

Soft Ice® Private Label Hot/Cold Packs

Soft Ice® Private Label Hot/Cold Packs

Customize your packs with our cost-effective Private Label Program!
Print your logo, name and contact information directly on the pack.

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